Thursday, November 30, 2006

Of Sex and Fetish

Hey, how many of you guys actually watched The Jerry Springer Show and enjoyed it? Admit love those scandals and somewhat crazy sexual stories you watch there. And well, really although most Malaysians won't admit it, they do love talking about sex, sex fetish, have some sort of sexual fantasy at all stages of their lives. And there's really nothing wrong about it. It's NORMAL. Most people just don't wanna admit and be perceived as perverted. Well, a friend of mine told me he wanna go on a FUCKFEST in Jakarta this month...and has revealed that his personal sexual fantasy is one guy with 2 women. I told him that's almost every guy's fantasy! But what is really wrong with that? I think we need to be more open.


The fever virus is spreading everywhere....TV Series Fever that is. I think for me it started with the older ones: Dynasty, The Colbys, Knots Landing, etc....but right now, there is really and insurgence of new, better, with better plot and cast tv series to entice us. Tell me if not even one tv series has got you into some sort of a fever chasing episods after episods..what with series like 24, Grey's Anatomy, Sex and The City, Prison Break, Desperate Housewives. I really think the optimum fever was during the Sex and The City days....that's when every woman at least were glued to the tv trying to catch an episod or two. Well, we dont even chase episods anymore, where you wait patiently for the series to be aired...we've got dvd now...plenty of it!(and with a reasonable price too). I think I had my fever bad when a friend of mine first got me hooked with 24. Serious fever. And...he's gonna get me to watch Prison Break pulak....Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tears for Fears

I was reminiscing on the fact that when I was younger, I feared nothing. I think most kids fear nothing. Do you feel that you fear more things as you grow older? Were you one of those monkeys who used to go crazy playing in the 'sungai' and playing in the dirt/mud, but is too afraid to go out now because you're afraid of the sun-wrinkles and all....? When we were younger, we didn't really care when we first meet someone, if that someone is gonna accept you, those days, it was simple, if the person was fun to play with, you're friends with him/her immediately. Now however, some people are even scared to go out of their houses let alone venture out and meet new friends- because of fear of psychopaths, serial killers, boredom..etc. As we get older, we let fear interfere in our judgement, life choices, life partners, career choices... So here's a little reminder, don't let fear control you.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Awkward Moments?

1. When you attend a wedding dinner and you’re seated with strangers because you are only acquainted with the groom or bride. Do you make small talk or just hope people will leave you alone with the wedding feast?

2. When you’ve been asked to guide a colleague about work but you know damn well you’ve been goofing off or you only know so little. What do you do? Do you tell her what you know and pray she gets the job done rite.. or do you just tell her the truth that you’re really not competent.

3. When you’re in a meeting and you have a sudden urge.. ahem.. to fart or you just need to go to the toilet, just at that moment when the boss asks you “ok, what do you think?”. What do you do?

4. When people comment that ohhh you look a certain way, and you’re not sure of what to react coz it could be a compliment or a very well phrased insult. If you say thank you anyways.. people will think that you’re perasan, rite?

5. When people tell you that the person close to him/her passed away. We hear in the movies or those TOEFL/IELTS classes, people should say “I’m sorry to hear that”. But how’s that gonna work in Malaysia? You say that, people think you’re CRAZY or that you’re a good-for-nothing banana.

6. When people ask you when you’re gonna get married. Ok, first off, it’s not really a question to pose to a girl. What.., do couples actually plan with each other when the guy should propose? Really odd.

7. When you meet a long lost classmate.. Make it a classmate whom you were never close to back in school. Exchange numbers, and it’d seem so fake coz we know we’re not gonna call each other for drinks. Don’t exchange numbers and it’d seem like you’re so mean.. bugger..

Friday, November 24, 2006

wOrld of infOrmatiOn ...

In the age of information, is it fair to expect people to know what's happening in the world? or at least what's happening in their country or around them? Or at least just to not be ignorant? People say that the rich should not look down on the poor, is it the same as the knowledgable should not look down on the ignorant? And I don't mean the smart looking down on the dumb - Well, if you think you're smart, that's not smart at all. All I'm talking about is people not spending enough time to read the news or to find out how things work around them or how your own government runs or heck, just to READ !! I mean, with google, wiki, blogs, podcasts ... how can you still not know anything?? BUT the question is ... is it unreasonable to look down on people who doesn't know anything? I'm not targeting just any lay person, but someone who's got a friggin degree - Hey, if you're educated up to that level, I'm gonna have expectations on ya. Is this fair?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trainspotting (1996)

I must be one of those few who has not seen this movie.... Ranks #175 in IMDB Top 250 films.'s all about heroin addiction... Despite what some critics have said about the influence of drug abuse this movie may have, it has made me all the more not want to try heroin. Not that I can easily get it here anyways... But this movie is well narrated and woven.. See it. At least watch Ewan McGregor. My question is why was it called Trainspotting?


Shushlik is what Shuddup is to you. I probably think of saying this to someone almost every other day! Shushlik this person and that person..! Have you ever encounter someone who
1) says the same thing over and over to you even when you keep telling that person you've heard it many many when are you getting married? when are you gonna settle down?
2) giggles for no apparent reason. Wtf? How can anyone be constantly giggling or laughing?
3) brags about themselves....or talks about themselves all the's like moments like this that I think why I even bother being there talking to that someone...
4) complains about how fucked up their job/life is.....look, no one's perfect...can't stand it when people who are earning more are complaining about how pathetic their salary is..
5) you ever had that time when you're with a bunch of friends who speaks Hukkien/Mandarin when they jolly well know you don't understand? so they just intentionally leave u out of the conversation? and even if it wasn't intentional, they must have been really inconsiderate enough to do that...I know I've experienced that umpteenth time and just couldn't be bothered to be involved in that conversation anymore and would just walk off....
So..the next time you have to deal with these kinda situations...just say SHUSHLIK!

The Swan Pageant

I caught this on TV...taking the whole beauty pageant thing to a whole new level. The Swan pageant is actually a competition for women who undergone major make-overs for 4 months following the you see extreme changes in them! Basically the program turns ugly ducklings to swans...hence the name. Most of these women, who used to be shy, depressed, unconfident and lost have transformed to confident women because of their new physique and new found beauty. Although most of the contestants would say that inner beauty is the most important thing one cannot help but think that the extreme makeover that gave them that overwhelming external beauty is a great boost. I guess this pageant, aside from its money-making purposes, it does, like most contestants say, give the other women in the world hope, that anyone can be beautiful. The show also shows these women parading in lingerie-but its not really vulgar actually, the point is that these women who use to hide their body are now brave enough to wear's actually a real boost to a woman's self worth. People can always say that inner beauty is the most important thing but one cannot deny, external beauty does play a factor. Who doesn't want to be beautiful? Why else would women take pains to go for facials, plucking eyebrows, and shaving their legs and god knows what else?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Char Kuay Teow

No, I'm not talking about the Malaysia's local delight. It's a common term used at (at least in mine) work. Definition: When you have to come up with or 'goreng' something for some responsibilities or jobs you overlooked in a limited deadline. So when someone ask you to do the impossible, you probably have to forge something up with what you've got. Or you do not want to disclose certain information to customer so you 'goreng' the info to ensure the information doesn't leak out. That's CHAR KUAY TEOW! Makes you wonder the quality of Malaysian's work. But sometimes, it is necessary to 'goreng'.....just to save your ass and your job!

The Rude Malaysian Women

We've always ranted about the rude Malaysian men but we've never do really say anything about the rude Malaysian's a list so see if you agree with me...
1) Women who take it for granted that men will pay for everything....even if certain situations call for the men to pay, women should always offer or say their thankyous at least. I've seen some who wouldn't even say thank you while they busily powder their nose...
2) Women who cut queues because they have kids! It's quite a different thing if the person in front of you lets you cut it from you butting yourself into the line.
3) Women who talk too loudly in public....especially when these women are shouting "Ah Boy", "Ah Girl", 'Boyboy'....etc...gosh, can be so embarrassing sometimes..
4) Women who wait for others to greet them first- kinda stuckup I think...they always seem to think that men should make the first move..for god's sake, it's just a handshake and a mutter of introduction!
WEll, waddaya think?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Ice Breaker

I can't remember the last time I had an outing with really total complete strangers. But there is no doubt, the anticipation makes me wanna go all the more. I went to a bloggers' meet that Gallivanter invited me to. Finally got to pin the face to the blogs that I frequent to-notably Gallivanter's and Vicky's. I joined in late so I think I missed the intial awkwardness..... Everything soon changed as the night progressed...after a few drinks (excuse my poor drinking ability), "tokkok a bit", bit of ejek-ing was a fun night. There's never guidelines for these kinda things and certainly no sure-win icebreakers. Ultimately if you let your guards down, be open and remember that we're all the same, out there to have fun and get to know each other, you're almost halfway there to perhaps making some great friendships. Or maybe just a few pints of Kilkenny's all you need!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Complain and Complain ...

It's human nature to complain. We complain about the government, society, culture, management, facilities, traffic, complain & complain. Hmmm, will it ever stop? No. Why? Because we'll never be satisfied and there's no such thing as a perfect place. No matter where we are, we will complain. M'sians complain about their corrupted government & politicians, racial discrimination, lack of ethics, etc, etc. Even in almighty USA, the Americans complain about their horny politicians in sex scandals & kids carrying guns to school ... And the list goes on and on. BUT should we stop complaining? Don't think that's a good idea either. So what should we do? We complain once in a while & then get on with out lives? I suppose. Some choose to bitch about everything EVERYDAY, some choose to vent once in a while & move on, and some choose to completely ignore whatever that's happening and just stick to their small circle of affairs, which is what matters most anyway. So the point is, we as humans will never be contented. Which one are you?

Let me share a story with you. Heard this one from a monk in some Dhamma talk in some Temple on some Island. Anyway, this story just kinda stuck to me since. It's one of those if-you-have-3-wishes kind of story. Here goes:

One day this genie asked a group of kids to each make a wish. The wish will be granted to the kid who can come up with the best wish. Kid 1 said, "I wanna have a BIG TUB of my favourite ice cream!" That's a great wish. Kid 2 had to top that, so he said, "I wanna have an ice cream factory! Then I can produce all kinds of ice cream in the world!" An even better wish. Kid 3 ponders for a while and to top that he said, "I wanna have lots & lots of money so I can build lots & lots of ice cream factories" ... and of course the next kid were able to come up with a better one and it went on & on ... and soon came to this one kid and he says, "I wanna be so CONTENTED that I don't need anything else in the world!" ... Guess what, the wish went to this kid ... because at the end of the day, happiness is really what we're all searching for right? Since we can't wish for happiness, I guess sometimes we just have to stop complaining and BE HAPPY.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lucas Black

Anyone remember this kid? Deja vu? Well, you're looking at the star of American Gothic- American TV series about 10 years ago but it closed after 1 season. Well, this same kid is now the fella in Too Fast Too Furious!


Is it just me or are you also annoyed with people who don't speak properly. When I say properly, the person must be audible using easy vocabulary and speaking in full sentences! You know girls who act demure and speak softly just annoys the hell out of me. Speak loudly for fark's sake, who's gonna hear your demure shit if you're speaking like there's diamonds in your mouth. And there's there's always a bozo who uses weird big vocab to impress people but all he's doing is just making the conversation dull. The key is to get the message across for fark's sake. What about people who never finishes their sentences? " Get the.......ok??Now! Coz you know la, tomorrow we have know what I mean. " Sometimes I go, "Sorry, I really don't know what you mean." That's gonna be my mantra from now on...For all you know we're gonna be saying "Wtf, lol, xde time" and then that will be the end of it.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I caught something really interesting on Oprah last night. About women and young ladies today who takes personalities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, SHE, Jolin as their role models- self pimping themselves to look like them. I've always been against superficiality. It's worse when they think there's nothing wrong to it. There was a guest star in Oprah who used to be a MTV video dancer for some big rap artists...and who can say they've watched at least one rap video where there are sleazy dancers strutting their stuff. It's one thing for guys to look down on women but it's another thing if the women are doing it to themselves..thinking that it's alright coz everyone's doing it. The person coaxing girls to take off their clothes in Girls Gone Wild is a female! Some might say, dirty dancing and getting drunk, or flashing, mooning are for fun...but you know there are other ways to have fun, or there must be some degree of discretion how far you'd go. It's all about self respect, girls, and you know, you'd want a guy who appreciates you for what you are and not what you flaunt. Guys dig confident girls. True?

Hot Baldies

Caught this on some tv show and yar, it's proven, bald guys can be hot...
1) Bruce Willis (looks good in any hairstyle actually, hehe)
2) Vin Diesel
3) Billy Zane
4) Sean Connery
5) Samuel L Jackson
6) Jake Gyllenhaal (in Jarhead)

Let This Be A "Pengajaran"

Felt harrassed for the whole of 2 consecutive weeks. By my customer. The final straw was last Saturday. The 'customer' complaint of yet another downtime-and downtime cost is nothing to laugh about, Rm2000 per minute. Finally, I was told to talk to some operator who's making the complain. To cut the story short....he told me that I have to 'give' them something, keep them happy- Work ethics was far off my mind. I just wanted all that nonsense to stop. After 2 cartons of cigarrettes and couple of 100 plus they were happy, and told me that this is a 'pengajaran', so that next time I know who I'm dealing with. Said that I've been walking in and out of their premises but I never 'tegur' them. Wanted to tell them that how the fark should I know that I gotta tegur every single damn person there(operators included) like they are my relative. What would you have done? They sabotage your goods and blame it on you. They harrass you with phone calls to settle the unknown - proving that they did sabotage my goods got me no where. Well, 'rokok' is like the duit kopi of automotive industry. And it's becoming a phenomenon. There used to be a time when it was just makan-makan. Really, I thought real hard and this is really not a way to survive. It may be a norm( God knows how many times I've had to resort to this). But it forfits everything we ever worked hard for. I ploughed through 4 years of hell in university for this?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Indonesian Kids

I hope the best for the Indonesian kids, for what's left to be thankful for. Indonesian kids are not only hit by tsunami and other catastrophe but also political unrest. The country doesnt leave much to be desired. View more HOPES in Message In A Bottle


I spot a wannabe everywhere I go:
1) Gwailo wannabe- people who speak with a fake accent- American or British (with Scottish slang lagi!)
2) Black wannabe- been spotting a lot of youngsters trying to look like a black rapper- chains of bling blings, basketball jerseys over t-shirts, with caps worn sideways sporting a fake 'black' language
3) Hongky wannabe- Aiiii...too much influence from TVB! Almost every Chinese dress like Hongkong stars- I can't stand those short cardigans that looks like as if the bottom was chopped off. Even if fashion is an art meant to be misunderstood...but what's the point of that cardigan?
4) Japanese wannabe- Malaysian women wanting to be cute- even if they don't sport the petite-ness of the Japanese women. Yuck. Puke. These usually endup looking like Ahlians anyways.
I know there's only so much we can do about superficiality. People can do whatever they wanna do. But really, we've gotta stop being copycats. Where's our identity?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Traffic Idiots

You know when you're in a rush to go someplace, and then a 10min crawl hits and screws up your timing only to find out later that the traffic was caused by the cars slowing down to 'check out' the accident in front? I tell you, there may be CEOs and GMs and Managers in Malaysia but I think they all turn into idiots when on the road. Explain to me this:
1) Cars slow down to check out what? The damage? Car plate no?
2) I dont understand why there's a traffic police in the evenings at the NPE intersection when the traffic lights' working well. I wish they would just leave the job to the traffic lights.
3) Why aren't the traffic police around when the traffics lights are OUT?
4) People who drives TOOOOOO slowly. Hullo??? Sometimes accidents happen because of that!
5) People who drives way TOOO fast....I don't care for Mat Rempits, just leave the bloody racing to the professionals.
6) Police escorts that rudely cuts the line because some bigshot is on the road. Hey, get in the line like the rest of the 'rakyat' ok. My time is just as important as 'your' time.
7) 2nd lane road-hoggers who are SLOW. Wtf? Get over to the slow lane. Period. Sheesh.
8) People who 'finger' others. Cmon, I get angry too, but you don't wanna wrongly 'finger' people you know or you might know, or who knows you but u don't know they do. Too risky.
And lastly, count all the money you ever paid for duit kopi for traffic offences. Scary eh.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

De'Chiengmai Sungai Buloh

Wanted to see what the big hoo-haa was about this place. Well, the road leading to this place is narrow and dark. But you won't miss it if you follow the correct road. It is the most majestic building there. The exterior is impressive enough with fountain and minangkabau-like architecture (doesn't look Thai). The interior is alright with nice rattan furniture. We were told drinks were free...and I quickly sampled the coffee. Tasted like mudwater. Even after adding some stale evaporated milk. I thought oughta just wait for the real deal- the much raved selection of food. But what a letdown. Even though the food came in quickly, the tomyam was cold, I mean dead cold. The food was nothing to shout about, frankly I think I had much better food in the coffeeshop Thai place in Damansara Utama (closed already). Nothing memorable I'm afraid despite the 7-8 dishes we ordered. Otak-Otak was RM25! What a rip-off. My sis explained that we were paying for the ambience. But cmon, it's overrated. For that kinda ambience you expect better service-but it's no different that cafe std of service. You could get that kinda food anywhere in town. If you wanna eat Thai food, I suggest Lanna in Bangsar or Good Evening Bangkok in 1 Utama.

Rank My Burger

1. Ramli Burger- cheap and great, can tambah this tambah that, Special with extra sayur
2. Wendy's- I thought this was the best burger in US, its cheap too!
3. Burger King- big portions.....I like the french one
4. A&W- Big Whopper. Rootbeer and burger-just heavenly!, McDonald's not in this list because I like everything else in McDonald's except for its burgers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Twins Effect

People say twins are total opposites. Forget what they said. Hear it first hand from me. I'm a half of a twin. And well, people say we are total opposites. We dress differently, hangout with different people, like different guys (muahaha..thank god) but in the core, we are really quite alike. We both have the same voice, same thoughts sometimes, same ideas too, same ideals too. And we hate movies about twins. So many times we would both exclaim the same line at the same time! But I think being a twin does have an effect on my personality. You know when we were little we had to SHARE everything. It was sickening. Give us a chocolate and we have to split it. Give us a nice dress and we have to take turns wearing it. Give us a book and we have to wait for each other to finish first. There was once a friend gave me an orange and my other sister an apple-so we didn't have to share. SO now, I HATE SHARING. Seriously. And you know now, people also keep asking us if we work in the same office, even if we tell them beforehand that we're in different industries. For fark's sake, we're not that sticky to each other. And I wish people would stop asking me if we're telepathic. If we were, I'll be making a television show.

Of Nerds and Bimbos

First of all, I have nothing against nerds and bimbos. Really. People who grew up as nerds, well, in later years, well into their 30s especially, those people are considered smart, intelligent, intellectual. Women appreciate that kinda intelligence. It means that those nerds are gonna go far, and up the corporate ladder. And you can always rely on the nerd's advice for directions, map-reading, insurance, income tax (especially), career choices...etc. And bimbos, well, they are sometimes branded as vainpots who are brainless and just out there trying to hitch a good catch. But, hey, they know how to take care of themselves I must say. Working girls don't know how to pamper themselves like they do. And yeah, so they're out there to hitch a good catch, but aren't we all looking for THE ONE anyways, the bimbos just choose to work harder on it. And well, these bimbos might not know a lot, but they sure know how to work the room. PR and style rank high in their list. Fun is their forte. Who minds fun? And so well, let's not stereotype nerds and bimbos so quickly. Get to know them. Learn a thing or two.

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Flaming Lips- At War With The Mystics (2006)

This is a special album. It's Pink Floyd meet 70s funk- and it's all about what we hate today- George Bush, popstars like Britney & Gwen Stefani, superficiality, ohwell, it's complicated! I love it that each track is unique-and it's really about Flaming Lips getting their point across. The tracks are somewhat erratic but unique , great lyrics and leaves you astounded. Noted for their pyschedelic music, elaborate live performances and unique song titles, this band made it to the list of 50 Bands to See before You Die! Notable tracks: Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung, The Sound Of Failure, Free Radicals, It Overtakes Me. My favourites are Goin' On and Haven't Got A Clue. Words just can't describe this album. Listen to it. Savour it.
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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Badly Drawn Boy- About A Boy

Went through the list of 50 Bands to see before u die- and am surprised to find Badly Drawn Boy on the list! I've had some of its tracks for a while since I saw the movie. The movie dates back to 2002- one of those indie Brit films that I really thoroughly enjoyed- quote: "I used to think two was not enough. But now things are great; there are loads of people... I don't know what Will was so pissed about. I don't think couples are the future. The way I see it now, we both got back-up now. It's like that thing John Bon Jovi said: 'No man is an island.' The movie has a lot of reference to ' No man is an island' thing. But the soundtrack is phenomenal. Badly Drawn Boy, an indie songwriter and singer does an incredible job making the soundtrack singlehandedly. Awesome - some of the great tracks worth mentioning are: Silent Sigh, Something to Talk About, File Me Away.

Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys-The Garza brothers have actually been around for a while- one of those bands that didn't get its break until a hit song. From Texas, their music is mixed elements of blues, guitar, Tejano, country, but I love the guitar solos in this album and I dunno, some Spanish thrown in the lyrics just gives the music more flavour. They don't have complicated arrangements- purely bass, drums, vocals-easy listening for sure. They're biggest hit was "Heaven" and "More Than Love". But, my personal favourites are "Nobody Else" and "Velvet Sky". Their music reminds me of Ritchie Valens/Gypsy King/ Los Lobos- vocals compliment well -band that you wish you can hear them live.
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The Killers- Sam's Town (2006)

Boasted to be one of the most awaited and greatest album. Based on Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall in Las Vegas, where they were from. This album is not like HOT FUSS- it has stripped off the commercial vibes of HOT Fuss, and each track is unique, skillfully woven to entice. The album is slick, mature and different. I wouldn't have it any other way really, some expected the same kinda energy from HOT Fuss, but what would be the point of a 2nd album then? I love the way the album was presented: with the first track Sam's Town, and then and enterlude and the album ended with an exitlude. I thought it was very clever and makes the album all the more special especially to the fans. Just like Hot Fuss, you have to listen to Sam's Town probably about 2-3 times before you make a judgement. First time listening to it, honestly, I dunno what to make of it..the different assemble of sounds (trumpets, sax, violin) giving it an orchestral feel. I think that's what makes The Killers special. Consistently out to surprise u. Notable tracks : Sam's Town, When You Were Young, Bones, Uncle Jonny

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

50 Bands to See Before You Die

1. AC/DC 2. Ash 3. The Beta Band 4. Tony Bennett 5. Pink Floyd 6. Kraftwerk 7. The Who 8. The Pogues 9. The Fall 10. Oasis 11. Hundred Reasons 12. The White Stripes 13. D’angelo 14. The Flaming Lips 15. Femi Anikulapo-Kuti & The Positive Force 16. Badly Drawn Boy 17. Ian Brown 18. Guns’n’roses 19. Bob Dylan 20. New Order 21. The Rolling Stones 22. Neil Young 23. Prodigy 24. Kilie 25. Paul Oakenfold 26. Fatboy Slim 27. Mr Scruff 28. Osymyso 29. Eddie Halliwell 30. Dj Hell 31. Erick Morillo 32. Tom Stephan 33. High Contrast 34. DJ Yoda 35. Primal Scream 36. RL Burnside 37. PJ Harvey 38. Slipknot 39. Radiohead 40. Red Hot Chilli Peppers 41. Fairport Convention 42. U2 43. The Vines 44. Madonna 45. The Soundtrack Of Ourlives 46. Ryan Adams 47. The Strokes 48. Outkast 49. Orbital 50. The Hives
You've gotta at least hear their music


See how many you've scored.
1 Apocalypse Now 2 The Apartment 3 City of God 4 Chinatown 5 Sexy Beast 6 2001: A Space Odyssey 7 North by Northwest 8 A Bout de Souffle 9 Donnie Darko 10 Manhattan 11 Alien 12 Lost in Translation 13 The Shawshank Redemption 14 Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India 15 Pulp Fiction 16 Touch of Evil 17 Walkabout 18 Black Narcissus 19 Boyzn the Hood 20 The Player 21 Come and See 22 Heavenly Creatures 23 A Night at the Opera 2 4 Erin Brockovich 25 Trainspotting 26 The Breakfast Club 27 Hero 28 Fanny and Alexander 29 Pink Flamingos 30 All About Eve 31 Scarface 32 Terminator 2 33 Three Colours: Blue 34 The Royal Tenen-baums 35 The Ladykillers 36 Fight Club 37 The Searchers 38 Mulholland Drive 39 The Ipcress File 40 The King of Comedy 41 Manhunter 42 Dawn of the Dead 43 Princess Mononoke 44 Raising Arizona 45 Cabaret 46 This Sporting Life 47 Brazil 48 Aguirre: The Wrath of God 49 Secrets and Lies 50 Badlands
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