Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Place

It's been nearly a month since I moved out to my new apartment. Small but I think it is sufficient for me. Since I'm doing my own cleaning, laundry etc.

Here are some new year apartment-related-resolutions..

1) save my dying plants...

2) fix the A/C

3) save and get the Maxis broadband thingy

4) ...clear my housing loan asap...

Another resolution: Having my own place also means I will need to make extra effort to visit my family. For occasional free dinners (then I won't have to eat my crappy cooking), and a dose of family chat (gossiping).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Xmas Gift (to myself)

I bought myself a tv. How often do you get to say this anyways. People who know me would know that I'm a tv bug, and well, it's xmas and my new place is kinda boring and it needed some entertainment. I was with pah! and andrew the other day and bought one at RM1999 (ouch!). Tis has been a painful month. But, i was saying to pah!, if we dont reward ourselves now, when do we? So go for that mini cooper, pah!

But seriously, I'm gonna hold off spending for a bit. Tis is the last xmas gift to myself. (maybe throw in a massage or two)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Best place (for me) in London.....Harrods.

me and my dog
long story. read about it on once he's come around to blogging about it.


Strawberry fields foreverrrrrr....
All beatled up.
The demise of my faithful shoes. It finally died on me after 2 and half weeks of roaming. That's my new shoes.


Andrew trying his dramatic photography on me. nice shot of the coliseum...
The ever flamboyant tour guide......she said to me, 'awwww, look at those 'children'(pointing at 20something fellas), look at how disinterested they are, leaning against the railing, not even listening while my poor mate is explaining the Roman history. What a waste of time" hint hint.


Even better than Mona Lisa.....(i can't seem to shake away the smurfs..)

on a yoghurt break with a spoon we 'borrowed' from the hotel



Why Contiki drivers are the best...
Why we love our Contiki Tour Manager...

It was a long ride......

The prison march.
Prison Break!
The hall of our prison. One of those cells is my room for the night :). Creepy..

A peep of my cell.


nothing like cheap beer....Moretti....hehe
one of those things you'll have to do in Venice...

andrew..looking sheepish. Also one of those sights you'll hv to take a pic of yourself with.

I think i look as if i genuinely liked this ride.

watch how everyone on the same gondola ride tried to move away (but failed!) from the camera.

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