Wednesday, May 30, 2012

100th day

Lucas has come a long way. He is surely our little fighter boy. From a mere 2.24kg he is now more than 5 kg! Even mummy and daddy have graduated from being totally clueless to oh well less clueless in taking care of him. he has some minor milestones like smiling, hearing sounds, tossing his head from side to side and his neck is getting stronger too. I am glad he is not afraid of the cold anymore. He doesn't need to wear preemie clothes anymore too. We have also taken him out a few times and well that is a milestone for us! I am gad we made it past a few hurdles, first his incubator for warming, jaundice, running nose, cough , he has slight eye discharge but I think it is going away! Can't wait for him to crawl. Not sure how to make him do tummy time though.... Well, we will learn together!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Sloppiness really irks me because it shows you don't care enough to do things right. So if there is nothing you care enough to do things right, that also shows you have no pride in anything. I like to think that I tried my best at least at work, housework and taking care of Bubu. Just this week I pushed myself to get some work done in advance for next week, and tried to do all my housework tonight 30mins before my conference call at 9pm. I have also diligently tried to get to my sister,s place by 5 pm so that I can take over from my mom and essentially giving her a break. Sometimes we take her for granted and I tell myself that really there is no excuse for me to be late , I would just need to make adjustment and manage my time. I should not expect my mom to assume the role of the main caregiver. Just because she doesnt complain does not mean it is easy for her. It is all the more important that we strike a work life balance. It is rather disappointing that sometimes as women we are expected to be the main caregiver and to sacrifice our career. I believe as parents we all should make an effort, after all women bring in money to the household too. I think if you want to bring a child to this world, be responsible.dont rely on others.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I started a joke...

And another gibb bites the dust... Some of my favorites are Run to me, I started a joke, Heartbreaker.... Rip

Monday, May 07, 2012


I can't believe I am back at work after a tumultuous 2 months after delivery. First 2 weeks at work was frankly uncomfortable. I was out of touch from the real world and was not too anxious to leave the me and Bubu world so soon. Also because it was back to a lot of bitching at work. There seems to be endless stream of things and people that irritate me at work. I do blame the environment and the way the company is set up where there are too many people doing small segments of work. People are spoilt and really too idle so they resort on bitching and whining bout work. Sigh. For that, although I love my very few selected lunch partners that I adore, I look forward to leave at 4 pm sharp everyday so I can make it in time to see Bubu and make it to his 6pm feed. Lame but holding him in my arms makes me feel that all that sadness and angst at work seems so minute. It is a vicious cycle because I would have to leave him every night and go back to work at night attending night conference calls and sit through lame work stuff. Sigh. To stay positive these days I think we need to just stay out of work related topics during lunch. I think I will advocate that moving forward.
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