Thursday, September 30, 2010


If there's any detox program that you should join, it's detox yourself from COMPLAINING. Think about's TOXIC. It's something NEGATIVE. It's streneous just listening to it.. It's ANNOYING. It's DISRUPTIVE.

Unless you turn those complaints into action items. Unless you take the complain and take it to the source of the annoyance. Unless you ACT ON IT. Complaining to a friend at some mamak joint is not going to help.

If not, I suggest we STOP COMPLAINING.


I recently learnt this expression from a friends of mine. You use it when someone's irritating you and you tried as much to shoo him away, only to end up getting worked up for nothing. Biar. Eventually he'll get the hint. No point getting mad about it.

Or when someone's being kiasu and wants to know every single thing that you're doing at work (to stay competitive, or at least not behind me) and basically 'parrot' whatever you say or do. Eventually that person for sure could not put up the act that long.....

Or when you feel like you're exploited, and no matter how many times you've voiced it out, nobody gave a damn anyway. BIAR! you'll have the last laugh when you tender your resignation!

Hah! Biar!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Choose Your Battles

Not all battles are meant to be fought.
Not all battles are worth fighting for.
Some battles we can ignore. For some battles are not our battles.
Some battles are ours to fight. And us alone.
Those who do not fight, has not lived.
- sze lin

Sunday, September 19, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance- Alex

Check this out...epic dance moves from Alex HipHop and Hallelujah.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Quarter of A Century Friendship Anniversary!

I just realized that this year I would have known my primary school friends for 25 years! That means 25 years of friendship! 25 years of Laughter and Tears. Makes my heart go a-flutter just thinking about that. There are some I've known since in kindie when I was 5, but let's just say it was quite a blur period when you're 5 till about 7 years old. haha.

So here's a tribute to Eva, Tzewei, Larn, Shamila, Su Yeen, Ming Kuen. (including Imn i guess although I know her for 32 years hehe)'s to a Quarter of A Century Friendship! And I'm so happy you guys will be there on my Big(gest) Day....

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Approximately 2and half months more before my wedding. I'm almost done with most details, and I'm glad I didnt turn bridezilla over it! A friend of mine said that we can choose to go cheap or go overboard with the wedding, and frankly, nobody appreciates it or remembers it. That's kinda sad. But nevertheless, I wanna remember it, and I'll appreciate it, and I would want to say my dear friends and family would too.

So I aim to not disappoint, but also not to go overboard. My 2nd dinner is a little subtle, free and easy, none of those frills, but it comes with definitely good food, and warmth of my closest friends...
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