Monday, September 28, 2009

Siapa Jaga?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend, a mother of 3 boys. In her mid 40s already, she was telling me that she'll probably work until she could no longer work anymore. The reason was that she did not want to burden her 3 sons. She said people may think that she should not have to worry about her livelihood because either one of the 3 sons will take care of her. But, to her, it should not be an obligation, and she does not want either of her 3 sons to feel burdened. She'll rather her sons be financially sound and able to build their own families.

Others may feel otherwise. "You are the son and you have to start paying 'maintenance fee' once you start working." "It's my right as the father/mother since I brought you to this world, and fed/bathe you since you were born."

It's quite different when you demand for something, rather than the child give to you without you asking for it.

Yes, as the child, we are all responsible to take care of our parents. But dont see it as a responsibility or an obligation. Dont you want to take care of your parents when they are old? Do you have the heart to shun them? If you see it as an honour, to be able to give back, to provide and to love, it's quite different, eh?

My friend today told me her grandmother has no where to go. Nobody wants to take care of her. 9 sons and 4 daughters. Sad isn't it.

What are We?

Someone said to me " you know, what are We (the Malaysians) if not for the British?" Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong with this statement.
Are we supposed to be appreciative of the British colonization?
What are your thoughts? I want to know.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Simpleton

Everyone claims they are simple (or plain...such a fine line!) people, but what defines being simple. True, not everyone is into the high-life, the constant partying or the drama- bananarama life.

1) Do you lead your life looking for drama? Making something out of nothing at all? Do you find yourself exaggerating every single thing that happens in your life?
2) Do you find a simple quiet day doing nothing unbearable?
3) Do you find yourself getting excited over a new gadget/phone/clothes? A wise man (who is also rich) once reminded us never ever to get attached to any material. Things wither or decay. Memories and love don't.

While some find it hard to be simple, others embrace simplicity. I know of people who find joy in a simple sandwich. A walk in the park. A picnic. Dinner with close friends. A packet of Milo. :)

Contented, not complacent.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Why do people choose to lead a solitary life? Is it because people just give up on trying to make people understand them, or trying to live among those people that do not approve your way of life, or is it because people just tend to be individualistic who'd rather be alone then try to conform.....

I know a couple of people at work...who prefer to eat alone....Even I used to embrace that. Having my lunch alone. Just like them, it's not easy to find a compatible lunch partner, and at the end of it all, you REALLY just wanna get your food, and sometimes eating alone works just better for yourself. Of course, it might seem really odd to be eating alone in the canteen...but do you really mind? If your intention is just to get FOOD, should you even mind at all? Seriously, why do you care that people care?

How about shopping alone? Is it odd that sometimes I tell my bf to NOT to go shopping with me... I think many people shop alone. Trust me it should not be a couple's activity at all! Shopping for the house, yes. Shopping for clothes, NO. Who here has never shopped alone before????

Drinking alone. Ok, now this is kinda sad. hahaha. Drinking in a group is just way way more fun. Yes, once in a while I fix myself a little drink, put a dash of vodka in my orange juice, or sneak a drop of kahlua on my ice-cream, or a glass of wine in a cold night...... (omg, i do drink alone!), but seriously,it's way better to drink in a group. Who would I talkcockbullshit with when I'm high if I was all alone? However, drinking kakis must NOt be unruly.

Going to the public toilet alone...haha. Just thought I'll add this in coz I find it really odd So that women tend to ajak each other go to the public toilet together. But, I guess for safety reason so that we're on the watchout for each other (too much horror stories about girls kena rape in the toilet- fake CLEANING IN PROGRESS signboard!). This one is OK, something I think i'll make it a habit to 'ajak'...... Although when u really got to go, where got the time to think about ajak other people! hehe... So next time if i forget to ajak, pls ikut aje me.....

What do you do on your own???

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gen Y

or the Millenials...generally born in the 80s.. I am part of the Gen X. What I do gives me the opportunity to deal with Gen X and Gen Y people.... and here are my thoughts.

1) Gen Y tends to have higher expectations at work, dont matter that they are not nearly as qualified....they may even be more careful in their choice of career, even though they could not be fully-equipped to make such decision. As compared to Gen X, they are more with the "I'll take whatever I can get" attitude, perhaps because they've had a taste of the Asian crisis in '97, brings them a few levels down to earth!

2) While Gen Y are now smarter in a sense that they do pack up their repertoire with not only a degree, but masters/phds supplemented by professional certificates. Although bear in mind the standard of education has dropped drastically. Observe a bunch of Gen X speaking vivaciously in decent audible English....a bunch of Gen Y may speak with too many abbreviations. or not speak at all. I blame it on dependence to msn, fb, yahoo messenger, etc etc. I actually met someone who is anti-facebook, Gen-X-er, her reasoning being that if a friend is a friend at all, we should only just be a phonecall away.... however, I guess FB is somewhat a cheaper way to stay connected....hehe

3) Types of interest seems to fair differently for Gen X and Gen Y. Not to generalize but while in my generation we did not have the luxury of computers and www.... we indulge on outdoorsy stuff. For e.g, while girl guides/scouts were considered cool in the's not considered lame by some Gen Y-ers! hhahahhaa.

What are your thoughts....

Monday, September 07, 2009


I'm getting tired...from deleting people from my facebook. Why you may's because people can't stop showing off in the facebook. Or announcing their whereabouts and what they are buying. I really care? Second....what's the purpose of telling me anyhoo?

Talk about being self-absorbed. "Exhibit A" makes it a point to upload the facebook mobile and updates where she is, what's she eating, all throughout her europe tour.... So annoying because the news feed keeps 'feeding' me all this useless information!

"Exhibit B" actually makes her status as the countdown to her trip to london. OK, stating 21 days...then 14days, then 10 days, it's just tad tooo annoying.

"Exhibit C" likes to tell us about what her husband is and not doing with her. Like baking her something, or buying her something. Do we really want to know all this?

I think people ABUSE it. Some things are just not meant to be shared. If you can't be adult enough to differentiate what's to be shared and what's not, well, I gotta delete you.

Here's what I appreciate. People who flaunt their blog stuff. People who post their latest blog updates. At least it's INFORMATIVE, and saves me time from going into the url, coz I'm getting updates on the NEWS feed.

And updates when people need help on the MAFIA WARS. hahahahha, because I get points and money!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another Phase...

I just got back from a short trip to Singapore. It was a weekend full of kids and babies! Delightful and annoying at the same time. ahhaha, maybe 70% delight....Attended SY's baby girl's full moon party. SY's my childhood friend. Man time really flies. Still have a vivid mental picture of SY in her blue pinafore and we're like playing tiang-tiang waiting for our ride.

And so, my friends have moved on to another phase. Ming's going to give birth soon in another 2 months. So nice to see her glowing face, even I am excited for her. I guess that's what friends do ya...we feel for them too. I remember when WY delivered and I was waiting anxiously at the maternity ward with her inlaws and parents. She wanted some support but really she was so brave. I seriously cannot imagine myself going through that.
And there are others who are moving on to getting a new place. The thing is, no one ever said that you need to get married or attached before you can buy your own place. I know a friend who thinks otherwise, only because she feels that men may be intimidated, and it might costs her a potential suitor. But, the guy's not worth a pursuit if he's that easily intimidated. But that's just my opinion. As what Tache says, sometimes spending (on essential stuff that is) can motivate the guy to work harder for money. What I mean is that spending can serve as a motivator. A catalyst.

I guess that's moving on to another phase. How people move from walkman to cd to mp3 player to ipod. Saying that it's good be thrifty is another thing, but to deny yourself the comfort of a/c (we so need it here!) is another thing. we should upgrade within our means.

Imn: consumption is the new religion. Are you one of those people who's constantly updating your status on facebook that you're buying this n that, or eating at some fancy restaurant today, or that you're hopping off to some country etc. It's annoying if you're just showing off because people who do appreciate good stuff doesnt need to flaunt it on fb to let others know. They just...appreciate it. People pay way too much emphasis on brands and their image, that they forget the really important friendship and family. I dont think there's anything more important that u? Time to move on from this phase.... it ain't cool, u fools!
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