Saturday, April 29, 2017


A colleague pengsan this month - possibly burned out from all the bustle towards the biggest campaign this year. Sigh. Been telling people around me to take it easy. I gotta remind myself too. When I miss a deadline , when I miss the first 5 mins of a meeting, when I juggle 2-3 meetings st the same time...... the company does not collapse because of one person! I find myself pfffting over the really what to me is not the end of the world shit. I often sit through some conversations at work and think to myself why do people react the way they do. Like overreact. Overdoing. Over engineering. My good friend at work, he said something that he often says but only this week I truly get it. He said that we all should just sometimes take a chill pill, take a step back and evaluate if any of the things that we want to do is even in our control? Are we fighting a lost battle? At the end of the day- we are just in it for a ride so just enjoy it la. I spend less time fretting over the whys and hows. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Channel

i sat through a discussion yesterday trying to grasp what a digital marketing person want my vendor to produce. Digital marketing guy is asking me to channel it to my vendor because he thinks that I get it and the vendor doesn't. Of course, I think my vendor does get it- but choose to pretend he doesn't, hoping that he will get away without doing it. 

Repeat this 3 times a day for different scenarios, it could be engineering works, marketing, partnership- everyone seems to play this game and I am the moderator/ counselor/instigator/culprit most of the time. 

I wonder if people understand that we sweat the small stuff- what's important in their lives?  I met someone who made a remark to me " you are just like me- we just wanna get the job done". End of rant

Saturday, April 08, 2017


People always complicate things - work, holiday, travel, logistics. It could also be I am getting old I guess. Things are simple to me - I know what I want and I just do it if I have the means and time. I declutter every weekend if I could- throwing out things that has no value to me ( people
Who know me would say that I hardly own anything). I donate what I can- Lucas is very privileged ; he had enough toys to last an orphanage, great boh bohs and grandparents that buy him lots of clothes and toys. But truly he has too many he tends to forget he has such and such toys. It may come as a shock to some people but I only have less than 10 pairs of shoes - work/sports/leisure. I don't even carry a handbag to work, everything in the mandatory laptop bag, for security reason and I really don't fancy carrying a handbag. Something most women would not understand hahah. My boss who is the complete opposite of me says I am a plain Jane. To be honest I am not at all offended - it is what makes me who I am. Owning something does not make me happy- maybe just slightly hehehe. What makes me happy well that's another post all together. 
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