Sunday, April 25, 2010


My mom was just telling me how I've known Eva for donkey years...since I was a 5-year-tot. You cannot imagine how much we've shared and been through together despite parting our ways after Form 5. I have to tell you that despite the years, she's still the same! Domineering and our Miss Datin still.

It's always amazing to be reunited with old friends and we really do connect in different levels and ways that no other can understand. And we dont have to explain in great lengths to one another (which saves a lot of time!!). Our dinner and coffee-of-the-day was just like good old times. Except that this time round, Tzewei was back and it was double the fun. oh, and also Ming's little addition in our group of ladies!

so since I'll be reading this, Eva, get home safe and be a great Witness to Imn getting HITCHED and make sure you get your ass back for my BIG Day in DEC!

love from all of us here :)
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