Saturday, July 11, 2009


Here's for Imn.....

My earliest memory of MJ was when I was about 6 i think. Me and imn, bored out of our minds in our place in jln yeoh chai lye, were always watching this videotape ( my sister's compilation) that had a few mtv videos in it. 1st one was Beat It and the 2nd one was Billie Jean. I remember thinking to myself what's with the blinking pathway in Billie Jean. Of course, it never occured to me how amazing his dance moves were until i was much older.

yes, we were duds who probably didnt really appreciate MJ at that time. But MJ never stopped to amaze us. He went on to further amaze us with other great hits.

I once had a part time job at a retail shop in 1 utama...boring shit, and it was a full time job. Days dragged on like it would never end. And then one day, i took my MJ cd and asked my asst manager, hey do you like MJ? Things went crazy after that as we bobbed our heads and snapped our fingers to The Way You Make Me Feel and Dont Stop Till You Get Enough. It was never the same again. Yes...he has that effect on us, in small little ways that no other has.

And now, 'you've got a place to go '. RIP.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Up Where We Belong

Some hang on to usued to be

Live there life looking behind

All we have is here and now

All our lives out there to find

The road is long and there are mountains in my way

But we climb the stairs everyday -Joe Cocker

There's a bunch of us who are based at the client's, and we only go back to the HQ once a month. I dont look forward to the traffic jam (as opposed to my 3-min ride to client's place), but I do look forward to seeing my comrades. Well, I hardly know them, but they're more family than the colleagues I have here. There may not be the people I go to about work, (since no one really knows what i'm doing), but they are the people I go to for some laughs. If not them, who else?
Well, the problem is really staying connected. So we skype, IM and occasionally we have those company outings. It seems simple but it's something that requires effort really.
1. Someone has to start the ball rolling. Someone has to initiate an outing, be it a simple drinking session or makan session.
2. Someone has to put aside his/her fear of not being accepted, and just go for the damn outing.
3. Someone has to make time.
4. Someone has to plan and connect to us, the on-site fellas.

Open your mind and you'll find where you belong.
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