Monday, April 30, 2007

Girlfriends or Accessories? Part II

Some chinese men literally address their girlfriends as 'foh' means goods! Accessories! Think girlfriends ought to start calling their boyfriends names too, like 'kachak' means cockroach.

Are you one of those men who....
1) Takes the girlfriend everywhere you go irregardless if the girlfriend is acquainted to those ppl you were gonna meet? Do you even consider if the girlfriend was gonna have fun or MIGHT have a lousy time?
2) Do you take your girlfriend out just because you wanna be SEEN with a girlfriend so as to make it as if you're not ALONE.
3) DO you take your girlfriend out in the hope of making your guyfriends jealous? Especially if she's a hot chick? COme to think of it, are you just going out with her because she makes you look good?

The thing that I hate the most is when girlfriends are made as alarm clocks! What i mean by this? Well, the girlfriend is made to remind the boyfriends all the time to do whatever farking thing he has to do? simple shit like paying your bills, brushing your teeth, etc etc. Get a MOM if that's what you want your gf to be. Just a farking alarm clock or the calendar thingy on the Microsoft Outlook that prompts you.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Girlfriends or Accessories?

Just my observation. Let me know if you've observed the same phenomenon. Ever been on a situation where the guys who are friends bring out their girlfriends and the girlfriends look bored? Or mute? Or just plain 'sien'?

I can only conclude the following:
a) They must have zero personality
b) They do have personality but the guys are engaged in low IQ conversations that the gfs just prefer to be mute so as not to degrade themselves by participating
c) They go out because their boyfriends WANT/NEED them to be there- so out of obligation and in the act of trying to be the 'obedient' and 'good' girlfriend, they go anyway even if it was gonna bore them to their deaths
d) They are memang boring or they really have no friends so why not just have another yet boring outing anyway and waste their lives away like that
e) The girlfriends are just puppies or accessories for the bfs to look good, something like comfort food that's easily accessible

What people fail to understand is that relationships is not about always sticking to each other. There will be times for timeouts, all girls/guys nite out, and then there will be gatherings with bestfriends for share-time that bfs/gfs are best not to interfere. It's all about having an independent relationship. You won't die not having your bf/gf by your side all the time. The essence of you must be preserved for that's all you. Only you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


KILLING TIME AT THE MALL... (i was wondering why we are here actually, argh)

Still killing time at the mall...
we begin our journey...up and up and up at the mesilau trailjohun took some really 'drama' pics....geeme and my faithful 'tongkat' ....waiting at the pondok to start going again Finally at laban rata!!!!!!! one night stay there. arrival time 3.20pm.
sunrise for ya

Russian Poker

Well, i used to play this with another old man when i was in NYC. I din know then that it was called Russian Poker. Had me addicted when i was in Kota Kinabalu on my mountain quest. Thanx to mr lim and sin for the revival of Russian poker in me :) . Has 3 stages. First stage is 3 cards, then 2nd stage is 5 cards and the last stage is also 5 cards. The calculation is a bit complicated. But fun nevertheless!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Camping for Nuts!

Must say many thanks to Gallivanter and Mo for a most interesting first caving exploration experience. It wasn't like anything I expected. The view is amazing and just so breathtaking. Waiting for some great pics from o.

The camping trip lasted for 3 days. Some left on the 2nd day. Sigh. KL people, you're missing the essence of camping. Rule No 1: everything's about unity. You don't leave your mates unless there's a concensus. Rule No 2: You share. I was quite disgusted that some of those people who came with us actually brought their own food despite Mo telling us he was gonna buy for all of us. So there's Mo, stuck with all the leftover food that he had to lug back to KL. Not only that, despite having their own food, they even took some of our rationed measly chicken brahmin. Alamak, where's the brain laaaaa, and he even claims to be an ardent fan of scouting. Well, action speaks louder than words. I don't see no scout there!

So there's 7 of us left, me, endroo, galli, mo, don, cavesitter, chelva- and we did still hv a good time. The thing is that you should never abandon a plan, no matter what. It's just so typical kl orang to last minute cancel plans, or make changes (with the convenience of the phone).

But everyone, Gunung Senyum is worth every bit of your time. I've never been so amazed. There's about 20 over caves, my favourite being the Gua Ular. There's a secret garden in there! Shall post the pic when i can. Just a little off Temerloh. And yar, forget about the leeches and mosquitos ok.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conversation with a Perodua Idiot

This is what that really exasperates me at work every farking day. Dealing with idiotic customers who don't use their brains or perhaps they dont even have brains to begin with. Today at 9am, i sent my staff to hand in a countermeasure report to the Perodua Idiot.

Perodua Idiot: OK , your countermeasure report ni nak bagi saya ke atau apa?
: (thinking to myself what kind of a dumb question is this) What? Apa maksud u?
Perodua Idiot: Ini report ni untuk saya ke atau apa? (can't comprehend why he's repeating) Mana attachment?
: What attachment you want?
Perodua Idiot: Attachment la, to your report. Mana detail detail punya countermeasure?
: What kind of detail you mau? Apa attachment yang you mau?
Perodua Idiot: OK sekarang you datang ke Perodua. Kita discuss.
: Apa you nak discuss? Why don't I prepare whatever attachment or details you require before i come. Or else, saya datang buat apa? I need some lead time to prepare the documents.
Perodua Idiot: OK...macam tu, you datang esok. Pagi, Malam ke apa?
: Once i have compiled it i will let you know.
Perodua Idiot: So pagi ar? Pagi pukul berapa? 11.59am pun pagi jugak. What time? Pagi what time?
: *pause for a moment- refuse to answer to such dumb harrassing mode of questioning* i'm on leave tomorrow. I will give it to you by email first and the report shall be sent to u.

Fark you, perodua idiot.


What's your definition of a simple life? I've always pictured myself making mediocre money in a mediocre apartment (or a small house) with a dog(preferably a Labrador) or two- perhaps occasionally splurging on holidays near or far supported by a medium-waged job. Just enough to get by if you know what i mean. Living a simple life with travelling perks. :)

If i could have it, i wanna be driving my beat up Kelisa forever. It's small and reliable. It's easy to park. It's hassle-free. And there's no worrying about people stealing it (who'd steal a kelisa)

My job should be a simple one. Without the 'charkueyteowing' or 'taichi-ing' or 'goreng-ing' that i have to do now. Preferably, i wish i could be operating my own little place, a food/coffee joint with lotsa good music and ample books. A joint for my family and friends to hangout and for me to make some bucks too. That'll be an ideal job.

I came back from Mount K and met Uncle Lim who inspired this post. Looks like a simple person but he was a professional diver for the navy and an adventure-seeker (complained that the white water rafting not syiok enough!). And he wore an orange tee all the time that shouts " LIFE IS SHORT. LIVE IT."


Before watching this movie i didn't know that such obsession with the number 23 existed. Jim Carrey was a good choice for this character - reminds me of when he was in The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But i felt the movie was trying too hard to entice. If you really look into it, it wasn't anything better than anything we've seen of late. The plot was so-so. The acting was so-so.
*I'm still trying to figure out why Topsy Kretts left his mailing address in the book.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Awkward Moments

Ever encountered this?
1) Waiting in line for the toilet in the public washroom, trying to hold ur pee in.
2) Farting in public, especially the 'accidental' ones during a conversation/conference.
3) At the buffet when you're stuffing yourself silly or refilling ur plate of fresh oysters.
4) Finding your roommate's 'leftovers' in the toilet bowl. This may be in the form of faeces or sanitary napkins. Next is, how to tell him/her?
5) Walking in on your roommate while he/she is 'gallivanting' with the significant half.
6) Body odour. Bad breath. What to do when someone with BO and bad breath nears u? avoid him or bear with it?
7) Women in lowcut dresses. I think this applies for men and women:--You can't avoid looking at it. So, do u stare, joke about it, or try ur best to ignore it?
8) Blind dates.
9) Meeting your ex' current gf/bf.
10) Meeting your gf's/bf's parents & family.

Small Talks

I've never been really good at doing small talks. I try. But I think I really suck at it. But that's shit coz you use it everywhere whenever. During parties. During conferences. In between meetings. Meeting clients. In a tour- busload of strangers. Seems endless aye.

Topics of choice- it's always the weather. You could be seeing the same person day or night and you'd still be asking him if it's gonna rain tonight.... AGE. This is almost an inevitable question. MARITAL STATUS. Some people wanna gauge if it's even worthwhile the small talks they're doing. OCCUPATION. So reluctant to tell people sometimes what I do. That i'm still stuck in uniform and am somewhat responsible for the farked up low quality national cars that most of us are driving.

And when you run out of topics, I'd just let the person ramble on. Nodding once in a while. Sometimes I repeat their last words with a question mark. Or sometimes we just stare in space hoping for the awkwardness to pass.

I know what'll help during small talks. The best boost is always some booze. Seriously, it is the best ice breaker. It relaxes a person and warms the situation.

Cancer Treatment Awareness

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It is devastating when you see your loved ones or close friends die because of cancer. Some due to ignorance and some due to lifestyle and others could be just inexplicable sometimes. What we can do is to raise awareness by sharing information especially on treatment and therapy.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Opinionated Me

Ever since I was a kid, growing up in a family of 4 sisters, we were always encouraged to voice out. To be outspoken. To have opinions. And not be a follower. And not necessarily leaders either.

Just to have an opinion of my own. To form objectively what I think or perceive of something. And not influenced by a friend, or a gesture etc.

But sometimes, the opinionated me does get me in trouble. I judge too soon. I form my opinion on something or someone too soon. It does sometimes makes me a bad judge of a person.

And perhaps someone might think of me as someone without principles. Because what may be morally wrong to someone, i strike it as just the way life is. Like prostitution. Or pre-marital sex. Or gambling.

Lately I've been lazy to voice out my opinions. Sometimes it's fruitless and I think why even bother. People just refuse to change from the way of life they are accustomed to. But I think i'm gonna go back to my opinionated self from now on. A little does make a change.


Another must go, Borobudur Temple is one of the Forgotten Wonders of the World. It is also the largest Buddhist monument in the world. I will not divulge too much information. You gotta see it to be able to fully experience and appreciate the sheer beauty of this structure. For a brief read on the history and technical details of it, go to: For an even more brief read, go to:

Kinabalu Trip

I din make it to the Low's Peak. My gloves gave way and shoes made me i stopped at the part where we were supposed to climb up the ropes. was probably about another 2Km hike up before i reach the peak. Darn. Am going to go again next year. Definitely.

It was a fantastic 8km hike from Mesilau Resort to the Laban Rata resthouse. The other alternative trail is 6km but is not as scenic and challenging as the other route. Took us about 5 hours to get there. The next morning at 2am we were to start climbing to the peak. My phobia kicked in and so i froze at the ropes part. Sigh.

But I must say, I had a great company. A bunch of adventure seekers who's been camping all their lives (really they put scouts and girlguides to shame), and have done Mount Kinabalu about 3 -4 times. Particularly I had a wonderful roommate who was ever so prepared with just about anything; heat pad, panadol extend, counterpain, even an extra tracksuit for me. A 60 year old uncle came with us and he was a delight- sharing us tales of his navy days, a professional diver who's done body jobs (retrieving dead bodies from plane crash in the sea). Then there was Sin and his wife who's behind all these. Motivating us all the way. And yeah, thanks to yeoh for carrying my water up to Mount K.

The next 6km hike descending the mountain was excruciating since our left knee was busted and we were all hit by fatigue. One of them eventually slept the next 2 days.

But that didn't stop us from going for the white water rafting the next morning. 21 of us went for that and met some great guides who call themselves RIVERBUG. We took the old train from Beaufort to our destination. Sungai Padas was a GradeIII-IV rapids (highest being VI) and it was a 10km-long of chasing the rapids. Yar, that's what it felt like. Chasing and riding the rapids. A most fantastic 2 and half hours... We had a few timeouts just swimming in the river even when we're far away from the rapids. will be posted soon. I've got a lot at work to catch with. Mount K, I will conquer u next year.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If Only My Ears can do Selective Hearing..

Perhaps in my 29 years, I've been ejek-ed before for various reasons. Because of my haircut, because I was round and fat during my childhood, because I was short etc. Most of the time I took the insults with a shrug or just sometimes laugh at myself even. It is, they say, afterall just a joke.

But.....It's easy to forgive but one can never forget though. I may not be angry at the person insulting me, but i certainly remember it. I could choose to dwell on it and really feel hopeless that I am only what they say I am. Or I could choose to ignore. Most of the time, I end up wanting to prove them wrong. So that I could point my finger at them and say You're WRONG! Sounds juvenile, aye?

But why do i need their approval? If i'm short, so be it. If i'm fat then so be it. Imagine what a life i would have if i'm constantly chasing after the image of what they think a perfect person is, when there really isn't one.

SO for now, maybe i ought to do some selective hearing. yeah..just hear what i wanna hear. Listen to yourself for a change. I dont even bother to seek other's opinion when i dress up for dinners anymore. I am what i am and am damn proud of it.


Off to Mount Kinabalu tomorrow morning. Dunno what came over me when i decided to go. Wanted to reach great heights i suppose, corny at it seems. To overcome my fear of heights. Well, to just take it to the limit - the highest i can go here in Malaysia.

You can spend all your time making money
You can spend all your love making time
If it all fell to pieces tomorrow
Would you still be mine?
And when you're looking for your freedom(Nobody seems to care)
And you can't find the door(Can't find it anywhere)
When there's nothing to believe in
Still you're coming back, you're running back
You're coming back for more
So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time- Take It To The Limit (Eagles)

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Last King Of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland- I must say it was an eye-opener for me, being quite ignorant about Uganda. The acting was good especially Forest Whitaker but i thought the Scot was pretty charming. The way the story was being presented to me was somehow lacking in continuity, the whole sleeping-with-the-wife i thought was a bit superfluous. The man's cruelty and madman-ness was not thoroughly presented except for some photographs of the inhuman deed he did. It just didn't bring an impact across to make a statement, to me anyhow. The man didn't struck as an intelligent person of extraordinare but more of a madman to me. And maybe the cast were of too-familiar for my liking-Kerry Washington etc... maybe it's just not my cup of tea. I wouldn't say that it had me mesmerized like Pan's Labyrinth, or 'teruja' like Apocalypto, or awakened like Sometimes in April.....

Grow Old With You- Adam Sandler

[Billy Idol (Speaking):] Good afternoon everyone.We're flying at 26,000 feet, movingup to thirty thousand feet, and then we've got clear skiesall the way to Las Vegas, and right now we're bringing you some in-flightentertainment. One of our first-class passengers would like to sing you a songinspired by one of our coach passengers, and since we let our first-classpassengers do pretty much whatever they want, here he is.

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you
I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you
I'll miss you, kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you,feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control
So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed if you've had too much to drink
I could be the man who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

it is the most wonderful thing if you've found the one to grow old with ...

Pan's Labyrinth

If you're expecting Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter shit, you can't be more mistaken! This is a movie not for the soft-hearted. Some gory images still stuck in my mind- that of the Pale Man munching on fairies, and a Captain Vidal being slit at the mouth.... It's certainly refreshing as it is wonderfully filmed with fantasy mixed with horror and grit. I shouldn't have watched this after Apocalypto though for every other movie pales compares to it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

New Jersey Mold Company

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1. Talking softly is a big big turn off. It spoils the train of conversation and you're straining your ears to catch his/her

2. I'm baffled sometimes by the emails that i receive from people at work. More often than not, I would have to call them up and ask them what they want actually! Check out this email I got.

"Kindly please story that the problem at Marketing side about Inlet Outlet pipe Assembly ZPAU315921M1 situation because from yersterday and today my our side ready to running on line but now we cannot do anything because QA stop with the quality issue"

Here's another example with me trying to understand what the MANAGER wanted (email)
Manager: Kindly please get 2pcs Torque wrench after repair to me to do'it Calibration.
Tihtahpah: You mean u want to sent 2 Torque Wrench for calibration or u want to have it repaired?
Manager: This Torque wrench already done repair by TONICHI and I want QA side Calibrate that the item only.

ON a really bad day, this would really really piss me off.

3) Girls who talk cutesy. Oi, kawaii fad is OVER.

4) Men who swears(like an Ahbeng) and talks bullshit marvelling at what wonderful and fantastic men they are.

5) People who talk endlessly on the phone. So, i'm not a phone person. I dont mind phone people but pls don't drag me into this. You may wanna talk endlessly on the phone, but I don't. I don't even reciprocate or just can't be bothered.

6) People who mumbles. It is not charming. It's pretty darn annoying if u ask me.

Second-rated Citizens

Back when we were young and clueless, it was so easy to get immersed in something and really work hard at it, because you hope that it will get you to where you want to be. I’m not sure about you, but I started off as a young idealist, eager to see what the world had in store for me and clichéd as it may sound, the world was really my oyster; if only I worked hard enough and made the right moves. Everyone has probably realized it that it is just simply not the case if you live in a country that preoccupies its time harping on quotas; in various forms-education, economic, socially. A country that discriminates you because your ancestors, many generations ago, were businessmen who held economic power; and only because they had worked hard to get there. Look at us now, the second-rated citizens. I know some people reading this will think, why get so hung up? But have you ever honestly look at the situation we are in, and think logically, without making any excuses? People are always saying “it’s not so bad here lah”, “you just gotta get round the system”, “it’s not always greener at the other side”. How many of your second-rated citizen friends are leaving this country? And what are they leaving for? Let’s not be naïve and think that other countries will NOT discriminate us just as how our citizens of our tanahair did. I won’t but I somehow think that elsewhere, I can work hard and have better hope and maybe even have equal chances of fighting for a piece of that pie. For it truly sucks having to live here, in my tanahair, having all these transparent discriminations shoved into your face, and being a second-rated citizen- we’re expected to swallow it. Either you do that or you get out of here. Lately, the latter doesn’t sound all that too bad.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What about them Gays?

More often than not I hear of people smirking about gays or cracking jokes about them. Some will grimace in disgust even horror when they know of anyone who's turned to 'the other side'. Familiar and standard questions would be 'why the hell they wanna DO that?", 'can the 'same-gender-preference' condition be reversed back?". Most just go "Yerrrr", "faggot", "yucks".

It's only people here that do that. Despite knowing that there is a large community of gays here and that they DO exist and is everywhere. Despite the fact that in some countries same-sex marriages are legal.

One of my buddies is gay. On most levels, I do think he's a better man than most men I know. And no, it's not because he's just MORE SENSITIVE, but he's also more articulate, caring, a metrosexual for sure, alert and more accomodating. And no, he doesnt walk like a woman or act like one! He tells me of how people here keep mistaking transvestites for gays..... it's a totally different issue he says. My observation is that gays tend to write longer and more detailed sms-es instead of the brief ones you get from straight guys like "OK", "K", "NO", "later".

We really need to break free from all these narrow perceptions that we've formed. Educate your peers. Let's not forget that these gays are also human. How would you feel if someone smirks at the sight of you with your other half because you're abnormal


Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. I'm totally mesmerized. Totally blew my mind away. Such a job well done that it's the kind of movie that really takes you away. Gritty, gory, adrenalin-rushing, witty at times...Full of suspense. I find myself rooting for Jaguar Paw- didn't matter that the movie didn't have any celebrity actors, or that the movie was in Maya language. Totally took my breath away. Can't wait for more from Mel Gibson :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unsigned Bands Category Buzz

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The Last Camping Trip

That was my last camping trip at Mactaquac in Canada, probably in year 2000. That's me on the far left. Those were my uni buddies - just out of the blue we took some tents and some food stock for the night and headed to the camping site. It was just after winter approaching can imagine the weather was chilling and breezy.

I was just reminiscing moments ago with my fren (wearing a cap in the picture) how we hardly have time to meet up anymore. Everyone's caught up with their own lives and goals to chase. It's all part of growing up. That's why, any effort made to organize even the simplest and smallest gathering or reunions are often much appreciated without much fuss.

There's gonna be a camping trip organized by some bloggers at Gua Senyum which I very much look forward to. The outings have escalated to better and better things ahead. The 'semangat' among the bloggers are way over my expectations. Your efforts shall not be wasted. Let's go camping!

How Things Have Changed...

1) We went from Ais Potong to Walls and Haagen Dazs. Anyone heard of Ais Bola?
2) We went from small roads back to Ipoh bypassing Tapah etc to plus highway all the way back.
3) We went from playing chongkak and batu seremban to DOTA.
4) We went from singing lame-o scouts' songs to extreme karaoke-ing at Neway.
5) We went from playing at the big longkang to roaming all over the world.
6) We went from snail mails to gmails.
7) We went from newspapers to blogs nowadays.
8) We went from slot in tapes (the big type) to CDs.
9) We went from Toshiba plain tv to plasma tv.
10) We went from chatting on the phone to instant messaging.
*NOTE: I miss the good old days :)


Something that I said
Made you wear a frown
The way you hang your head
Has made the tears come down
But don’t you wear a sigh
My beautiful child

You know it doesn’t burn
When you touch the sun
So don’t be concerned
My golden one
You’re gonna reach the sky
Fly ...Beautiful child

There is no other place
The human race is running out of space
There is no better love and human love
Is what it takes and I’ll be at your side
When you’re falling down
You’ll be feeling fine
When you hit the ground
So don’t slip away
Stay ...Beautiful child - EURYTHMICS

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Remember those days when we used to receive free coupons or discount coupons through our snail mail? Only to have it sometimes ruined by the rain? Many people do not rely on coupons from the mail anymore but now many are getting the coupons online.

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More of Gaudi



SHALLOW HAL EXHIBIT 1- I once knew a guy who always insists the girlfriend to walk behind him. Or wipe his mouth after meals. Just about anything that exhibits her submissiveness to enhance his macho-ness.

SHALLOW HAL EXHIBIT 2- A random friend I know tells of her husband who justifies his cheating on his wife by stating that the wife does not know how to dress up or was too fat and fugly. She was already fat when they first met. He left my friend whom he's married to for 20 over years for a younger woman.

SHALLOW HAL EXHIBIT 3- I find it somewhat offensive sometimes when guyfriends refer to their girlfriends as "FOH" aka barang or goods, or 'CHOY' aka vegetable I guess (gawd knows what all these cantonese shit means). Harlow, we've all got names ok. How would you like it if we women start calling you guys TOYS or BRINJALS or KENCING whatever.

SHALLOW HAL EXHIBIT 4- Old men who dresses up like they're 20. Argh, dress your age pls. It's worse when they start behaving like 20 year olds. with the dyed hair. and the bright ahbeng colors. And they think all the ahlians like them. If not for the money, they probably wouldnt.


It's a BLAH BLAH week for me. You know, it's one of those days when you just feel really BLAH and you just wanna sleep and vegetate at home. Nothing seems right and you don't want any company on your BLAH day.

Maybe it's the rainy weather. Maybe it's the constant traffic jam in KL. Maybe it's the fact that this week is sandwiched between 2 holidays for me. Maybe it's because I've lost my patience with people's attitude. Maybe it's because i'm pissed off by how shallow people are.

How to snap out of BLAHNESS? Find a great lover to hug or get hugged. Have a great booze night with some buddies. Erratic laughter and inexplicable nonsense sharing brings unusual happiness and joy- seriously. On a blah week, you don't wanna sit in on a client's meet and talkcocksingsong. Or, just sit in at home and watch DVD- something silly or funny ( anything from Owen Wilson usually works) . Nothing sappy or boring or educational/informative (like An Inconvenient Truth, *yawn*).


Monday, April 02, 2007

Talk Cock Sing Song

I believe it is a required skill. May not be the most important skill but it does come in handy. I would place it as the 3rd most important skill after Char Kuay Teow and Tai Chi skills. If you wanna go far in your career, you have to know this skill.

Why you may say... You need it when you're entertaining your customers. You need it when you entertain your bosses. You need it when you are in between meetings and conferences when you are idle or bumming around to kill time. You need it when you're on an overseas trip when you have to socialize with your counterparts. You need it to get business or close a deal.

How to enhance this skill? Why, it is no other than a couple of booze-filled sessions and ample food. It is the best talk-cock-sing-song mate. After a couple of beers, you're probably not liable to whatsoever you've said or done.

And...practice does make perfect. The more you do it, you'll find yourself perhaps repeating a couple of punchlines and jokes and icebreaker stories. In no time, you'll be the Talk-Cock-Sing-Song King.

Ching Ming Blues

It's the Ching Ming festival right about this time. It's a chinese ritual that all us chinese people follow since a long time ago. Many of us were stuck in the frightful traffic jam last nite but all for a good cause.

Some members of the extended family are Christians so year in year out, you see them and they as usual clean the tombstone, they do everything else but placing the joss-stick at the altar. I wonder if the Bible actually says that thou shall not place joss stick or maybe it states that one who believes in Christianity shall not embrace other customaries and rituals of other religions.

I sit on the fence on this I guess. For them to even show up to pay their respects to their ancestors is already good enough. On the other hand, joss stick-handling does not make you any less Christian.

I hate to say this, but I do say this to everyone who preaches to me about Christianity (for some reason, no Buddhist follower ever lured me to their side before) that for all you know, we're all praying to the same God. Why the hell do we all look the same if we had different gods?


This has always been my favourite pic of me and kye. We only rekindled our friendship when i happened to get enrolled in the same university that she was in. Although we spent a brief time in uni together it was a memorable one. FOr one thing, we both share the same sentiment on a lot of things. Maybe it's the Convent Ipoh disease we carried everywhere with us. Many thoughts and ideas just couldn't be shared the same way with the same wit and laughter that we have. Although now you're in the little island you hate and me in this godforsaken-so-called-cacat-city,'s wishing you ....YOU"RE 29 FIRST!!!!! HAHA... hugs and kisses!

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