Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Power of Affirmation

I've learned so much from my tache that I can barely blog fast enough about it. Power of Affirmation. Definition of Affirmation: the assertion that something exists or is true.

I think we all go through life having a certain perception of ourselves. If people say you're ugly, you think you're ugly all your life. It's really nothing to do with your confidence, but what if those people were wrong? most of the time, we're influenced by your family and your closest friends. Some people carry very low esteem of themselves because of that.

Recently I got a thank you from a close friend. Said that I was so instrumental in helping him and that things I've said have really woke him up! An affirmation from a friend! I must say i was astounded. I didnt think that anything I said ever had any impact on anyone. And it made me feel really good seriously. And even my tache said that i'm actually quite wise. Wow. Talk about a boost in how much you value yourself. Wouldnt you want to give someone that?

So as my sister advised, start giving people affirmation. It's really a positive thing. if you think someone has made a change in your life, however small the impact, say thank you to that person. Today.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say No to Angst

it was a weekend of education and enlightment that my eldest sister has brought to us. No more angst, and no more stress! It's really how you perceive things and deal with problems etc that makes a difference. Everything really starts to become clearer and less stressful if you'd just follow these mantra.
1) You can't change others. so change yourself. change the way you react to things that irks u.
2) do not carry stress at work back to your home. You will affect the people who are the closest to you.
3) say that you love your parents, or your friends. even if it takes a tear or two. take that step.
4) give affirmation to people who deserves it. and anytime. people do not realize that you are appreciative. go ahead and make her/his day.
Of course there are also some rules:
1) there's a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
2) between complacency and laziness.
3) positive energy attracts positive things. it's the law of attraction, so discard all negative energy from yourself!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quote of the day

One cannot afford to be innocent in Malaysia.....

Friday, October 15, 2010


I cannot in my life, fanthom nor understand why in this world are there people who refuse to learn how to drive. They'll rather rely on others to chauffeur them, and that is only at another person's convenience. Perhaps it is fear, perhaps it is ignorance, perhaps it's lack of independence. I have no idea. I have been brought up independent and was gung-ho to learn how to drive, albeit driving my sister's old volks (which was a scary experience in the hilly Bukit Damansara at that time).

My mom, 64, drives herself everywhere, whenever, small car ke, big car ke, you name it. She has in history driven to Melaka, Teluk Intan, KL, Ipoh, brave the corners and nooks of KL and PJ, and now Subang.

My dad, 70, is still driving up and down from KL to Ipoh, and driving himself to work till this day.

A relative of ours was forced to learn how to drive, because her husband passed away, and well, really, in times of emergency, would you really rather hail a cab, call a cab, than to drive a car that is already at your doorstep? It might be a minute too late. All just because of ignorance.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Harry Brown

A surprisingly good movie. None of the Hollywood drama, real and disturbing. Gives an insight of the other side of UK. Not everything is rosy. They too are gripped with fear of hooligans and gangsterism, just like us. Comparable to Gran Torino, although I do think this is way better.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Mercy Killing

or better known as Euthanasia. Yesterday I took my mom to visit her old friend (well, she literally has all WHITE hair!) at the Pantai Hospital in ampang. it was her 10th surgery the day after, and almost a month and a half at the hospital. She has cancer, but she still was her same old positive self.

She told us that she was ejek-ing a doctor the other day that she was all out for Mercy Killing. She said that if a dog was suffering, the vet has no qualms about putting the dog to sleep, so why can't the same be done to a human being who is suffering as well. What is the point of suffering, she exclaimed. In her view, the doctors should speak up for the patients since euthanasia is illegal in Malaysia.

She said she's not afraid to die. "i can die anytime man" was what she said. What's good is life now anyways to be always on the operating table and lying in bed anyways. and she also said she's had enough of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was adamant to get out of the hospital and live on some holistic diet. Nevertheless, she's gungho about playing mahjong with mom again. haha

this is closely related to the movie "You Dont Know Jack" starring Al Pacino. Strikes a chord in my heart. The fine line between the choice of ending suffering or fighting a losing battle. Go watch it.
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