Monday, June 28, 2010

....And the Hardest Part

I'm leaving again, for a new job. I hate to leave when the tough gets going, but it was an offer I could not refuse and it was the right thing to do. This time around, is the hardest to say goodbye to. Not only was my boss a great mentor, but the journey thus far has been a most memorable and challenging of all. Not only have I triumphed over the toughest clients and outsourcing units, but I've also proved that I can do it! Alas, it was just not my calling. I have come to a point where I realized that I can do just about anything so long as I put my mind and soul to it.

And that I have. Along with some of the best team mates ever, from one project to another, I've really pushed myself and realized my limits. It's just that, I'm not ready to take up a leadership role. I know I should be happy to be promoted after barely 2 years, but I'm happier as a team player. How unambitious, I know!, but that's just who I am. I enjoy the adrenaline rush in winning and execution of projects, no matter how hard it is. I dont enjoy taking the blame, or putting the blame on someone, or worrying about resources and business forecast. It's just not my thing.

And with this, I bid farewell to a promotion, to a wonderful journey, to one of the best employment thus far, to my wonderful and fantabulous team members, Aa.C,His.O,Fx.T, Y, T.Jan, J.Ash, W.Pin, Monz, L.Kuo, M.J, Gd, O.T, N.Th, J.Ch. You guys are the best!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Material Girl 2

It baffles me how some people put so much emphasis on their possessions, but I think it's inevitable these days because of commercials and to some extent peer pressure. All the MUST-Haves that is seasonal. All the gadgets that they need to have. All the clothes/accessories they just gotta have. And the latest phone (it's like everyone has to get an iPhone).

Now we can choose to ignore it, and go by our own ways... Or we can succumb to the lure of the MUST-HAVES. Either way, I think it's just long as you're not getting yourself into a debt unnecessarily. If you can afford it, why not.

I guess I was never one to envy or to have such wants. Maybe it's the McScrooge in me, or the practical me. I feel like I should succumb, to conform to what's considered a norm these days. Seriously people think I'm odd that I dont change my phone, but I have the luxury to chuck it wherever coz it's so old that no one would steal it anyways. M was using her nokia butterfly phone(with the blue screen) for ages, and had it not been an accident that broke it, I think M would have continued to use it till now. I just dont see the logic in spending so much on something, then worrying later if you'd get robbed.

What is in your must-have list?
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