Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Are You A Bad Gf/Bf?

Another self-reality check. Confess confess... Answer the questions with total honesty.

1) Do you control what your other half wears?
2) Do you make a fuss when your other half goes out partying with his/her friends?
3) Do you control who he/she goes out with? Does he/she needs to get approval from you first?
4) Does your bf/gf pay for everything?
5) Do you make your bf drive you everywhere no matter how inconvenient it is?
6) Do you pay the same amount of courtesy visits to his/her family as he/she does to your family?
7) Do you drag your bf to your shopping sprees even when you know he hates it and is obliging you and then make him pay for your loot at the mall?
8) Did he supplement the phone line to you, and he's paying your phone bills?
9) When was the last time you bought him/her anything?


ARE YOU A BRAT? A spoiled brat doesn't necessarily have to come from a rich family. See if you fit into these category...

1) Are you working and in your 20s and your parents pay your credit card bills?
2) Does your mom and dad does the road tax, car insurance renewal etc for you?
3) Does your mom and dad pay for your car installments?
4) Do you still get pocket money from your parents even though you're already working?
5) How old were you when you stopped taking pocket money from your parents?
6) Do you do any housework at home? (unless you have a maid)
7) Do you do the dishes after meals? (unless you have some allergy to washing liquid)
8) When you were in your teens, you've never worked before ??? (one-day-stints do not count)

Let's all do a self reality check. Tell me if you're a brat.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I was talking about a friend of mine from high school, just something general, single, almost 30, bit cranky and clingy to friends, cannot talk hamsap stuff in public etc etc. And this other friend asked "is she from an all-girls school?". I said yeah..coz i'm from a convent school. she said " wonder. That explains it."

Alamak. I exclaimed. "What's wrong with us?". So she went on to explain that girls from all-girls school are just bit uptight and berjaga-jaga. Then i went on and asked "what about me and A?". And she said " guys probably are just mutants from the whole process."
First it was chinese-ed vs english ed, and now co-ed vs all-girls school. Next time really have to think properly before sending my kids to school! CHoose the right school. People have the impression that girls from all-girls schools (especially convent schools) are weird, uptight, boring, conservative. Cis. How insulting. But maybe there's some truth la. I dunno. But i do know girls from co-ed schools who fit into those categories as well.

If like that means ahlians only come from chinese-ed, but i know of some ahlians who came from english-ed schools wor.

So, does it really matter where we schooled? To some degree ..yes. But i dont think we can generalize or pinpoint any trait to the type of school he/she's been to. I dunno. What say u.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter Pan Syndrome

Was watching this movie called A Perfect Catch, and Jimmy Fallon talked about how we all wanna be kids sometimes, just indulge on something that we really like. Like how he was with the Red Sox.

Well, minus the kawaii shit, i think it's OK for us to want to be a child again, and just indulge indulge and indulge. How many of you guys have actually sat down and messed with your toys again? Or quietly played with the toys that belong to your niece/nephew?
I truly enjoyed Shrek 3. But one of my favourite recent cartoon was The Polar Express. Just the christmasy feel and the elves just reminds me of the days when i was in ipoh reading those fairytales etc.

I even found myself thoroughly amused by the fairytale book my sis bought for my niece. Of rumpelstiltskin, rapunzels, and goblins, and gnomes. Scoots you off to temporary lala-land.

There's a peter pan in all of us, we just need to revive it every now and then. just to get out of the mundane adulthood :)


Has it ever been a question for you ? Or are you always the one paying the bills in the relationship?

I can't help but notice through many outings that I've been to that whenever there's a couple, the 'guy' always pays. Automatically, when the bill comes, the guys automatically grabs the bill and pays for it. The girls usually continue chatting away or fix their clothing and makeup.

Once i saw a guy pays for the bill and the girl keeps the change.

Another guy signs the credit card and the girl collects the shared payment by the others. She collects and she KEEPS.

Perhaps in the kuno years, men being the SOLE Breadwinner, had to pay for everything. There was no question of who was gonna pay because the guy is the only one bringing in the dough.

But these days, well, the woman and the man in a relationship are both wage-earners. it doesnt really matter if the man earns more than the woman, the fact is, the woman still earns!

I know a friend of mine who takes turn to pay for meals with the girlfriend. They eat out everyday. If the guy had to pay every meal, he probably would need a second job.

Just once, i would like to see the woman pick up the tab. And not make a fuss.
And guys, it's ok to let the woman pay once in a while. It's not a question of ego. And i know some guys who would rather borrow money from friends than to admit to their other halfs that they can't afford paying every time. What's the meaning of a relationship if you can't share just this bit of ur problem?


Went to Deutsches Haus for lunch last weekend and had Warsteiner. My first Warsteiner experience was at El Cerdo couple of years back.... 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO DRINK CHEAP BEER.'

Friday, June 15, 2007



My boyfriend is 3 years younger than me. My 2nd sister's husband is 2 years younger than her and my twin sister's bf is a year younger than her. (family of cradle snatchers..."horrors!")

And we get along just fine. my bf and me. me and his friends. and he with my friends. etc etc etc. Everyone asks me how it's like to be with a younger guy but i really think he's no different from any guy who's at my age. There are guys at my age who doesn't have his priorities straight yet and while away his life. And then really now, kids younger than us are getting smarter, i mean they didn't have to waste time groping trying to figure out what to do with our life. most of them are also double triple degree holders with a masters degree lagi! i think maturity comes with how the mind is nurtured. not how old the brain is.haha.

as my dad says, boys will be boys, whether they're 8 or 80, they are ALL THE SAME. cmon, my bro-in-law's into Playstation. so are my cousins. it doesnt really matter how old we are, don't we all seek for fun anyways whenever we can?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My B Melayu sucks

Is it Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia now? Well let the very-free-ministers dingdong over that, coz it's a never ending issue since independence. I was reading the May 13 book and it's fascinating to actually read our history in English. I remember the Sejarah Dunia and Sejarah Malaysia days when everything's in Malay, history didn't seem that interesting then.

Then i got my hands on the CHIN PENG book few years back and now MAY 13 book, and made me more interested in Malaysia's history.

The fact is that my Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia) is really bad. Yes, i got a credit for my BM for SPM but irregardless....i can't really speak Malay very well. Half the time, i'm struggling to understand what my staff is trying to convey to me. Let's not even start with the sms-es i get from them.

And then today, for the training was attending, the consultant thought he'll spice up the training with a video on Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu. I could only vaguely catch the jokes.

But it does make me wonder why even though our organization and the rest of the world speaks in English, i still have to adapt and learn Malay? I'm just wondering why the other party is not adapting to speak in English like the rest of the whole wide world. Even Mandarin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My ex-boss in York once sounded me nicely for always leaving the office sharp at 5.30pm. I responded nicely that indeed I am paid to work up to only 5.30pm and on top of that, I do not get OT and really, I didn't have anything to do. I asked him what he suggest that i do? Pretend to work like everyone else? fiddle on my paper and computer until the clock strikes 6pm?

And that's how some of us Malaysians deal with OVERTIME. People who work late are not necessarily hardworking. People who work late also do not necessarily have A LOT OF THINGS to do. People who work late in my opinion just have bad time management.

And some just work late because everyone else is. Because they wanna conform. Well, i defied that and i kena from my ex-boss. But i stood to what i believe. Why the heck work late for nothing. Right?

And if you some people take your work as a refuge from your otherwise unmeaningful and boring life after work. it's time to rethink your priorities.
Work smart.

Monday, June 11, 2007

"You Are Who You Eat"- RAVENOUS

My recent 'reunion' with Robert Carlyle in 28 WEEKS LATER made me wanna introduce this movie i caught a long time ago on HBO. No spoilers. Watch RAVENOUS. Something quite different. If there's a movie that I can't seem to shake it off my mind, it's this movie. Brilliant acting. Story of survival at its best.

Just How Far You'd Go

Just how far would you go to be pretty? And how pretty is pretty? Some people say God made us what we are and we must accept ourselves as God's beautiful creation. But if a slight modification COULD be done with little pain and no significant spending, well THEN WHY NOT?

Like plucking your eyebrow. It does make a difference. For one thing it makes the person looks brighter and more alive. And less sleepy. For me at least.

Makeup- does make a lot of difference. Although minimal is good. Especially the pale looking ones and those (chinese) people with little or no good features at all. Sometimes a bit of makeup does do the trick.

ANd all those are cheap remedies. Then they are those with VERY SIGNIFICANT SPENDING required..... Now these just show how far people would go for beauty sake.

Body Slimming- This is most popular nowadays. NO EXERCISE required. Just pay the money and let the center do the worrying for you. That is if you're willing to pay at least RM10K. WHatever the initial payup they request well, eventually you'd end up paying more. They even have specific payment for TARGET AREAS (butt, hands, thighs, tummy).
Plastic Surgery- This is not so common yet here in Malaysia, but there are some who have resorted to plastic surgery maybe to correct the slight defect at the nose, eyes, lips, neck (saggy skin), breast (you guys read the papers about the woman who kena breast cancer because of plastic surgery). I think if women are gonna resort to that, well, at least some awareness ought to be instilled. Like most jump at the chance when they see CHEAP PLASTIC SURGERY. What are the risks and the reliability of that surgeon? is he/she even a real surgeon? what are the things to look out for to check the centre's credibility?

THe thing is that we all wanna look good and feel good. But in doing so, let's just make sure we are doing it for the RIGHT REASON (for yourself) and GET SMART to get value for your money.(if you're willing to spend, that is).

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mika Fad

The guy sounds like a bad case of BeeGees + Scissors Sister only it is a bad combo! And he reminds me of Borat + Sanjaya. Mika is a sensation especially in the UK, but i wonder why. He doesn't even dress properly (red pants!). I've heard of his Relax, Take It Easy (annoying song really) and Love Today- i think the songs would have been better if Scissors Sister sang 'em. LOL.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


How many of you have nicknames, and how many nicknames have you had in a lifetime? I've had PLENTY. So many that sometimes even I lose track of it.

My nicknames are either related to my appearance (short and tubby) or the fact that i'm half of a pair of twins. Once a friend called my sis NIP and me PLE. hah....very clever.

The fact is that sometimes nicknames are meant to be somehows brings someone closer to you. But sometimes nicknames can be very devastating to a weak person's state of mind.

The rule of nicknaming someone is that 1) it should not be overly cruel- nickname with a twist of wit and tactful at the same time. 2) if you're being nicknamed and it is indeed funny(without being cruel, just laugh :) be merry.

Signing off, SZER the PURR (courtesy of AYWY)


Had me laughing duddily throughout the whole movie. Pinocchio was probably my favourite. I seriously can't remember Shrek 1 and 2, but i thought Shrek 3 was great. Did anyone notice Snow White's Dopey Tattoo??? horrors...hahaha

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Coldplay Convert

I was never a fan of Coldplay. in fact i keep saying that i hate the vocals etc. But then one day, while waiting in the car for endroog, i decided what the heck, let's sample some coldplay shit.

First song was Don't Panic, and it immediately caught me mesmerized. dunno why. i just love that song. and so i got hooked, then it was SHIVER, TROUBLE, and the rest is history. i haven't stopped listening to Parachute album for nearly 2 weeks now.

Strange as it may seem, i still hate YELLOW. and the subsequent 2 albums, X&Y and 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head'. Maybe only 'A Message' and 'Hardest Part' from the X&Y album.


Monday, June 04, 2007



This movie was a nice surprise. The beginning was scary enough to keep me interested and intrigued. I thought it was another Shaun of The Dead movie, but this was a serious movie. Gory and felt 'seram' throughout the whole movie.

As soon as I saw Robert Carlyle was in it, i knew this was gonna be a good watch. If you remember him, he was in The Full Monty and played Hitler in one of those series. In this movie he plays the zombie dad and it kinda reminded me of this movie he was in called RAVENOUS. I quite like RAVENOUS - about cannibalism and men.

The movie has some many distinctive moments but i'm not gonna screw it up here. Go See it....

MSN Logic

Why bother logging onto MSN, and setting your online mode as *BUSY*, with the NO-entry sign, if you don't have the time to chat? Might as well sign out if you really don't want other people to bother you, rite? Tell me, what is the logic?
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