Monday, September 29, 2008

Relationships are Fragile

Too many bad instances have happened over the past 2 months. First A got ditched by the wife-to-be, then H nearly brokeup with his LOML and now N and B are canceling their wedding (I hope not). Yar, relationships are fragile, people breakup over the silliest things and the slightest things.

All those years and time spent nurturing the relationship seems worthless and frivolous now.

All those times spent saying i-love-yous seems redundant now.

You can't really pinpoint a reason for this. Sometimes it could be just pent-up feelings or it could be just a nagging feeling that it's ust not going to work out. Sometimes it could just be a hunch that's just not worth pursuing.

Or it could be that you come to a point when you just want to give up. Sometimes it just take a bit of nudging, if u have a reliable friend. Sometimes all it takes is for another party to swallow his pride and do something about it.

NEVER GIVE UP. If you could spend years together, what is one minute to say Sorry....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

THe Right Travel Companion

I've had my share of bad travel companions and here are just some instances:

1) people who take too long in the shower...! u know how it is when u try to save on accommodation so you could have up to 4 people in a room sharing only 1 bathroom. Dont take your own sweet time to have your usual 1 hour-long bath coz others are already stinking from 1 whole day's worth of sweat and are dying for one too!

2) the kiasus: people who wanna do everything and see everything trying to cramp all activities within the duration and you end up not enjoying anything. It's good to maximize your money's worth but then a oliday si also a time to relaxlah..

3) the chinchais: well, sometimes chinchai is good...but if you're too chinchai and you end up not deciding where to go or what to do, now that's a wasta of time then. It's good to find chinchai people who's game for anything...

4) McScrooge: I think it's ok to be stingy, everyone is budget conscious, and those who are not should really go on a holiday with those with the same spending pattern. For example, i'm fine with staying in a budget hotel or even a backpackers' inn as opposed to some others who prefer at least a 4-star hotel. i'll rather spend on food really.

5) Those-Who-Don't-Eat: and there are those who just doesnt eat.....i like to i can't have travel companions who don't eat! i'll starve! and it's fun to taste new things when you're travelling...

Monday, September 22, 2008

When Your Other Half Stops Noticing You

My aunt had a fall last week. and has a bad visible bruise on the whole half of her face..and my uncle didnt notice. Despite living in a small apartment together. Despite having dinner together everyday. I guess this just proves that he doesn't look at her face often enough !

I got a haircut yesterday and thank gawd my bf asked how come it's not short enough.

Just for fun, i told my mom to draw a big mole on her cheek just to test n see if my dad notices it.

What happens if a couple actually decides to get married and then over the years, while fussing over money and kids, they just stop noticing each other? Coz you do know that your kids won't be there for you forever coz they've got their own families and what not...

Why do they stop noticing anyway? Bored of the same face ? or worse, SICK of the other half?

Sugary Sweet

Sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
Honey, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you- The Archies
I really try to get along with people....but then I really find it hard to stomach a sugary sweet person. I was telling my sister about this person I met who is super polite and nice, and is almost never with a temper and can be annoyingly sweet sometimes. Nice but how can anyone be that nice I wonder.
I guess we need to try to get along with these kinda people. So i dont talk about bad stuff, or say any bad words, or discuss anything un-SAINTly.. Everything's filtered and made sugary sweet.
You know when there are times when you just wanna say OH FUCK...! and i just have to refrain from saying that and go Oh NO. How sien is that....alamak.
Or when you wanna call out to a person and say "Oi!' or "WOIII" ...and u just gotta change and say "Hi, Good morning to you", "Hi how are u today."
I dunno about these people- whether they are really that nice, or maybe they just pretend to be nice. But it's fun to pretend to be nice meh? Or fun to be nice meh?


I hate getting a haircut. I think it's the fear of
1) waiting, reading aimlessly the limited choice of magazines....
2) not being able to convey exactly how u want the haircut to be like
3) what's the outcome
4) being lured into buying products

Everytime i say that i want it in a certain way, the hairdresser says no, it's not going to be nice, the shape of your head just makes it impossible to have that hairstyle...your face is too large, your hair is too curly...etc...etc..

And i just dread those small talks. I just wanna get the haircut and get out of the chair. But the hairdresser usually would ask u this and that, buy this and that....

And i dread those hair wash...the thought of their finger nails scraping through my scalp irks me..
And when they attempt to style your hair with wax ...sometimes it can be a bit lebihhhhhh

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Music and Lyrics

Ok, it's a corny movie but the acting was good and the chemistry was believable. The songs are corny but then endearing at the same time. Good when you're thinking of a bit of romance for the day :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ole Ole Bali

It's at Solaris Mont Kiara.....typical balinese food with great sambal at reasonable price. Try the Ole Ole Trio....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What to do when you are on a breakup

Here are some suggestions:
1) get a great new haircut
2) indulge le. now that you're only spending on yourself, you actually should splurge a bit. get a massage, pedicure, manicure apa saje...
3) meet lots and lots of friends and make new friends, at least you can kill time that would have been spent moping around
4) get a pet, and shower your love (and frustrations) on the fella
5) find new activities and hobbies, blogging ke, swimming ke, yoga ke, any form of exercise is GOOd activity
6) find solace in family time
7) write a book about your life and experiences...or blog aje

Not a good idea to get a gf/bf right now coz anyone that comes along, you're probably using him/her as a substitute. Do him/her a favour. There's no point to it coz you know it's gonna be over in 2-3 months time.

there's no way to not be upset by it, but you can try not to let it get into you so much. Know that you just need to get by this just like any other fellas who are going through a breakup. So you lost the one you loved the most, you don't necessarily CAN have a life with the one you love the most. Life's just unfair like that. Accept it and move on. Love hurts.....but love is not everything.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kicking the Bad Out of Your Life

A friend of mine H.O. is on a bad patch now...suffering from mistrust and insecurity of the other half. This has happened so many times that well, what is the point to a relationship if you can't trust each other to have a few hours off with friends.

And yet, he chooses to stay on with her...over and over again.

It's a disease that makes men want to feel depended on. Or makes them love the drama that comes with the gf who acts like a diva and a drama queen who sometimes just yearns for drama when things just seemed too good to be true.

The normal reaction is "GET OUT." "KICK HER OUT OF YOUR LIFE". i felt it was more of a question of LETTING GO. He can't let it go because he says he loves her. But is it love or is it he's afraid of being lonely again? or maybe he loves the drama too. The drama makes the relationship more colourful perhaps. But do you realy want this for the rest of your life? TO live like you're on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL everyday?

or do you want someone who is understanding and you lead your life hee-haaing, full of laughter and no drama....

your choice, H.O.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Thing

The one good thing
In my life
Has gone away
I dont know why
Shes gone away
I dont know where
Somewhere I cant follow her
The one good thing didnt stay too long
Woo who who who
My back was turned and she was gone
Hey hey hey- Fine Young Cannibal

We all tend to focus on the bad only. Been trying to coax people into believing into the program that we have, but people are so resistant to change and won't even hear me out. Sigh. It's worse then trying to get a dog to learn how to sit. It's so teruk that I can't even finish my sentence...unless i insist to. Before i could blab on the benefits, people immediately form a barrier, so i can't even let a word into their heads. A lot of times I wish I could say that I don't give a damn, you're throwing a pot of gold that's being sent to your doorstep. But here i'm supposed to be the messenger...the i gotta deliver it, even if it means tearing down the door!

It sucks...but well, it's a challenge. Try to see the good in everything and life is much easier.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

4 Weddings and a Funeral

Went to the 3rd wedding dinner last night. One on sunday night, another on monday night. I've got another one next week (Belle!). And went to Andrew's granduncle's (not exactly) funeral last week.

Anyone thinks this is a great movie like i do? Well, it's not great great but then that's where u see some great talents, hugh grant,andie mcdowell, kristin scott thomas, rowan atkinson. My favourite part was hugh grant and andie's long chat. I remember watching that and i thought to myself I'm gonna get a guy like that. Find a chemistry like that. Whether it's friendship or courtship, I wanna find a partner like that.

i didnt even remember rowan atkinson was there until andrew said it.

The Unfamiliar

I was joking the other day with my colleague who is in KL, that me and another fella's having identity crisis. Well, we are both at the customer site. We use their facilities and IM. And yet, we were told to cancel our conference call IDs (costs goes to customer). Our immediate boss is in Singapore. Our boss is in KL. I now have new colleagues. Well the customers are my new colleagues. I'm supposed to be as my colleague puts it FOREVER based here.

So it's finding new lunch partners and doing the whole door access and tags again. I'm actually fine with it. I get bored too easily and maybe it's good to be here and there just to kill the boredom. I'm virtually non-existent. I stay connected using SKYPE with my bosses and counterparts. It's free and dont see why we shouldn't use it. My colleagues in KL aren't even in the same company entity as me.

But it's good I guess. GOod to be versatile and adaptable to ANYTHING.

Monday, September 01, 2008

My Merdeka Day

it started with a mini celebration yesterday at andrew's friend's place. Early this morning we head off for a short walk around Asia Jaya park. Then stopped by at the temple there to buy errr Thai stuff.....then breakfast at the infamous Vishal in Brickfields. Heard a lot about that place from my new colleagues. Cheap and nice. Old school bench style. Then it was a drive to Ulu Yam for Loh Mee.

Then it was a wedding dinner of my ex-colleagues. So a reunion atlast with the old bunch. Bring back memories. It's so nice to fall back on familiar faces and to be some comfortable chatting away without a care. Of course, I met some of my ex-bosses. One in particular asked if i would consider coming back. I was rather surprised he even remembered me and actually came over to say hi to me. I was wrong about him. I've always thought he was snotty .....he even said that things have changed a lot for the better and so maybe I would want to come back.

If only i could have the ideal job with the ideal bunch. Had i stayed on, I guess i would have had a 2nd family there but with less money.

Nothing's perfect.

By the way, why weddings on Merdeka day? and...I've got another one to go to tomorrow! Sigh.
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