Monday, July 26, 2010

What Your Teacher Didnt' Tell You

redefining and clarifying the Malaysian's history ........

I'm gonna be missing Breakfast time

there won't ever be another pest who would always pester me for breakfast..
one who made me addicted to pakcik's nescafe c ice...
i'll miss the endless chatter,
the monday catchup time....
as we while away an hour or so, before work hits us at 8.30am.
sigh. my timeout sessions shall be missed.

Monday, July 19, 2010


The more I work and the more I see, I can't help but feel exploited at times. You know, I'm the type who doesnt say NO, same as few friends of mine, O and Jo. We both got this problem and tend to be the natural fall guys whenever there's 'extra' work to be done. I dont mind the work really. But it becomes a problem when people take advantage of your weakness and pile you up with work.

The solution is easy. Either you suck it in and do the work, then plan to leave. Or just say NO and risk being labelled as 'NOT A TEAM PLAYER'. I always opt for the first solution, and always tell myself, I'll do it and embrace the work and learn, but I'll have the last laugh when I leave.

Sadly, this may form a pattern in my next few years of employment. I really need to do something about this, else I'll risk leaving every employment just because I can't say NO. OR.....I could just be self-employed!
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