Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Top Ten Malaysian Phenomenon- Of Any Kind

1. Insurgence of Oldtown Kopitiam- it's everywhere-makes me feel like I never left Ipoh :)
2. TV Series & Reality TV Show Craze- 24, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break.....
3. Mahathir/Badawi spat- that was kinda entertaining for a while there hahaha
4. Blogging- I think at its peak here in Malaysia, many new bloggers :)
5. Super Skinny-Stick women -Hongky/Taiwanese wannabes
6. Gym fad- I believe there's one gym in every major mall in KL- next one is Celebrity Fitness in Bangsar Village
7. Travel Bugs Galore- thanks to Air Asia, Tiger Airways etc travelling is affordable and everyone can fly nowadays...thumbs up!
8. Metrosexuals on the rage- Glad to see many guys who now take pains to look good, gay or not gay I think it's rather commendable :)
9. Plentiful China- this year we see a lot of people moving/expanding/finding business there, but then again you also see many China women moving/expanding/finding business here too :)
10. Organic Food Fest- everyone's apparently getting more health-conscious, even my mom's starting to consume organic stuff....and it's more affordable now compared to years ago.
Ohyea..this year was a really good year, for me anyways, my prediction for next year's next craze are SexFest, EatTrips, Bookworms, Vegans, Plastic Surgery and Post Graduate Degrees and Upper :) What say you?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Fitting In

How many of you actually tried to change yourself to conform to society's general perception just to be acceptable? I think we all went through that 'mode' when we were little kids trying to clinch a clique/gang just so we are labelled as 'acceptable". We might have played some silly game, shunned the others whom the 'gang leader' has labelled as 'losers' or 'unacceptable'. It is the cowards' fault who allows the 'gang leader' to have so much power. Even as we get older, that sort of 'practise' still prevails. You try to stay true to yourself but then when you're in your teens you don't wanna have lonely Friday nights, and so you force yourself to indulge in what the 'gang' wants to do- be it shopping, disco-prancing, etc. But deep inside you know you don't fit in at all. But if you really think deeply, maybe it's the 'gang' that doesn't fit you. The truth is that even when you are older, in your 20s and 30s, you can never win to fit in any clique if you don't know what's your niche. What moves you? What inspires you? What are your desires? Those little things make you what you are and what your personality is. If we do not even recognize our ownself, how do you expect others to do so? If by trying to fit in I lose myself, I'll rather be alone. If by trying to fit in, I always have to accomodating to the gang's needs or the gang's every whim and fancy, I'll rather be rotting at home man. As opposed to fitting in, one can always have a good time by oneself. What's wrong with just reading a book once in a while? Watching a movie alone once in a while? Enjoying simple pleasures like cooking for oneself? Go for a massage once in a while? The thing is that if we are constantly looking for a gang to fit in, we will always be alone.


Have not always been a patient person. I am get agitated, aggravated, irritated, annoyed...with about almost everything! I know it's not a healthy thing but I just can't help it. I can't stand waiting. I hate waiting in line for anything....stamps, pay bills, for movie tickets, for toilet (it's really frustrating when you REALLY need to go, definitely top on my list)
I can't stand soft spoken people. It really gets to me. Especially the girls who think that they can pass off as being demure and cute in the hopes of winning guys....cute my ass! And what's the deal with soft-spoken guys, serves no whatsoever purpose. And what about people who mumbles? Or talk to themselves? Like those bank tellers or cashiers who don't look at you when they are speaking to you.
I can't stand naggy aunties. The repetitive ones..the ones who wants to know EVERYTHING about what you do, who you seeing with. It's okay if them come over to visit my mom but leave me out of their little tea party!
I can't stand the Malaysian standard public toilet. Aside from its grotesque features, it's always out of toilet paper and WET!!!..seriously they should have separate toilets for the Malay women. They may like their toilets damp but i DONT!!
I have no patience for people who are late. I mean, the fella could be living like 5 mins away from the meeting place and could still be freaking 1 hour late! People should learn to respect other people's time is just as important as theirs.
My list of I-Can't-Stand-This goes on and on. I should really learn to be patient....but life is short, I should exercise my freedom of expressing my dislikes...and discomfort! At least channeling my frustration to this journal is better than me taking it out on one of those aunties or those tight-mouth bitches, right? That wouldn't be right now, would it?

Love Is A Many Splendoured Things can you say about is a many splendoured things as Nat King Cole put it. Love is a great many things. It carries with it so much burden and joy: frustrations, desperation, expectations, depression, agony..and the list goes on and on.And nobody says love is limited to only intimate relationship between a man and a woman. I see love everywhere, no restrictions.
Family- This must be the greatest love of all..but it is the most taken for granted by most people because its the one kind that you can count on..definitely. How many people would go up to their dad/mom and say I love u? It is the most silent form of love. Sisterly and brotherly love -its like a form of may not be able to share everything with your siblings, but well 70% is good enough..the other 30% (comprises of naughty things you've done that would be considered taboo, for ur family anyway) better left unshared.
Mother and a child- I never really thought of this until my sister was pregnant. She looks beaming with joy..its a really indescribable feeling, something only us observers could only hope to feel. Everything revolves around that tiny mass in her womb. To her..watching her tummy grow is the most amazing and fulfilling kind of love...that nobody can take away.
Man & Woman- Why this is the most sung of type of love! seriously..i dunno what the music or the movies industry would do without the existence of this love. Everyone approaches it differently. Its the kind of love when you're the most unsure of. Should i tell him/her now, or later? Am I ready? When should i take the next big step to marriage? How to maintain the relationship? Am I good enough for him/her? Are we really compatible? It could be the most amazing kind when you've found the ONE. Many disputes on who is the ONE, but ask yourself, do you not know/feel when you've found him/her? Everything would seems so right... I believe there is a flicker of hope still. Just keep searching and rummaging through the piles of bastards and bitches you meet. :)
Man & Wife- Ain't this like the most comfortable stage to be in? If its not, then you should rethink your marriage vows. This love strong as it may be, carries with it responsiblity and commitment. Simple things like who to do the accounts, who to do the grocery, who to pay the bills, who to cook, who to clean the house...all play a part in the responsibility. And commitment- well, you can't look at another woman/man quite the same way. So out with the flirting, ONS, casual sex, courting...all that goes out of the marriage window, and you're left with the only person you are to grow old with.
Friendship- This is treasure to me, more than any gold in the world. Even despite being involved in a relationship some time ago, I never forgotten about friendship. Its what that has helped me through the many weak moments of my life. Through sickness, breakups, failures, disappointments, sorrow, my friends stood by me. Sometimes just to listen, sometimes just to while the time away, plainly to be there for u. The only thing that gets to me is how easily friends come and go in your life. One minute you guys are best buddies, and the next minute, you're thinking of an excuse to not meet this friend! Perhaps the friendship never had a 'solid' foundation anyway. I tend to keep the friends I love close- be it a phone call, a simple email, an sms, a simple hi. But it hurts sometimes when you realize that you may value the friendship more than the other party.
Well, the search for the ultimate love some might say is bollocks! Which one person can give you all this, 5 in1? A husband? A wife? I say, spread the love ! It's everywhere. Appreciate what's around you. You'll never know when it's gone.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stop Pimping Christmas

I'm not a Christian but I'm just as appalled as any at the commercialization of Christmas that I see here. These are the list of things that I think we can do without next Christmas:
1) Fake Christmas trees with lollypops and candies as ornaments with big gingerbread house( hint: Mid Valley should revamp their interior decoration ideas) . I'm really not amused.
2) Overpriced Christmas eve dinners- nothing beats homecooked Christmas dinners. Youngsters today should really make the effort to cook dinner- you guys are taking away the essence of Christmas meals.
3) Malls should be closed- seriously, close 'em all. It's weird that we are seeing so many people loitering at the malls on Christmas Day. Malls are like the brothels for commercial ugliness.
4) Hope to see more Christmas shows/presentations that are actually beneficial- fundraising type with minimal idiots dressed up as Santarinas and Santas. Sometimes the amount of effort to pimp oneself for a show can be better used for helping out in relief efforts.
Make your every Christmas a meaningful one.

Xmas Births and Deaths

This Christmas we see the death of the Godfather of Soul- James Brown, his song, I Feel Good would forever ring in our minds....And so, on a rather grim note, here's a list of Xmas Births and Deaths of Famous People :)
Births: Sir Isaac Newton (1642), Annie Lennox(1954), Robert Ripley(1893)
Deaths: Charlie Chaplin(1977), Dean Martin(1995), Adrian I Pope (795)
and so, to commemerate James Brown, here's an excerpt from I FEEL GOOD, hope everyone's feeling that this Christmas.
Wo! I feel good,
I knew that I would now I feel good,
I knew that I wouldn't of
So good, so good, I got you
Wo! I feel nice,
like sugar and spice I feel nice,
like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you

Fairytales should be BANNED

Just the other day, out of boredom, I was reading my little niece's fairytale book and I've discovered that there are some serious morale issues that ought to be reviewed. Here's some example:
1) Princess and the Frog: If you recall, the princess asked for the frog's help to retrieve her golden ball, and in return the Frog stayed with her and she was to accompany him. However, throughout the stay, she ignored him and only agreed to kiss the frog so that he'll be out of her hair. When the frog became the handsome prince though, she quickly change her view and married him. EH, isn't that a bit too superficial? If I was the frog, I'll look for some other princess. In real life, the princess would be what we call a bitch.
2) Rumpelstiltskin: The queen promised Rumpelstiltskin her child if he could help her spin straw into gold. Well, first of all, that was quite a misjudgment to promise such a thing you know you can't grant. Then the queen find ways to rectify it by spying on Rumpelstiltskin- ain't a promise a promise? What happened to "man of my words"?
3) Rapunzel: If you read carefully, when Rapunzel and the Prince met, she'll draw him up the tower using her braids even though she hardly knew the guy. And when the witch found out about it, she threw Rapunzel to the wilderness. The prince was also in despair when he was hauled up only to find the witch in the tower and became blind and they were both separated. AND YET, Rapunzel got PREGNANT with twins. When did you think the twins were conceived? I would say they were doing naughty naughty things up at the tower.
I'm not so sure about reading fairytales to my little niece. If she's smart, she might as you the unthinkable questions such as these.....and when she does, I might be really morally challenged :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Lending An Ear

Yesterday was a rather impromptu gathering, just me and 3 others catching up. 2 guys just got married with both wives pregnant alreadyWe had dinner and adjourned to this nice cafe behind New Paris SS2- LilyCenario. Over a cup of coffee I listened as they shared their experiences, what they were up to. It's funny that none of us were doing anything remotely related to each other's industry. One's a land surveyor, another a businessman and another EE engineer and then there's me. It didn't really matter if we understood what we were all doing, as we spoke of encounters at work.... My friend spoke of tactical strategies he learnt whilst managing his business- much too business shit for me to understand but hey he just wanted to vent it out. Get it off his already crowded mind. Everyone had their turn to vent. Gatherings aren't just meaningless chatter, sometimes it's for comfort and reassurance. There's only so much tv or alcohol can do. Sometimes you just need to let it all out. And what good friends do is that they don't judge you, not necessarily required to give any suggestion or advise, they give an occasional nod, spend a good 2-3 hours lending an ear. So, lend an ear today, you don't have to response, just be an attentive listener. To people who matters the most.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


"No, I don't sit in a table near the toilet in the restaurant."
"No, I don't drink 3-in-1 coffee, I always take brewed coffee with a dash of low fat milk."
"No, I don't sleep in motels and inns, it's either 5 star hotel or nothing else."
"No, I'm not interested in meeting guys who make less than me, or guys who drive small cars."
"No, I don't "organize" parties, I just attend them...and please give me 1 month notice."
"No, it's not my nature to be too early, I make it a point to come later so that I don't have to waste my time waiting for people to slowly trickle in."
"No, I don't ever pay for my drinks, guys always pick up the tab. So don't even think I'm gonna start paying my share."
"No, I don't like chatting at the mamak or kopitiam, it's too hot and I need air-conditioning."
"No, I don't do Klang or Shah Alam or anywhere out of KL. It's too shabby and low class for me."
"No, I don't frequent pasar malam and I don't think I ever would. "
"No, I hang out with only Chinese-ed/English-ed people."
Just a collection of some 'mengada-ngada' shit I've encountered....... I hope this people are listening to themselves when they say these kinda things.

Career Choices-

Had some serious talk last night with my friends on their career choices at SOMO (thumbs up). One was deciding which job offer to take up, a commercialized job cum long working hours cum drinking-like-a-fish unlimited sessions or a stable eye-opener cum good salary cum professional MNC fish. Another one was still contemplating after 1 year whether to continue slaving in the father's company with minimal pay with no financial freedom or to slave for others-putting himself out there in the working class market again. Not that I'm in any favourable position to advice but this is what I think. Know what you want and stay focused. Ultimately you want to be reaching YOUR goals. The rest are just accessories. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, if the new job helps you to enhance your strengths, go for it. If the new job helps you to overcome the weaknesses, go for it. But always it has to be in line with your career goals. Told my other friend to get it together, stop procrastinating and start taking charge of his life. 1 year is like a trial and error session. If it's not working out, move on. Coming into a family business without prior substantial experience you'll find yourself trapped in the china-man ways of running a business. What with globalization, global sourcing, infomedia, IT, the world is getting smaller and smaller- we have to mould ourselves to take advantage of that situation and not swerve away from it with closeminded chinaman thinking. Survival of the fittest- it gets harder and harder not unless you make it work for you.

Sampling Places

SHIOK- CINELEISURE, Mutiara Damansara- It's a new eatery with Asian delicacy. My best friend's family business and I was invited to try their menu ( for free, thanks Wenny) on their 3rd day in business. Had Asam Laksa, great soup, and Roti Phrata with Chicken Curry (excuse the gluttony :)) only because I didn't know what Roti Phrata. But what a delight it was, something different than your regular Roti Chanai. Price is reasonable and it is the place to go for a quick bite before you catch a movie upstairs.
SOMO- Mont Kiara- New terrace bar place just a little further from Plaza Mont Kiara, just next to Coffee Bean. Was glad that the music wasn't that loud that we could actually lounge and enjoy our beer without having to shout at each other. The ambience definitely helps with the changing lights on the bar table. Everything else is pretty much so-so but it's a good place to lounge for regular people who just wanna have a nice chat over beer.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting Out of the Trap

Tupac Shakur- 2Pacalypse Now Album- Trapped
You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, living on tha streets is a delusion
Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with tha bullet that he bought
Nine millimeter kickin' thinking about what tha streets do to me
Cause they never talk peace in tha black community
All we know is violence, do tha job in silence
Walk tha city streets like a rat pack of tyrants
Too many brothers daily heading for tha big penn
Niggas commin' out worse offthan when they went in
Over tha years I done alot of growin' up
Getten drunk thrown' up Cuffed up
Then I said I had enough
There must be another route, way out to money and fame,
I changed my name and played a different game
Tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle
If one more cop harrasses me I just might go psycho
And when I gettem I'll hittem with tha bum rush
Only a lunatic would like to see his skull crushed
Yo, if your smart you'll really let me go 'G'
But keep me cooped up in this ghetto and catch tha uzi
They got me trapped....
I knew there was a way out. I knew there was another kind of life because I had read about it. I knew there were other places, and there was another way of being." Oprah Winfrey
(excuse the weird post, it was inspired by a conversation with Gallivanter)


Perodua is better than Proton, but the people who work there are the problem. Let me give you an overview of the ordeal I go through every week there. Just today, I arrived at 3pm at the HQ in Rawang. It was basically to rework some pre-production parts for a new model. I had everything planned out and was planning to leave by 4pm. But no. First I had to explain all over again despite the 1 hour meeting I had the day before. Then I had to tell them that Perodua R&D engineer is not involved in this and would not be able to verify it. But no. We had to wait around for them to concur. And true enough, I was right. 1 hour later, I was asked to wait outside the 'secret project room' in the fcking streets while they discussed. 30mins later, they came out and I found myself asking them when can I fcking do the rework. Had to wait another 3omins, and finally I clocked out of there at 6pm. Sheesh. Problem with Perodua is that they are too cautious that they do not know what to do! All the time wasted on meaningless inconclusive discussions with the wrong people! All the time wasted on time consuming discussions when I keep telling them on site verification on actual part is the best solution. But hell, I'm just a smurfy vendor to them....And believe me, Perodua people are the hustlers in the local automotive industry. Cigarettes, karaoke, digicam u name it! Being the No. 1 customer, they speak in a tone that makes you feel like you're a good for nothing supplier. But hey, customer is always No. 1. But I think when I do quit, I'm gonna go against all odds and give them a real BIG piece of my mind. I've done that a couple of times with GREAT CONSEQUENCES. So for now, I think I've gotta hold my temper.

Reevaluating Yourself

We're really good at work about doing things right, doing a 6 month trend analysis against our Key Performance Index, ensuring that we meet customer satisfaction by practise of PDCA cycle and laying out the Company's Objectives and Policy. It's funny that although these are great tools, not all of us apply it in our daily lives. Do you have your goals- short term and long term? 3-year or 5-year plan? Do you sit down and really do a reflection on your life, or even just on your actions the day before? Do you actually think of ways to better yourself? I always think that work is just work, it's just a tool to getting you what you really want. And sometimes work can be so meaningless- does it do anything to help mankind? Will kids suffer less by that little meeting you just had at work with your peers? What about friends you don't see enough these days because you are too busy at work? MAKE TIME. When was the last time you had a meal with your parents? When was the last time you actually had a good walk and stop to "smell the roses"? Start re-evaluating yourself.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Against Child Labour

People say that human beings are the most intelligent creatures, but we are also the sickest lot of all creatures. Blame it on society who comprises of these supposedly intelligent creatures who made what is today an alarming breed of child militants and child prostitutes. Blame it on the intelligent creatures who fund these, who reap from these, who encourage this by looking at the other way or condoning it. It is these intelligent creatures who have taken away their innocence and youth. And all for what? For industrialization? For tourism? For the country's economy? For the country's defense power? To guard the country's wealth? How is this justifiable with the venereal disease and HIV that a 6 year old might get? How is this worthwhile when a 12 year old knows not how to read but is slick with grenades and duds? A child's life so precious being so quickly tarnished with the harsh reality of life is worthwhile? If we are truly the most intelligent being, how could we have come to this? How could we have let this happen?

We Lack Compassion

There used to be a time when we could never refuse a beggar. There used to be a time when we could never walk away without buying some trinket from an old lady by the roadside, or a blind man, or a man without legs. Sometimes you'll hear a kid exclaim in fear if they were to stumble upon a beggar. You'll even hear teenagers saying that those people are good-for-nothings, society sampah who asked for it. You'll even see people steer clear away from beggars. I once watched a man without legs crawling on the dirty wet pungent pathways at the congested Chatuchak Market. People stood around him busily bargaining and browsing goods. People ignored him like he was just some stray dog. When tsunami happened, people took advantage of the situation, and there were child rape- paedophiles on the rage. Whatever happened to empathy- all down the toilet when we're in the rat race no? People diss dishwashers and those alien workers Contractors sit around drinking beer comparing which alien workers are dumber-Indonesians, Myanmars, Vietnamese, Nepalese or Bangladeshis. I once saw a woman shouting at a Nepalese boarding the same flight as she is because he was in the way. They forget that these people are human beings too. That they had nowhere to go, no land to belong to. What happened to our compassion to human sufferings?

Fastest Elevator in The World

I couldn't believe it. Fastest Elevator in the world is at Taipei 101. 1010m/min. And wow talk about pimping da' ride! Pretty girls guard the elevators while they speak in fluent Mandarin basic overview of the speed we were riding at and once u unboard, you're greeted by more pretty girls explaining the ride - hah, but there weren't any to explain the engineering of Taipei 101 and the Elevator. There is a quiet observatory area to watch the 730-ton tuned mass damper- erm, being the geek that I was, spent some time there actually.

Ohyea. Taipei 101 is also where people shop..but I din do any shopping at all there coz everything's way too pricey. The foodcourt there is amazing though. Nothing like the Malaysian foodcourt. In general, as many would know, Taiwanese are very passionate about food.

Why Proton Sucks

I'm not going to go political on this. Giving you simple scenarios and so you see what you think. Proton Engineer called me last week and said he's coming over to meet me over some part approval issue. He insisted to come even though I told him that the issue can be simply addressed over the phone. Nope. He came at 12pm. Talk rubbish for 30mins and sheesh it's so obvious he wanted free lunch. Today he asked me to come over to Proton. Over the same damn thing. I asked him where his office is and he couldn't give me simple directions. I asked around and was nearby his office, the W3 area. He said he doesn't know where that is. Fine. Finally I got to his office on my own. But the guy's having a meeting. Waited for 40 fucking minutes. It's rude when customers do not respect suppliers' time. Look, our time is just as important ok. He finally came around- discussed like 5 mins, and he said he wants to have his tea break. I've had just about enough. Very politely I pointed out that there really wasn't much left to discuss so why don't we just go through it very quickly so I can cabut? 3 mins later, I said my thanks and just as I was about to leave, he asked me if I was married. Deng. I said No. He asked when. I said not going to. And everyone, this is just one engineer, just imagine what kind of other thousands of Proton engineers the government is trying to protect.

Modes of Transportation for the People

If you thought sports cars were cool, take a look at this. I captured this image in Canlubong, Manila, Phillippines, picture of a jeepney, some Spanish influence there. Filipinos take the jeepney everywhere, and they are known for the unique decor. Every jeepney is its own, truly unique.

But it is also known not only for its cheap fare, but also its recklessness.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanks SPCA

Recently I caught the Adoption Fest at the Bangsar Shopping Center. Bugged me the whole day. The fact that the puppies were caged, poked at, played with, disturbed and on a display. How would you like if you were treated that way. I mentioned this to Che-Cheh, and decided to write to SPCA since they are the organizers. Here's how the email went.
On 12/18/06, wrote:
Hi,I came across the SPCA effort for the Adoption fest. It is a noble move, but however I saw many kids and adults poking at the puppies while the puppies were asleep at Bangsar Shopping Center. Although I am sure that the good intentions are there, perhaps something could be done to protect thepuppies.Thank you very much.

Dog Lover
Many thanks for your comments. I agree with you, the puppies should not have been treated like this. We do tell volunteers to ask the public not to do this and when I see it happening I do tell people not to (though sometimes I can get distracted talking to other interested people and miss it.) Your comments have been taken on board and thank you for your interest in the SPCA.
Yours sincerely,
Louise van Steveninck
And I hope readers who do frequent Bangsar Shopping Center would respect the puppies like how you would want to be respected.

NBA Brawl- Knicks and Nuggets on Sat

NBA Brawl - Caught this on CNN last night and finally found the article on it. 10 players got ejected. Was never a fan of Knicks or the Nuggets but the article struck me that well, sports is sometimes not just a sport for some people. We have a history of violence and big fights stemming from sports events- Tyson vs Holyfield, Zidane vs Materazzi, Monica Seles stabbings by a Graf fan, Pacers and Pistons in the 2004 brawl, Inter and AC Milan 2005 Champion's league quarterfinal flare attack, the list goes on....Sports violence is very much there. On the other hand, certainly the passion and the desire to win is commendable. Quote from George Orwell: "Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting."


It's a simple word with a big meaning. Since we were young we were taught never to trust. Never trust a free ride, never trust a free candy, never trust the vege vendor at the pasar basah because she might shortchange you.....the list goes on and on. Even when you went overseas, people say never trust a gwailo. I remember when I was in Canada, Canadians are so nice that where I stayed we never had to lock our doors (there weren't even any gates or fence for chrissake). Would you do that here? Not lock your gates? We even have a freaking gear lock for our cars lah. Canadians don't even lock their cars. Do you even trust your neighbours here enough to give them your housekey? People in NY were so paranoid that they have 3 to 4 locks to their door. I don't even trust the parking attendant who keeps raking my RM3 near the Bangsar mosque parking lot. Seriously I pay the fella so that HE wouldn't mess up my car, not really for him to 'jaga' my car. Heck, I especially don't trust people at work. Someone's always playing some game even if you're not interested to participate in. And everyone's selfish at work, your bosses have got their own agenda, the secretaries have sharp ears, colleagues are always trying to bring u down. So tell me, how the hell can you trust anyone these days? Someone told me that the most important criteria in a relationship is TRUST. But gawd, easier said than done. It's gonna take a whole lot of time. People are so paranoid these days that they don't even let their kids go out and play by the longkang like we used to. Or mix with other kids for fear of kutu or what not, or they just don't trust other kids and of their influences. Some parents also find it hard to entrust their kids to their maids. And for good reasons too. Trust. It's gonna be an extinct in decades to come.

The Sky's The Limit

I took this picture at Bayon- one of the temples at the Angkor Wat Forest Reserve. As I sat down admiring the works of ancient people, I thought to myself that there is really no limit to what man can do. We sit and rant about so many things- but look what we could do if we put an ounce of faith in our dreams. People nowadays are more negative than they should be. Nobody wants to do anything anymore. People are always asking what's the point yadayada. But really, if we sit around and do nothing, we don't accomplish anything. We don't see anything. We don't OWN anything. Let's not go BACKWARDS---- the sky's the limit.

Man and Cat

This is a picture courtesy from Michael Lynn Steele, a friend of mine from US. That's a picture of his cat, Sissy Boy biting at his finger. Sissy Boy is a replacement for Michael's previous cat. I'm no fan of cats, but I think this is a lovely picture showing the 'bond' between them. :)

Boy Of The Year

I call him my Boy of The Year. The little kid in Cambodia who chased me down few dirtpaths trying to get me to buy a scarf from him. Giving me a flower he plucked from the streets, so desperate to get any transaction that day. Little does he know that he has inspired me in many ways. So if ever you see this kid at Bantrey Srei temple in Siem Reap, buy a scarf from him. :)

Great Lengths for Great Looks

Was gallivanting alone around some Night Market in Taipei and came across this. The hostess told me that they were doing 'lai min' supposed to be very common and clears your pores. Had an hour to kill and nowhere to go. So RM50 later, I plopped myself on a chair and waited for the 'treatment'. Worst 'facial ordeal' ever. Felt like I was being pinched at the face repeatedly! The strings they pull make a crisscross at the pores they wanna clear and scrapes off the facial hair as well. Why in the logical sense this gives you beautiful skin baffles me. Sorry, it's gonna take a lot more than vanity for me to ever EVER do this again.

They Weren't Kidding about Strikes in Taiwan

In my brief stint in Taiwan few months back, I probably saw too many strikes to last a lifetime. This was taken in front of the Holiday Inn-Asiaworld Taipei...apparently hotel staff was on strike because of low wages........

And this was just a random picture I took at the square....people on strike against Chen Sui Bien- President of Taiwan.....They gather DAILY there with sponsored buses.

There's nothing more incredible than people being passionate about human rights and politics. People can make a difference.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

What's With That Attitude?

Here's a list of traits and bad attitude that we can do without :
1) Being Stingy- you know, a treat or two won't hurt you. And girls shouldn't really expect men to pay everytime, women can treat guys too. Best is to go AA. And then there are those who leech on others. If you're poor or tight on money, just tell me and I'm happy to belanja you. But don't say things like "I forgot my wallet"..."Pay for me first, pay you back later" and then u never did anyway.
2) It's All About Me, Me, Me- look once in a while, I can indulge and try to be a listener- but it's annoying when all I ever got to talk about is about YOU.
3) High Class Snobs- I know you're rich but don't rub it to my face. Don't diss me for my jewellery-free self coz I really can't afford it. Snobs who don't befriend certain people because they don't meet their criteria.
4) Uptight bitches- U know those type. The type who looks down on you because you curse freely and talk freely, who thinks I'm mad because I hangout with guys, that I'm being myself, that I'm not acting like how a woman should be. Screw that ok. That's what I am. I'm answerable to no one but my family and me. Life's too short to be the UNREAL YOU.

In A Xmas-y Mode

I'm no Christian, but you don't have to be one to appreciate Xmas...and Xmas songs. I was not great at piano but I did learn some Xmas songs- my fave piano piece being "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". (Listen to lil MJ's version-superb). I was at Bangsar last night and there were some carolling going on at the pub where we were- sent me and my buddies to a Xmasy mood. For me, Xmas is family time-and I await happily for my family to reunite and celebrate Xmas. And here's signing off with my personal favourite Xmas song rendition of Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire -a duet - Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole- simply superb combo, download it!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe,
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way;
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
And every mother's child is going to spy,
To see if reindeer really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
To kids from one to ninety-two,
Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very Merry Christmas to you

What Beauty is To Me....

There's really no divine definition for beauty. There is beauty in almost everything we see around us, if only we stop to 'smell the roses' (pinjam from Tache :) ) I see beauty in a child's laughter, babies can't fake laughter like adults do, babies shriek in utter happiness. I see beauty in a genuine heartfelt smile that gives that person a glow. I see beauty in that boy last night who told me affectionately and honestly of how great his mom is, supporting him at times when he's being a nuisance. I see beauty in an unsaid bond between grandparents and their grandchildren, as they play happily together despite the generation gap. I see beauty in a mother overwhelmed with the sight of her newborn child. I see beauty in friends who stick by each other through thick and thin, even if boyfriends and girlfriends fail them. I see beauty in a nervous elderly man holding hands with his wife at his bedside awaiting surgery- that unbeatable support and warmth that comes free. I see beauty in a reluctant farewell and goodbyes at the airport. So yah, guys/girls may sit and gawk at beautiful women/men, but there's more to beauty than just bod and face. Look around you and spot beauty - genuine beauty.

It's the Company that Matters

Finally graduated from a Dip course I'm doing. We separated with a Chicken Dance during the class and then we bunked ourselves at a shabby cafe grabbing a bite. These people ranging from 18 years old to 50 years old are the best. Although probably sharing little in common we all were reluctant and sad that it was the last class EVER. Already we were making plans for dinner and gatherings. Felt a sudden tinge of sadness that we won't have those 7 hour long classes anymore. Weird aye?
Departed for yet another gathering with some friends - none of the guys brought their gfs, they just wanna hangout with their buddies and drink the night away. You ever had that feeling where you're so comfortable with the gang that sometimes a lot of things are left unsaid and there wasn't a need to impress anyone. Why, sometimes you're just sitting there having a drink and laughing with them for no particular reason. By the end of the night, we were conversing in Mandarin-mind you, we are all bananas....The thing is we don't mind acting silly many people could?
Many people guard themselves too much. You're not you if you don't reveal the real you. And why do you wanna be the FAKE YOU when it's all the more exhausting trying to be someone you're not. And who says the FAKE YOU is better? A genuine expression/face tells a lot more of a person than a fake expression. Having fun has nothing to do with what activity you have or event you're involved in, or the amount of good planning you put into, it's really the company that matters and how fun YOU want it to be. You could dump me in the jungle and I would still be having a roaring time. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

We Don't Smile Enough

WE Malaysians are in dire need to learn how to smile. Gets really kinda awkward you know when you're in the lift, and you wanna smile at the person in the lift and when you do, the other person totally ignores it or look away. I live in an apartment so taking the lift is an everyday kinda thing for me. Frankly, I really appreciate a good smile. A genuine one. That's a gem. In Canada, people give meaningless greetings to strangers "Hi, Good day...." when walking down the street. In US, I could strike up a conversation with anyone in the subway by just smiling at someone. In Malaysia, you'll be smiling but no one smiles back at you and u end up looking like a smiling moron. You know, smiling required probably just facial muscles and a bit of effort. I know it lits my day when I see a genuine smile. So make an effort to smile at one person at least today.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Toll Rates in Klang Valley

New Toll Rates? The new toll charges are: LDP, RM1.60 (previously RM1), L'raya Shah Alam, RM2.20 (RM1.50), L'raya Cheras-Kajang, Batu 9, RM 1 (70 sen) L'raya Cheras-Kajang, Batu 11, 90 sen (60 sen ), L'raya KL-Karak-Gombak, RM5, L'raya KL-Karak-Bentong, RM3 (RM2.50) and L'raya Koridor Guthrie, RM1.40 (RM1).
Why don't the government just take my whole goddamn salary and shove it inside the toilet bowl? Do they think that we don't know the 'duit kopi' they get from construction? If they hadn't up-ed the profit margin just so that the 'duit kopi' can be justified, you would have enough revenue to ensure that we pay less toll now. Weren't all the maintenance fees required and estimated revenue based on projected traffic taken into account to when the toll rates were first formulated for a newly built highway? What is the justification that we are still paying TOLL and now MORE TOLL when we should be seeing a decline in toll rates in view of the traffic and revenue generated? See LDP, probably one of the most heavily-utilised highway- the toll rates are revised from RM1 to RM1.60......60% jack up. Ridiculous. I've got better ways for the government to make more revenue....see this list.
1) Reduce no. of workers in government sectors- look, government workers are slow anyway- give them 10 people or 1 person, it's still the same.
2) Remove the air-conditioning units at the toll collectors booth! Geez, the amount of electricity and energy required to 'condition' one fella in the small little booth baffles me. Fan not sufficient meh? I'm not even going to go into how much is the profit margin of those the York fellas are raking in. hehe
3) Get the traffic polices off the road! They don't help with the traffic at all! If ever, they only make it worse. I never understood why people think that traffic polices can navigate the traffic better than a fully functional traffic lights. Get them off and we reduce no of useless traffic police.
4) Stick to only 2 modes of payment- Cash or Smart Tag. Not Cash, Touch N Go, Smart Tag. The less payment modes you have, the less you gotta pay out to different contractors to install the units- and by doing so, you can ask for cost down for the contractor since it's gonna be single sourcing and not dual or triple sourcing.
There are many ways that the govt can think of to cost down but they took the easy way out- raising the toll rates because it's just easier to shed it off the rakyat's already meagre salary. Cmon, our standard of living is already pathetic enough. Want to end up like Indonesia, is it?

What is Menjolok Mata?

Really, I think we've got it ALL wrong. First it was this govt idiot who commented on the way the female journalist dress hence how the CCTV captured the wrong stuff. Then it was the whole Kelantan thingy 'controlling' how women should dress. Can we be any MORE BACKWARD? Men would always be men, and different things turn men on...cmon, not so long ago we have heard in the news of a security guard raping kids. Those kids weren't dressed sexily to lure these people! The forbidden is always more intriguing. The more we control, the more people would rebel. Paedophiles and rapists - they do not only target sexily clad women...can we not see that? Just last year on my way back on a limo taxi from KLIA, dressed in denim shorts and a cacat t-shirt, I was requested by the taxi driver to cover up my legs with a jacket! MCH! I'm not even the sexy type or with incredible hot legs, I was freaking tan with sandflea bites and I got this! Look, if he can't bloody handle a short thing like me in shorts and t-shirt, what do I have to do? Cover head to toe despite the fact that I just came back from the beach? Wear a goddamn jubah? Refrain from wearing skirts and shorts for the rest of my life? I'm sorry. I'm just not up for that. I want to know I have that freedom of choice of what I wanna wear. Sexy or not. Next thing you know, they'll be banning guys from wearing singlets because it encourages HOMOSEXUALITY. Yar, THAT would be the next big thing in the news. Get a life.

An Interesting Encounter

I met an interesting character last night. A friend's friend, some 25 year old guy who wants us to teach him something. How to open a restaurant in Melbourne. Quickly we got our good friend who was working part time in Adelaide to indulge in the conversation. Enlighten the kid. And well, as I depart with him of what little I know based on my waitressing experience, I asked him if he had any restaurant experience at all. None. Can he cook? Nope. Know anything about wine? Nope. And so, I ask him why he's taking this big step then. The rationale to him is simple. He measured left right center and he knew that he would never have enough to save in Malaysia. Simply put, he told me, the life we had in Canada, low cost of living but high quality of living, and in Malaysia, high cost of living AND low quality of living, so why waste time opening a restaurant in Malaysia. Why doesnt he just go to somewhere he likes and start a business there where he knows the fruits of his labour would be worthwhile later on. True, very true. And well, the next three years he rationalize that he'll be 28 and wouldn't want to be slaving in Malaysia for a meagre salary of RM3K doing something that he hates and with little chance to spend it. True. And well, some of my friends said he's a dreamer, but to me, is better to DARE TO DREAM than to never at all. Some people just sit and rant about how pathetic their lives is and do nothing about it. At least, this guy is literally getting a ticket out of here and doing something about the dream by next Jan'07. And I did tell him, well, even if he didn't make it out there in Melbourne, at least he tried and he's got nothing to lose to begin with. You don't wanna be stuck at some mamak years later regretting or always wondering what would have happened if you took that big step. Seize the day. Carpe Diem.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I always say life's a masquerade,
with people of many different facades,
hiding when derailed and enraged,
smiling yet desperately summoning courage,
when love becomes a mirage,
fronting a brave face,
when you're actually falling apart......
but don't live without leaving a trace.

Can We Not Do Bitch-ing Sessions?

Is it a girl thing to sit around and bitch about something or someone? Perhaps I don't show it enough but I really don't dig sitting at some fancy cafe talking bad about some other person. Don't see a point to it. And yet, many women enjoy that kinda thing. For me, it's an act of cowardice!
No. 1, if you dislike someone, just tell him/her off when he/she is pissing you off. Right at that moment. Don't dwell, and then make a fuss over it when you could have said something.
No. 2, talking bad about someone with the rest of the world, I mean, what the hell you wanna do that for? Get the whole world to agree? You need to get affirmation from the rest of the world?
No. 3, if you bitch so much about that person, that person obviously shouldn't matter in your life, so why should you care? Why are you getting so worked up over that one person who doesn't mean a thing in your life? Heck care.
No. 4, but if that person is actually a fren of yours, talk to him/her directly, give him/her brutal honesty of what you think. If he/she can't accept it then fine, at least you've said your piece. Don't be a coward. I'll rather be at some shabby kopitiam downing beer or kopi-o, or at some beat up mamak talking crap than be at some fancy Starbucks having a bitching session. There's more to life than this.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stop It Please- Just Do the Work

It's been hell of a month. At work at least. But great nevertheless- beats having nothing to do, if you know what I mean. What I can't stand is people just complaining about the work they've gotta do even before attempting to it. This is farking hard, this is farking too much, this place is farking far...and it goes on and on. Hey, money doesn't come easy ok. And work is just work, you've gotta do it, put yourself to the test. TALKING about it ain't gonna get the work done. Really farks me up when these people talk about how difficult the work is. Heck, you're nothing if you don't give it a try and give up just like that. NO matter how hard it gets, working here is STILL better than slaving my ass in US, where I never got to see the daylight, when every meal is the same old crap- rice and chicken+potato, where my only mode of transportation were my legs and the subway, where my weekends were my money-scrapping days, where you don't get to sit at all for 10 hours straight, freaking no-lifer kay. Heck, so if anyone ask me I'll say yeah, I'm a fucked up engineer in this small company but hey, it's way better than working in the US. At least, I'm in my own place, Malaysia's nothing to shout about but at least it's where I belong. You know that feeling when you've got all the money you want but you dont have the time to spend the money? That's how it was like. You're so crazed by the dollars you make that after a while, you realize that you're missing out on the little things. Like picnics at the beach, a frappie in the day, a cuppa in the morning with your friends, teh tariks in the wee mornings...So really, just do the work. And just love it.

Chillout Weekend

"I'm dreaming of a White Xmas...yadayadaya"..the merry sounds of carolling at the Portuguese Settlement sent me on a christmasy mood. Food was so-so but the company was fantastic, who would have thought that a weekend out with some strangers would be this great. It was a weekend where Age didn't matter, Liquor Intake knows no boundaries anytime anywhere, no itinerary required ...... But really, it was the company that mattered, there was an 18 year old whackjob who's a delight if you don't mind the constant rambling and yet stealing 'thunders' from the adults once a while, Hang Botak who's ever the daddy making sure we were taken care of but can be sarcastic as hell, a scout at heart whom we're still not quite too sure if he's gay - has lotsa unfinished toe business with the 18 year old kid, a great organizer who'd make a a great mommy someday I'm sure, Camwhore King and Queen- Suzie and Cely, she brings camwhoring all to the next level, and Suzie, well, you have great Sunsilk hair :). It is indeed a back-to-reality day today but the memory of a wonderful weekend lingers on....Great things come when you least expected it. :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Favourite Superheroes

Hey, we all grew up watching and idolizing Superheroes or Comic Hero, and I bet one or two of us used to have a Superman suit! Here's a list of some of the all-time favourite superheroes:
1) Bart Simpson (Cowabunga!)
2) Homer Simpson (DUH)
3) Superman
4) Spiderman
5) Batman
6) Catwoman
7) For a while, I really liked Kenny in Southpark, i think he has character
CAn't think of anymore but who's yours?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Favourite Villains

The Villains in the movies are just as important as the heroes if not more....And then there are some actors who always play the villain, no matter what movie they're in, eg. Jack Nicholson and Willem Dafoe. And then there are lousy villains who fail to make an impression like Dr. Octopus in Spiderman 2. And then there are great villains you just can't help rooting for. And so here's a list of FAVOURITE VILLAINS
1) The Joker from Batman
2) The Terminator (when it was bad that is...)
3) Dr. Evil from Austin Powers (haha)
4) Alien vs Predators...(I couldnt choose between these two...who to root for)
5) Denzel Washington in The Training Day (ah, Denzel, Denzel)
6) Robert DeNiro as Al Capone in The Untouchables
7) Marshmallow Man in The Ghostbusters (only because it's funny haha)
8) Freddie Krueger from Tales from the Crypt
9) Dracula from any damn Dracula movie
Well, by the way, anyone notice that we can NEVER remember any great villains from the James Bond flicks?????

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Of Sex and Fetish

Hey, how many of you guys actually watched The Jerry Springer Show and enjoyed it? Admit love those scandals and somewhat crazy sexual stories you watch there. And well, really although most Malaysians won't admit it, they do love talking about sex, sex fetish, have some sort of sexual fantasy at all stages of their lives. And there's really nothing wrong about it. It's NORMAL. Most people just don't wanna admit and be perceived as perverted. Well, a friend of mine told me he wanna go on a FUCKFEST in Jakarta this month...and has revealed that his personal sexual fantasy is one guy with 2 women. I told him that's almost every guy's fantasy! But what is really wrong with that? I think we need to be more open.


The fever virus is spreading everywhere....TV Series Fever that is. I think for me it started with the older ones: Dynasty, The Colbys, Knots Landing, etc....but right now, there is really and insurgence of new, better, with better plot and cast tv series to entice us. Tell me if not even one tv series has got you into some sort of a fever chasing episods after episods..what with series like 24, Grey's Anatomy, Sex and The City, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives. I really think the optimum fever was during the Sex and The City days....that's when every woman at least were glued to the tv trying to catch an episod or two. Well, we dont even chase episods anymore, where you wait patiently for the series to be aired...we've got dvd now...plenty of it!(and with a reasonable price too). I think I had my fever bad when a friend of mine first got me hooked with 24. Serious fever. And...he's gonna get me to watch Prison Break pulak....Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tears for Fears

I was reminiscing on the fact that when I was younger, I feared nothing. I think most kids fear nothing. Do you feel that you fear more things as you grow older? Were you one of those monkeys who used to go crazy playing in the 'sungai' and playing in the dirt/mud, but is too afraid to go out now because you're afraid of the sun-wrinkles and all....? When we were younger, we didn't really care when we first meet someone, if that someone is gonna accept you, those days, it was simple, if the person was fun to play with, you're friends with him/her immediately. Now however, some people are even scared to go out of their houses let alone venture out and meet new friends- because of fear of psychopaths, serial killers, boredom..etc. As we get older, we let fear interfere in our judgement, life choices, life partners, career choices... So here's a little reminder, don't let fear control you.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Awkward Moments?

1. When you attend a wedding dinner and you’re seated with strangers because you are only acquainted with the groom or bride. Do you make small talk or just hope people will leave you alone with the wedding feast?

2. When you’ve been asked to guide a colleague about work but you know damn well you’ve been goofing off or you only know so little. What do you do? Do you tell her what you know and pray she gets the job done rite.. or do you just tell her the truth that you’re really not competent.

3. When you’re in a meeting and you have a sudden urge.. ahem.. to fart or you just need to go to the toilet, just at that moment when the boss asks you “ok, what do you think?”. What do you do?

4. When people comment that ohhh you look a certain way, and you’re not sure of what to react coz it could be a compliment or a very well phrased insult. If you say thank you anyways.. people will think that you’re perasan, rite?

5. When people tell you that the person close to him/her passed away. We hear in the movies or those TOEFL/IELTS classes, people should say “I’m sorry to hear that”. But how’s that gonna work in Malaysia? You say that, people think you’re CRAZY or that you’re a good-for-nothing banana.

6. When people ask you when you’re gonna get married. Ok, first off, it’s not really a question to pose to a girl. What.., do couples actually plan with each other when the guy should propose? Really odd.

7. When you meet a long lost classmate.. Make it a classmate whom you were never close to back in school. Exchange numbers, and it’d seem so fake coz we know we’re not gonna call each other for drinks. Don’t exchange numbers and it’d seem like you’re so mean.. bugger..

Friday, November 24, 2006

wOrld of infOrmatiOn ...

In the age of information, is it fair to expect people to know what's happening in the world? or at least what's happening in their country or around them? Or at least just to not be ignorant? People say that the rich should not look down on the poor, is it the same as the knowledgable should not look down on the ignorant? And I don't mean the smart looking down on the dumb - Well, if you think you're smart, that's not smart at all. All I'm talking about is people not spending enough time to read the news or to find out how things work around them or how your own government runs or heck, just to READ !! I mean, with google, wiki, blogs, podcasts ... how can you still not know anything?? BUT the question is ... is it unreasonable to look down on people who doesn't know anything? I'm not targeting just any lay person, but someone who's got a friggin degree - Hey, if you're educated up to that level, I'm gonna have expectations on ya. Is this fair?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trainspotting (1996)

I must be one of those few who has not seen this movie.... Ranks #175 in IMDB Top 250 films.'s all about heroin addiction... Despite what some critics have said about the influence of drug abuse this movie may have, it has made me all the more not want to try heroin. Not that I can easily get it here anyways... But this movie is well narrated and woven.. See it. At least watch Ewan McGregor. My question is why was it called Trainspotting?


Shushlik is what Shuddup is to you. I probably think of saying this to someone almost every other day! Shushlik this person and that person..! Have you ever encounter someone who
1) says the same thing over and over to you even when you keep telling that person you've heard it many many when are you getting married? when are you gonna settle down?
2) giggles for no apparent reason. Wtf? How can anyone be constantly giggling or laughing?
3) brags about themselves....or talks about themselves all the's like moments like this that I think why I even bother being there talking to that someone...
4) complains about how fucked up their job/life is.....look, no one's perfect...can't stand it when people who are earning more are complaining about how pathetic their salary is..
5) you ever had that time when you're with a bunch of friends who speaks Hukkien/Mandarin when they jolly well know you don't understand? so they just intentionally leave u out of the conversation? and even if it wasn't intentional, they must have been really inconsiderate enough to do that...I know I've experienced that umpteenth time and just couldn't be bothered to be involved in that conversation anymore and would just walk off....
So..the next time you have to deal with these kinda situations...just say SHUSHLIK!

The Swan Pageant

I caught this on TV...taking the whole beauty pageant thing to a whole new level. The Swan pageant is actually a competition for women who undergone major make-overs for 4 months following the you see extreme changes in them! Basically the program turns ugly ducklings to swans...hence the name. Most of these women, who used to be shy, depressed, unconfident and lost have transformed to confident women because of their new physique and new found beauty. Although most of the contestants would say that inner beauty is the most important thing one cannot help but think that the extreme makeover that gave them that overwhelming external beauty is a great boost. I guess this pageant, aside from its money-making purposes, it does, like most contestants say, give the other women in the world hope, that anyone can be beautiful. The show also shows these women parading in lingerie-but its not really vulgar actually, the point is that these women who use to hide their body are now brave enough to wear's actually a real boost to a woman's self worth. People can always say that inner beauty is the most important thing but one cannot deny, external beauty does play a factor. Who doesn't want to be beautiful? Why else would women take pains to go for facials, plucking eyebrows, and shaving their legs and god knows what else?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Char Kuay Teow

No, I'm not talking about the Malaysia's local delight. It's a common term used at (at least in mine) work. Definition: When you have to come up with or 'goreng' something for some responsibilities or jobs you overlooked in a limited deadline. So when someone ask you to do the impossible, you probably have to forge something up with what you've got. Or you do not want to disclose certain information to customer so you 'goreng' the info to ensure the information doesn't leak out. That's CHAR KUAY TEOW! Makes you wonder the quality of Malaysian's work. But sometimes, it is necessary to 'goreng'.....just to save your ass and your job!

The Rude Malaysian Women

We've always ranted about the rude Malaysian men but we've never do really say anything about the rude Malaysian's a list so see if you agree with me...
1) Women who take it for granted that men will pay for everything....even if certain situations call for the men to pay, women should always offer or say their thankyous at least. I've seen some who wouldn't even say thank you while they busily powder their nose...
2) Women who cut queues because they have kids! It's quite a different thing if the person in front of you lets you cut it from you butting yourself into the line.
3) Women who talk too loudly in public....especially when these women are shouting "Ah Boy", "Ah Girl", 'Boyboy'....etc...gosh, can be so embarrassing sometimes..
4) Women who wait for others to greet them first- kinda stuckup I think...they always seem to think that men should make the first move..for god's sake, it's just a handshake and a mutter of introduction!
WEll, waddaya think?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ice Breaker

I can't remember the last time I had an outing with really total complete strangers. But there is no doubt, the anticipation makes me wanna go all the more. I went to a bloggers' meet that Gallivanter invited me to. Finally got to pin the face to the blogs that I frequent to-notably Gallivanter's and Vicky's. I joined in late so I think I missed the intial awkwardness..... Everything soon changed as the night progressed...after a few drinks (excuse my poor drinking ability), "tokkok a bit", bit of ejek-ing was a fun night. There's never guidelines for these kinda things and certainly no sure-win icebreakers. Ultimately if you let your guards down, be open and remember that we're all the same, out there to have fun and get to know each other, you're almost halfway there to perhaps making some great friendships. Or maybe just a few pints of Kilkenny's all you need!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Complain and Complain ...

It's human nature to complain. We complain about the government, society, culture, management, facilities, traffic, complain & complain. Hmmm, will it ever stop? No. Why? Because we'll never be satisfied and there's no such thing as a perfect place. No matter where we are, we will complain. M'sians complain about their corrupted government & politicians, racial discrimination, lack of ethics, etc, etc. Even in almighty USA, the Americans complain about their horny politicians in sex scandals & kids carrying guns to school ... And the list goes on and on. BUT should we stop complaining? Don't think that's a good idea either. So what should we do? We complain once in a while & then get on with out lives? I suppose. Some choose to bitch about everything EVERYDAY, some choose to vent once in a while & move on, and some choose to completely ignore whatever that's happening and just stick to their small circle of affairs, which is what matters most anyway. So the point is, we as humans will never be contented. Which one are you?

Let me share a story with you. Heard this one from a monk in some Dhamma talk in some Temple on some Island. Anyway, this story just kinda stuck to me since. It's one of those if-you-have-3-wishes kind of story. Here goes:

One day this genie asked a group of kids to each make a wish. The wish will be granted to the kid who can come up with the best wish. Kid 1 said, "I wanna have a BIG TUB of my favourite ice cream!" That's a great wish. Kid 2 had to top that, so he said, "I wanna have an ice cream factory! Then I can produce all kinds of ice cream in the world!" An even better wish. Kid 3 ponders for a while and to top that he said, "I wanna have lots & lots of money so I can build lots & lots of ice cream factories" ... and of course the next kid were able to come up with a better one and it went on & on ... and soon came to this one kid and he says, "I wanna be so CONTENTED that I don't need anything else in the world!" ... Guess what, the wish went to this kid ... because at the end of the day, happiness is really what we're all searching for right? Since we can't wish for happiness, I guess sometimes we just have to stop complaining and BE HAPPY.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lucas Black

Anyone remember this kid? Deja vu? Well, you're looking at the star of American Gothic- American TV series about 10 years ago but it closed after 1 season. Well, this same kid is now the fella in Too Fast Too Furious!


Is it just me or are you also annoyed with people who don't speak properly. When I say properly, the person must be audible using easy vocabulary and speaking in full sentences! You know girls who act demure and speak softly just annoys the hell out of me. Speak loudly for fark's sake, who's gonna hear your demure shit if you're speaking like there's diamonds in your mouth. And there's there's always a bozo who uses weird big vocab to impress people but all he's doing is just making the conversation dull. The key is to get the message across for fark's sake. What about people who never finishes their sentences? " Get the.......ok??Now! Coz you know la, tomorrow we have know what I mean. " Sometimes I go, "Sorry, I really don't know what you mean." That's gonna be my mantra from now on...For all you know we're gonna be saying "Wtf, lol, xde time" and then that will be the end of it.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I caught something really interesting on Oprah last night. About women and young ladies today who takes personalities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, SHE, Jolin as their role models- self pimping themselves to look like them. I've always been against superficiality. It's worse when they think there's nothing wrong to it. There was a guest star in Oprah who used to be a MTV video dancer for some big rap artists...and who can say they've watched at least one rap video where there are sleazy dancers strutting their stuff. It's one thing for guys to look down on women but it's another thing if the women are doing it to themselves..thinking that it's alright coz everyone's doing it. The person coaxing girls to take off their clothes in Girls Gone Wild is a female! Some might say, dirty dancing and getting drunk, or flashing, mooning are for fun...but you know there are other ways to have fun, or there must be some degree of discretion how far you'd go. It's all about self respect, girls, and you know, you'd want a guy who appreciates you for what you are and not what you flaunt. Guys dig confident girls. True?

Hot Baldies

Caught this on some tv show and yar, it's proven, bald guys can be hot...
1) Bruce Willis (looks good in any hairstyle actually, hehe)
2) Vin Diesel
3) Billy Zane
4) Sean Connery
5) Samuel L Jackson
6) Jake Gyllenhaal (in Jarhead)

Let This Be A "Pengajaran"

Felt harrassed for the whole of 2 consecutive weeks. By my customer. The final straw was last Saturday. The 'customer' complaint of yet another downtime-and downtime cost is nothing to laugh about, Rm2000 per minute. Finally, I was told to talk to some operator who's making the complain. To cut the story short....he told me that I have to 'give' them something, keep them happy- Work ethics was far off my mind. I just wanted all that nonsense to stop. After 2 cartons of cigarrettes and couple of 100 plus they were happy, and told me that this is a 'pengajaran', so that next time I know who I'm dealing with. Said that I've been walking in and out of their premises but I never 'tegur' them. Wanted to tell them that how the fark should I know that I gotta tegur every single damn person there(operators included) like they are my relative. What would you have done? They sabotage your goods and blame it on you. They harrass you with phone calls to settle the unknown - proving that they did sabotage my goods got me no where. Well, 'rokok' is like the duit kopi of automotive industry. And it's becoming a phenomenon. There used to be a time when it was just makan-makan. Really, I thought real hard and this is really not a way to survive. It may be a norm( God knows how many times I've had to resort to this). But it forfits everything we ever worked hard for. I ploughed through 4 years of hell in university for this?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Indonesian Kids

I hope the best for the Indonesian kids, for what's left to be thankful for. Indonesian kids are not only hit by tsunami and other catastrophe but also political unrest. The country doesnt leave much to be desired. View more HOPES in Message In A Bottle


I spot a wannabe everywhere I go:
1) Gwailo wannabe- people who speak with a fake accent- American or British (with Scottish slang lagi!)
2) Black wannabe- been spotting a lot of youngsters trying to look like a black rapper- chains of bling blings, basketball jerseys over t-shirts, with caps worn sideways sporting a fake 'black' language
3) Hongky wannabe- Aiiii...too much influence from TVB! Almost every Chinese dress like Hongkong stars- I can't stand those short cardigans that looks like as if the bottom was chopped off. Even if fashion is an art meant to be misunderstood...but what's the point of that cardigan?
4) Japanese wannabe- Malaysian women wanting to be cute- even if they don't sport the petite-ness of the Japanese women. Yuck. Puke. These usually endup looking like Ahlians anyways.
I know there's only so much we can do about superficiality. People can do whatever they wanna do. But really, we've gotta stop being copycats. Where's our identity?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Traffic Idiots

You know when you're in a rush to go someplace, and then a 10min crawl hits and screws up your timing only to find out later that the traffic was caused by the cars slowing down to 'check out' the accident in front? I tell you, there may be CEOs and GMs and Managers in Malaysia but I think they all turn into idiots when on the road. Explain to me this:
1) Cars slow down to check out what? The damage? Car plate no?
2) I dont understand why there's a traffic police in the evenings at the NPE intersection when the traffic lights' working well. I wish they would just leave the job to the traffic lights.
3) Why aren't the traffic police around when the traffics lights are OUT?
4) People who drives TOOOOOO slowly. Hullo??? Sometimes accidents happen because of that!
5) People who drives way TOOO fast....I don't care for Mat Rempits, just leave the bloody racing to the professionals.
6) Police escorts that rudely cuts the line because some bigshot is on the road. Hey, get in the line like the rest of the 'rakyat' ok. My time is just as important as 'your' time.
7) 2nd lane road-hoggers who are SLOW. Wtf? Get over to the slow lane. Period. Sheesh.
8) People who 'finger' others. Cmon, I get angry too, but you don't wanna wrongly 'finger' people you know or you might know, or who knows you but u don't know they do. Too risky.
And lastly, count all the money you ever paid for duit kopi for traffic offences. Scary eh.
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