Monday, March 31, 2008

The Greed of Me

I think I've turned greedy. There's so many things that I want in life, whether material or emotional or monetary.. Is it wrong to feel like you constantly want MORE? It's rather motivating, I feel. I could always switch to zen-like mode and just stop wanting anything but then where's the spark in your life if you don't have any wants and cravings?

Love and happiness some might say - but don't you ever wanna be MORE HAPPY? or don't u wan't more LOVE? To be contented is such a large commitment really, to say you are contented means you are comfortable with NOW and u don't want more. How many can say that? If your boss gives you less increment than others while you've worked the hardest this year, would you be contented and just say NEVER MIND?

Greed. We all need that sometimes. :)

Friday, March 28, 2008


I can't stand...
1) people who act cutesy- guys or girls, i think those kinda antics should be left inside your own rooms n for your bf's/gf's eyes only. especially girls who call themselves baby, or bao bei. cmon, it's cool if it's just between u and ur other half, but it may appear somewhat gross for bywatchers. my niece is cute, you're not.

2) uptight lady bosses. something's seriously wrong with these women. lighten up please. they are some who are great, but some are just whackjobs. we are all just makan gaji only, life's not all about work. You wanna be able to get off work and still have fun and have a life out there besides your little life confined to that big cubicle. a cubicle is a cubicle.

3) self centered people. Yar those of you who wants the world to stop turning for you just because you dont like that restaurant your friends chose. Or just because you don't think it's hip to be seen in that kinda place. If you're looking to be in the 'just-want-to-be-seen-everywhere' scene, you can be a social butterfly all you want, but you're gonna have to respect others if you wanna be included in gatherings.

4) spoiled brats. u know, it's ok if you dont really know the value of money, or you get to spend all you want, but it's not cool if you criticize or discriminate someone because he/she is poor, that they dress poorly for dinners, that they have to scrimp and save for a little apartment, that they don't eat in fancy restaurants all the time, that they dont travel anywhere. Those who are fortunate should be grateful and humble towards those who have less than you. Why can't people just be more humble? Or is it just because you don't have anything interesting to say besides money-flaunting topics?

tell me, are u pissed off about anything right now?

Snow Come Down

Am a huge huge fan of Billy Crudup. You may have seen him in a few movies, like The Good Sheperd, Almost Famous,Sleepers and i think his best acting in Stage Beauty. Recently I caught a movie starring himself and Jennifer Connelly..they looked so young, it was a 2000 movie called Waking The Dead. The movie plot was so-so, but there's a particular song that caught my ears. Snow Come Down, by Lori Carson....

I think you feel, the way I feel
Though you don't want to say
I think you feel, the way I feel
Though it's not the easy way

Wouldn't you like to be with me
Watching the snow come down
Watching the snow come down
Watching the snow....

I don't want to cause you any pain
I just want to love you
I don't want to fuck up anything
I just want to love you
And, I know you think I'm kinda strange
I just want to love you
I just want to love you
I just want to love you
I just want to love you

Everytime I see your face
I can hardly breathe
Everytime I see your face
I feel stupid and happy

Wouldn't you like to be with me
Watching the snow come down
Watching the snow come down
Watching the snow....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Craving for Bak Kut Teh

And it's not just any bak kut teh. Dying for the one near Kampung Subang.... also has the claypot assam stingray..!


I'm back from Jakarta. It was great there honestly. I made some wonderful friends that I intend to keep in touch with, who knows for a round of partying in Jakarta. Life was great because of them. Coming back here was another story though. Even though, i'm really back to comfort, but i have to do housework and chores etc that I didn't really had to bother with in Indonesia. Think i was spoiled shit there and bringing me back here is just god's way of knocking some sense back into me.

I also came back and had a terrible viral food poisoning. The irony. Everyone keep saying how dirty Jakarta is but i only got the viral poisoning on the 2nd day i was back from Jakarta.................

And income tax...*groan*....double EA form since i left my company last oct ...* double groan*..anyone else is procrastinating it just like me?

But a day at the Cityspa with Endroo was great. It was a Valentine's gift that we have yet to use until last Thursday....

And a gathering in Singapore with family except for my 2nd sis who had prior engagements....and of course my little niece, kyra....

And yet a uni gathering last nite in a mamak somewhere in Taipan...

Yeah....being back here is not that great, but it ain't too bad. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get Smorty!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


I Signed Up for PPP!

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My Thoughts on Malaysia Decides...

The elections came and went. And now we are facing a new wave of change. A change that has been much awaited. And yet, there is an unsettled feeling in me that this political tsunami is not over yet. There is a great battle ahead. For our Mr. Lim Guan Eng, I salute him for his bravery and for his fight for us, how he has undertaken a task that perhaps no other would. Some could but everyone chose to take a step back. There is no right or wrong. Some of us take a step back out of fear. Everyone fears the unknown. What lies ahead, my friends is the unknown. And it grips me with fear thinking when we shall reach a stability…are we going to end up like Indonesia…are we going to be like the US with the Democrats and Republicans, are we going to have a better life under Anwar’s leadership…is the coalition opposition govt reliable, is anyone going to defect. We may all have left the country, but the heart has never left. I’m overwhelmed that most of the Malaysians in my company supporting in various countries have gone back to vote. One indeed could make a difference. This election is an inspiration and would continue to do so for our young Malaysians.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Safari pics!

Rare sight...and too near for comfort!
The animals trying to get shelter from the rain!

nearly got attacked!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cafe Batavia

Found this interesting Cafe the last time Andrew was here, called Cafe Batavia - near the National Museum in Jakarta.......

Double Rompak!

I can't believe it, just last week the Taman Desa apartment and my sis' place in Ara Damansara were both kena rompak! And both places with guards. The guard hut is just next to the Ara Damansara house!

Since I'm over here, nothing i could really do. I just found out my dad, Andrew and my cousin is at the police station right now in Taman Desa to lodge a report. My sis is suing the Taman Desa management. It's just probably the 3rd time we've been robbed! My sis' car was stolen years ago right under the guard's nose who just opened the security bar and made wayfor the thieves!

Well, nothing of mine's been stolen but then just feel like it's such a violation, and despite security (that doesnt come free anyways!) and in such a congested vicinity, this can still happen.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Last Friday was a holiday...called Hindu Saka day or Nyepi...the whole of Bali would off the electricity to make as if there is no one in the island to ward off evil spirits.

So that day me and some friends head off to Bogor to Puncak to see the tree plantations and the Safari Wildlife Recreational Park. You can just drive your car in directly inside the Safari. THe animals walked right up to u and you can feed them carrots etc. Most amazing for me was seeing the lions- all aligned together trying to get shelter from the rain.

Puncak was a beautiful sight, but Cameron Highlands is just as good. Probably won't recommend it but since you are at the Safari might as well make a trip up to see the tea plantations.
Will post the pics real soon.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Get The Right Training

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Next Stop- Bangladesh

I just got news today that I'll be posted to Bangladesh end of this month. Will be at Dhaka for 1 month. Which is really great as opposed to what people might think, I really don't mind going because company's paying for places that i probably won't pay on my own to go. Besides, there might be new things to discover there. Indonesia was getting too comfy anyways. Time for a change. It'll be great to see more of their culture and I heard there are some pretty amzaing sights there. I guess the point is that we can't always be so negavtive about things that we ourselves have not experienced or seen. I'll be the judge on that. I won't believe it until I've seen it.

Anyway, here's looking forward to a new experience in Bangladesh...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pay Per Post: Free Insurance Quotes PR2+

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UNB Reunion

The old ones....One thing great about reunions is that we practically see each other age year by year. Can be hilarious sometimes. Some are balding year by year, or getting rounder year by year, some men get younger-looking too.... We had our annual uni gathering just at The Curve. I was the only one in the CNY mood as u can see (hence the red garb). All of us are mostly not in KL anymore. Wonderful to just see a handful sometimes. Hope the UNB Smurfs would be reunited again next year. ciao

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Mortgage lending has been a common practise by most people, people investing on properties whether for self-occupying purposes or for investment purpose. This is a norm and often people are not aware of the dos and donts and what to look out for.

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In my opinion,this is because most of the time, first timers are aiming at finding a place to live in, a shelter for themselves. People in positions of power recognize this. When market is down, or when properties prices are low, first timers would want to buy because they are looking for a place to stay and not for investments. Usually investments would be 2nd priority at that moment. First time buyers are more likely to buy properties and take up Mortgages during market fall, trying to grab every opportunity to save money.

In my opinion,with very little capital and savings, first time buyers who may likely be newly married couples or working adults in their 20s, they may find it difficult to find the right property at a suitable price according to their financial capability. First timers may be more wary when market is good but tend to let their guards down quickly when property prices go down.

This article is good and gives us an insight of first time buyers and Mortgages.


I'm glad i came here. It was on the way to Ipoh and i dragged Andrew to stop by here i thought just for the hot spring. But then, i found out that this place also hides the most hideous but hilariously funny and without a doubt the biggest man-made octopus in Malaysia. And it has water oozing out of it- we think that the people working there switched on the water works to impress us. Haha. Worth going for a laugh. Be amused.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Different Strokes

Life here is a lot different from the comfort i had in KL. In Jakarta, this time round I have housemates, one from Msia and another from China. On top of that, I even had some friends (with some misfortune with their keys) staying overnight here at the modest little apartment. Now I really have to learn how to live with strangers and reacquainted myself again with the facts of living on my own. I think Imn is going through the same thing as well. Gone were the comforts of living in the hotel previously.

My housemates are great though. We chat a great deal. As opposed to the silent 4 walls of a hotel room, now i get to chitter-chatter with my equally chatty housemate. I do believe sometimes that i chat my life away...haha
Meals have been interesting and so have night activities. I get to eat whatever I want, and if i dont feel like eating well i dont. It's hard to explain what this feels like but people who are constantly forced to have dinner whatnots which are somewhat compulsory sometimes or obligatory because of some relationships or friendships.........

As opposed to what people might think, the Indonesian culture is not very different from ours. Work or play. We are all the same.Having the same insecurities, wants and needs. THe same TAICHI culture and Char Kuay Teow culture also exist here!

Hope i'll be here a little longer though.

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