Thursday, May 31, 2007


Why is it that some people who actually don't have a lot of appointments like to appear that they are busy and always even with friends tell them 'I'll get back to you later', "i'll confirm later",' see how laaaa'.

Some people also like to show up late for whatever appointments/gatherings that they themselves set the time at. I wonder if they know that they are an annoyance and that it's wrong to waste other people's time.

What about settling on the venue and time? I've had a few experience of ding-donging the whole day emailing back and forth with just 5 girls trying to fix the venue and time. We ended up elsewhere in the end anyway. Some dont like spicy food ler, the location, some got prior engagements la..etc etc etc.

I like to just set the venue/time/date and ask everyone OK or NOT. If not, then all's well, limit the ding-donging and throw in other suggestions. If there is no reaching compromise, then forget it. You can't accomodate to everyone. Someone has to be 'let go'.

And...really why make up stories that you've got other plans when you actually don't. Nobody would say you're a loser. Nobody would laugh at you that you've got nothing to do in the weekends. There's nothing weaker than insecurity.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Go Kart!

Go Karting - thought of 'main' go kart this weekend at the Shah Alam Stadium, so made some enquiries after searching on the net.

Get this. It is RM120-RM130 for 35 mins. Include a qualifying round and practise rounds. Asked the fella if can get discount for group. He said just a little bit. :( I wonder if the price before the go-karting event was featured in Asia's Amazing Race.

What a drag that it's so expensive. Cmon, it's just go-kart after all.

Myrtle Beach Golf on CoastalGolfaway

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Sucky Advert

You know that AstroMAX advertisement? The one where the mother kept giving way to her children when she really wanted to watch her TVB series? So, finally the husband bought her the AstroMAX, and she is once again a happy bunny, coz now she can watch her shows in the wee hours of the night when her brood is fast asleep. OK.. I just don’t get this ad. If it was me, I’d tell my children to wait their turn. What better way to instill in them the need to be considerate, for patience, for having the courtesy to ask ME if I’m done watching, respecting your elders, etc... I don’t get why the father didn’t make as much as a squeak to the kids. What sorta husband is that? I don’t really blame the children, something is really wrong with these kinda parents. It’s no wonder we find so many ding-dongs not bothering to queue up, never say their please and thank-yous, generally just having farking damn rude manners..
Seen any other moronic ads?

Six Degrees

It's just the beginning of the week and i discovered that Botak's friend know a childhood friend of mine and some other people i met during my short kickboxing days.

My friend LSW who's recently in a new relationship, his girlfriend happens to be a friend of my ex-colleague.

Six degrees -'s some advice..
1) stay true to yourself, if you do any bad, somehow or another ppl do find out.
2) dont think just because your gfs/bfs are scattered all over M'sia, that they won't meet. you'll never know.
3) what goes around comes careful of what you say!

Dirty Malaysian

Sometimes, i can't help but get geli-fied because of how dirty we Malaysians are. Here are some instances...

1) how many of you fold the bottom of your jeans/pants before you enter a public toilet?
2) how many of you actually sit on the toilet seat?
3) how many of you steer your car clear away from the more often than not overflowed dumpster....
4) how many of you have found roaches/insects in the plate of maggi mee/rice at the mamak you were about to savour?
5) how many of you been caught by a whiff of bad smell of the waiters/waitresses serving you?
6) how many women have been welcomed by wet wet wet toilets and unflushed 'business' when you're about to use the public toilet?

Get Clean. It's just about the only thing we Malaysians tak BOLEH do right now, ever since we sent some mat rempits to Mt. Everest. *smirk*

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mr Hanky, The Christmas Poo

We've all heard of Rudolph and his shiny nose..
And we all know frosty who's made out of snow..
But all of those stories seem kind of gay..
Cos we all know who brightens up our holiday..

Mr Hanky, The Christmas Poo
Small and Brown, he comes from you
Sit on the toilet, here he comes
Squeezin' 'tween your festive buns!

A present from down below
Spreading joy with a 'howdy ho'!
He's seen the love inside of you
Cos he's a piece of poo!

Sometimes he's nutty, sometimes he's corny
He can be brown, or greenish-brown
But if you eat fiber on Christmas Eve
He might come to your town..

Miraculously, i still remember this song from Southpark.

When You're Gone

Hold onto love that is what I do
now that I've found you.
And from above everything's stinking,
they're not around you.
And in the night, I could be helpless,
I could be lonely, sleeping without you.
And in the day, everything's complex,
There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you.
But I'll miss you when you're gone, that is what I do.
Hey, baby! And it's going to carry on, that is what I do.

Recently been listening to Cranberries again and almost forgot about this song that i used to like so much in the past. Maybe it's how sad it sounds- sounds like she's yearning for someone so badly. It reminds me of that song by Los Lonely Boys - More Than Love. And no, i'm not a fan of Zombie.

Recently if you've been following the news of Cranberries, Dolores O'Riordan has gone solo and recently i browsed through some of her new singles. Gone were her botak days and now she sports dark dark long locks.

And really, it's true, it was she who defined Cranberries so whether she's gone solo or not doesn't really matter. And yeah, her voice is still unique and no, Faye Wong's voice is nothing like her. It lacks passion. Seriously i wish chinese singers would stop imitating others! Find your own niche and your forte. And i wish stephanie sun didnt sing Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough. it sickens me to hear it. Especially when i love that song so much.

LIsten to Dolores O'Riordan Ordinary Day- have a cranberries attack!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Bastards and Bastards-Magnets

I've met over the weekend 2 guys who claimed the same thing. And get this. one is 26 and the other is 23. I can't help but feel like these 2 guys seems to be repeating the same mantra. ( i guess boys will be boys)

a) that they have multiple girlfriends at the same time.
b) the girlfriends know it but they accept it anyway. (what, stupid ah?)
c) that they didn't ask for it, the girls came to them. (yah right.)
d) that they are emotionally attached despite everything.
e) that they can't decide

Here's what i told them.
a) intro the girls to me so that i can slap them till they are awake.
b) you might enjoy the process of changing gfs like underwears but you'll get sick of it one day and realize how much time you've wasted on rubbish like this.
c) sex is not everything
d) just because women do not respect themselves enough to be fair to themselves does not give you the passport to disrespect them. dont treat women like they're a piece of meat.

So to the two guys, yar you may think you're a hunk or something, but...i always believe in karma. :)

Women Need their Girlfriends?

Caught this on the May Lee show last night, that all women in their 30s need to have their girlfriends with them because conversations are more productive when u reach that age. First of all, I think women of all ages should have girlfriends. But secondly, i don't think it necessarily have to be girlfriends.

If what May Lee thinks is that women in their 30s need girlfriends to share and indulge in life.. well, male friends can do that too.

i dont find giggling and gossiping with a bunch of women as rewarding as sharing opinions and life over beer with women/men.

i dont find women make better companions than men. not necessarily.

i dont find men talk cock all the time. some are actually capable of sharing very intimate thoughts and feelings on a emotional level.

i think it should have been rephrased that Women or Male need to have genuine friends as companions at any age.
even a kid need to have their playmates to have a more stimulating childhood :).

Getting Our Facts Right

Went to genting yesterday and was sitting on the Genting Skyway and noticed a billboard that claims it to be the longest in the world. Wow....But not really, coz in fact, Genting Skyway is the longest in South East Asia. The longest one is Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway in Switzerland.

So, let's bring down that billboard before our fellow tourists laugh at us :)

Little Miss Sunshine

What a clever film! I found myself chuckling away ALONE on a dry saturday afternoon as I watched the Hoover family trying to get it together . You have a suicidal uncle, an annoying one of those RObert Kyosaki wannabe husband obsessed with winning, a small girl vying to be the next beauty queen, being coached by the vulgar yet funny grandpa, and a teenage son who has a love/hate relationship with the family. Toni Collete is one of my faves since Muriel's Wedding..and she played the wife/mom/sis role.

There are so many memorable lines that yeah, i would say it could be one of the most original screenplay and scrip by far. I especially liked the little girl and the brother. it's reflection of the love/hate relationship we have in a family rolled up with scandals, financial shit, etc. The last part where the little girl did her 'talent' gig was brilliant! :) ENjoyed the movie thoroughly.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Hunk

Jason Kidd- New Jersey Nets

Got Tagged!

Which Act No Longer Performing Live Would I have Loved To See - botak tagged me on this...seriously, we hardly get any good acts here so i really wouldnt know which band/artist are actually no longer performing live. But here's the 5 that I would really love to see...

1) Blondie- Only because i think women rockers do bring in a different element compared to male rockers. And Blondie was so famous-One Way or Another(also soundtrack for Coyote Ugly), Maria, etc

2) Heart- More women rockers. I was introduced to the song 'Alone' by my indon fren and i was hooked. I haven't even heard the original because me and the indon use to just sing it out loud while he's playing the guitar, and already..i loved the song. Also i'm sure everyone know 'All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You'. (how can you not know)

3) Queen- oh...i share the same sentiment as Botak. This is to me the ultimate act. Forget MJ or Madonna whatever, Queen was legendary, the costumes, the incredible assemble, and of coz Freddie Mercury. Would really love to see them perform Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure and the rest of the other wonderful tracks they have.

4) Billy Idol- Ok, yar, i dont really know his songs that well, but i've seen some of his live performances on tv and it's quite phenomenal, and well, punk mar. The costumes and makeup is outrageous and the songs are legendary. Would love to watch him do Rebel Yell. I believe he is still performing but probably not on a large scale basis.

5) Roxette- Are they still performing? Practically grew up listening to Roxette. Songs are upbeat and well, we all know their songs! Songs i would like to hear are Fading Like A Flower, Vulnerable, Spending My Time, Almost Unreal.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Hunk

Jude Law.

You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a stormhold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,You'll never, ever walk alone.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,You'll never, ever walk alone.- OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II/Richard Rodgers

Just because it's AC Milan Vs Liverpool UEFA Champions league showdown today. And checkout Jordin Sparks tonight on American Idol doing this song.

Anyone's got the original MP3?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fading Like A Flower

In a time where the sun descends alone
I ran a long long way from home
To find a heart that’s made of stone
I will try, I just need a little time
To get your face right out of my mind
To see the world through different eyes
Every time I see you oh I try to hide away
But when we meet it seems I can’t let go
Every time you leave the room
I feel I’m fading like a flower- ROXETTE

I had a long long talk with a good friend of mine, LSW, about our new found significant other. Simply put, when you've been with bastards/bitches, you know it when you stumble upon a gem. You just won't be able to let it go.

And then there are some who are still searching for what you perceive as a gem, when you've just missed one among the rubbles you've created. There's no such thing as searching for it. It'll come when the time is right. To my fren, W.E., take it easy. if he wants a relationship with you, he'll make the right moves.

Tuesday Hunk

Offspring of Bob Dylan, Jakob.

Big Pay Rise

So it's finally announced. Big big increment for civil servants, in particular, our police force. To nearly about 20%. The PM justifies this due to the increase in GDP, fuel prices, tax system etc.

There are pros and cons. For one thing those policeman who was making duit kopi out of the citizens are gonna make more. Will it stop them from making more in view fact that they would have made 'sufficient' now with the increment. But well, we all know it's never enough. Perhaps now you get scot free for less duit kopi. Or perhaps these policemen will lessen the frequency of the sometimes untimely roadblocks. The rakyat can only hope. NO MORE DUIT KOPI!

And then there are those policemen and civil servants who have served the country and maybe as the PM has mentioned has salary that is borderline poverty. The BIG PAY RISE is to support and help them out of poverty. The question is, what about the rest of us? We din (just recently) pay tax for nothing, ya know. When's the money gonna work for us pulak?

I'm just thinking, with the BIG PAY RISE, are they going to eliminate the non-working lazy civil servants and actually benefit the ones that do WORK. Instead of giving a big fat increment, the govt should really look into the staff selection criteria and improvise productivity by keeping the GOOD ones around. If you think about it, if you have 3 lazy bums working at the customer service replaced by one really good worker, hell, i don't mind contributing my tax payment to his/her salary as long as i get my things done. Half the time, i spent hours at the police station or govt offices on what that could have been resolved within an hour.

And aren't we all going paperless nowadays? I'll rather have them dump the money on a really good system to improve our country's efficiency in ALL aspects electronic-wise than to feed more unworthy lazy bums.

How about using the money to cover up that HUGE pothole near my house that's been there for 8 years.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Ethan Hawke, of coz.

Sights-Tashkent Subway

I was most fortunate years ago when my dad was posted to Tashkent, Uzbekistan and had the opportunity to vist the former soviet union. The culture and architecture still fascinates me. One particular architecture that captivated me was it's subway stations. I haven't seen many , but i do think this is just absolutely beautiful. have a look at metroart , tribute to the wonderful architecture of subways around the world.

The subways were also meant as bomb shelters.... Place was so sacred that there are guards in every station, and our camera was confiscated for no cameras were allowed. I wonder why? Fear of plagiarism?

Ah Beng Joints

Do Ah Beng joints become ahbeng joints because ahbeng visits them or was the place CUSTOM MADE for ahbengs, making it an AHBENG MAGNET? Here's some tips on how to spot ahbeng joints...

1) menu is in chinese.
2) waitresses and waiters are chinese with ahbeng/ahlian look.
3) music selection is either cantopop or techno-irritating
4) decor is colourful and gory with a tinge of distastefulness....
5) place is filled with ahbengs and ahlians..
6) no one speaks english...
7) food looks cartoonish and not tasty at all
8) fengtau and happy pill 'warehouse' place

And are a few ahbeng joints that i've noticed. See if you agree
1) HK Miu Kai
2) Prince
3) Char Chan Teng
4) Any feng tau joints are ahbeng joints..
5) kim gary
6) anyone's been to COLOURS (boutique in most shopping malls)

The Power of Media?

My uncle has switched from BBC to Al-Jazeera nowadays. Why? Perhaps it is in his perception that Al-Jazeera is more 'true' and reliable than any other news network. How true that is we will never know nor is there a way to measure.

How could you be sure anyways? What with stories speculating Tony Blair's initial 'stardom' was structured and schemed by his assistance who was a former tabloid newsperson. Perhaps it was his foresight that he knew he had to look good and groomed to be the media darling to succeed. But the truth always prevail. As of now, after his resignation,he would always be known as Bush's accomplice to the atrocities that is happening in Iraq.

And so we've turned to other sources now. Blogs and other websites....of such is which is recently being flamed at. Here's a website where we can actually submit our stories- and readers rate 'em.

And well, we can't rely on our radio. They can't even get the music right. Let's not hope for anything substantial from our more often than not NOISY deejays (who makes no sense most of the time).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Hunk

For the ladies....Wentworth Miller

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spur of The Moment

How many of you had once in your lifetime done something totally out of character at the spur of the moment? It's spontaneous but also you normally wouldn't do. Count NOW how many times.

We all need those moments sometimes to 'colour' our lives a bit. Otherwise, what we have would be a rather monotonous, sad, uneventful life.
Have you ever wished you could pack your bags and leave? Well, dont just wish, do it. We sometimes unnecessarily bog ourselves down with excuses.

In this rat race, we are all living according to our PDA, schedules, deadlines, alarm clocks etc...Let's not think so much for once and just think about WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, RIGHT NOW.

Imagine you're like one of the WILD HOGS. haha


VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders - Once a while, some band/singer would make it big unexpectedly with A great song, and then disappears from the music scene thereafter. Remember That Thing You Do? The movie was to commemorate the many one hit wonders that have graced our ears. And here's a list of my faves..

1) I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred
2) Take On Me- a-HA
3) The Hustle-Van McCoy
4) Nothing Compares To You- Sinead O'Connor
5) Loving You- Minnie Riperton
6) Got To Be Real- Cheryl Lynn (soundtrack from SATC)
7) Unbelievable- EMF
8) Who Let The Dogs Out-Baha Men
9) How Do You Talk To An Angel- The Heights
10) Rock Me Amadeus-Falco (only because of its zaniness hehe)
11) I Touch Myself-Divinyls
12) I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) -The Proclaimers
13) How Bizarre-OMC

From Bad to Good

There were times when really bad singers made me squirm in disgust. And then years later they come up with some really new refreshing sounds and kinda made me see them in a new light. And then there are some that remain just as bad like Fergie...haha.

1) Justin Timberlake- i've honestly never liked him even when he was in N'Sync. But then he changed my view on him with his latest album FutureSex/LoveSounds...

2) Nelly Furtado- used to find her voice really irritating- the Fly-Like-A-Bird days, then she had a new album in 2006 called Loose and that just changed everything. My fave song of hers is Maneater.

3) Jennifer Lopez- remember the Love Wont Cost A Thing days? I used to just like her songs only if she collaborated with another rapper. Then i heard some new songs of hers from the Como Ama una Mujer album. Or maybe it's coz everything just sounds nicer in spanish..haha.

Got any?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prison Break 2

And so they have escaped the prison. The last season ended with them running towards the forest. Season 2 sees them trying to stay out of prison. Scofield and Burrows on the other hand are still trying to clear their name.

It is much more complicated as they find out to 'disappear' and many interesting characters are introduced here. I particularly like Alex Mahone, has a Clint Eastwood feel in him and certainly a deep character that made this season better.

This season also reveals of T-Bag's childhood. Yar, gotta admit i think T-Bag gives flavour to the season, otherwise, if Prison Break was to stand alone with just Scofield and Burrows (cmon, he was from JOHN DOE), would probably be really mundane and boring. Thank gawd for T-Bag and Abruzzi :)

The president having an affair with her own brother somewhat disappointing and yet very bill clinton-like , so...yeah. It's not entirely unbelievable i guess, :).

Definite A MUST SEE!

Rhythms Del Mundo-Cuba

Check out Rhythms Del Mundo, a collaborative album that fuses afro-Cuban music with popular hits from bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Maroon 5 , Radiohead.

Happen to chance upon a video of one of the remakes of COldplay's CLOCKS from the Rhythms Del Mundo album. Now, i absolutely loathe Coldplay but i thought this version is way way way more acceptable and pleasing.
A list to further entice you....
JACK JOHNSON - Better Together
ARCTIC MONKEYS - Dancing Shoes
DIDO and FAITHLESS - One Step Too Far
U2 with COCO FREEMAN - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
MAROON 5 - She Will Be Loved
OMARA PORTUONDO - Killing Me Softly
VANYA and RDM featuring QUINCY JONES - Ai No Corrida
STING - Fragilidad
FRANZ FERDINAND - The Dark Of The Matinee
LELE featuring RADIOHEAD - High And Dry
IBRAHIM FERRER - Casablanca (As Time Goes By)

Canadian Bands and Singers

Bet you didn't know some of these bands and Singers are Canadians!
1) Bryan Adams
2) Barenaked Ladies
3) Leonard Cohen
4) Nelly Furtado
5) Diana Krall
6) KD Lang
7) Chantal Kreviazuk
8) Joni Mitchell
9) Alanis Morissette
10) Wide Mouth Mason

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

What a Monday i had. The whole day had me geram without a chance to say it out loud.

1) nearly had an accident- it's a long story but i guess it's SAFE to say i belong to the SOV club where i won't have the tendency to scrutinize another person's driving skill.
2) had dinner at an AhBeng joint. maybe i'm just a tad fussy, but i really cannot have my noodles with techno ahbeng music playing LOUDLY.
3) took two hours to what was initially just a normal laundry routine- i soon discover some pails gory with sticky stuff and bottles of i assume to be marinated unidentified objects. had my stomach overturn a few times i think. i then found MORE unidentified stuff and expired stuff in my freezer.....arghhh...grosssssss

and's to a Manic Monday...
It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

Monday, May 14, 2007


The older you get, the crankier you get i tell you. And when i'm cranky, EVERYTHING irks me. Here's what to do when you're cranky.
1) Eat. Eat and just be merry.
2) Sleep it off. More often than not you wake up feeling less crappy.
3) Get a massage. Sometimes a bit of sadism helps.
4) Pick on something and just yell it out. You get tired and you'll stop, then the crankiness will vanish.
5) Grab a beer. Alone or with anyone that's not making you feel even more cranky.
6) Isolate yourself. Dont be a menace. Nobody likes a cranky bitch/bastard.

Is there a reason why we're cranky? Maybe it's cause we're frustrated about something or about our lives and how we are living it. Maybe we're not living it, and so u think the world owes you, and you get all worked up and cranky about it. And, pls, it's not always the PMS that's controlling our (me and all the women in the world) mood.

Hey, men get cranky too. Remember Mr. Scrooge from A Christmas Carol? (Charles Dickens).

And if you happen to be in the company of a cranky person, remember this, STAY AWAY and just ignore him/her at all times, that is until he/she snaps out of it.

Night Soil Carriers

Was having dinner with my uncle and he told about the night soil carriers in Teluk Intan- person who collects the faeces back in the 60s. My uncle related how the night soil carriers may sometimes catch you off-guard when you're doing your 'business' way at night or in the wee morning while they're doing their daily pickup.

I heard that night soil carriers still operate in india and china. Thank gawd for our sewage system....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Jazz Cafe

One of those rare times that i actually browse through RTM2 and what a delight it was to chance upon Late Night at Jazz Cafe...featuring Patrick Teoh as the host. Had a very David Letterman feel, with the initial stand-up comedian session by Patrick Teoh before the featured singer gets to belt out her/his number. Then a short interview with the guest making an appearance that day.

First of all, I really like Patrick Teoh. Yeah I may be biased coz he's from ipoh, but the guy makes me laugh. Anyone seen THE EXECUTIVE SPA yet? Or remember those days when he was deejay-ing? Compared to the crappy deejays these days who talk non-stop about NOTHING that annoy more than entertain you anyways.

Quite like the show, although the setting is kinda duddy. But ohwell, I think it's a good start of something different for Malaysia. Thank gawd for veterans like Patrick Teoh...wonder if Janet Ambrose (if i remember correctly) would join him one of these days....have a little Kelly Ripa & Regis feel :).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bullied or just a PUSHOVER?

Make this a checksheet for yourself; if you score anywhere between 70-100%, most likely you are either being bullied or just generally a pushover at WORK.
1) Are you always the one driving your colleagues out for lunch (unless you like to drive)?
2) Are you the last to leave the office because you have too much work while most of your colleagues have time for coffee breaks or chat time during working hours?
3) Are you always the one writing the minutes even when there's a secretary available?
4) You don't have a parking space even though other managers at the same level as you have a permanent one.
5) You are always left out for company after work happy hours and free meals.
6) Your boss passes down the minutes or forward emails of what HE has to do and ask YOU to complete the tasks. Once completed, you email only HIM your work .....
7) You don't have a say in any decision-making tasks, other managers at your level always decide that YOU do the work in the end.
8) The tea lady makes coffee for everyone but YOU.
9) Your MD/Director laughs and kutuk you during meetings and you just smile and laugh along.
10) You accept whatever increment/bonus that is given to you even if it's unfair without much appeal or objection.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Think i developed some sort of phone phobia- means phone-conversation-intolerance. Note the reasons why....

1) Sometimes can be a waste of time- if the person is talking nonsense or random things or that the person is doing most of the talking.
2) makes my ear ache
3) calls from customers- who never states clearly what the problem is and resorts to barking on the phone instead....
4) calls from home- no matter where i am, it's always scary to receive calls from home, for fear of bad news...
5) i have one particularly really long-winded colleague, and i'm really afraid of long-winded people, but because this guy is an old man, out of respect, i layan the phonecall, but always seem to be in utmost agony and constant headache-ing to hear him ramble on...
6) i really can't stand receiving calls from or making calls to customer service- of any kind:banking, phone services, etc
7) you know when sometimes you don't really mean it when you say 'keep in touch' or you exchange numbers because you wanna be polite, and then the fella ends up calling you to meet up countless times?
8) dunno why aunties can't just say what they want to say and be done with it.... Like "i need a ride" can become 'because this this this...and then.....then ar.....after ar...."

All i wanna say is....although i do appreciate a drop-by-hi-i'm-still-alive phonecalls...but yeah, keep is short and sweet :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bungalow Converted Restaurants

1. Rahsia - Jln Damai KL
2. Courtyard Garden- Bukit Damansara
3. Top Hats- Bukit Damansara
4. The Mango Tree- Bangsar Utama
5. Nero Vivo
6. Bonton - KL
7. Chandelier- Taman Seputeh

Top Ten Most Romantic Restaurants to go to

1. Bon Ton, Changkat Raja Chulan
2. Tamarind Hills, Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Ampang
3. Cilantro's, Jalan Tun Razak
4. Rahsia, Jalan Damai
5. Villa Danieli, Sheraton Imperial
6. Le Bouchon, Changkat Raja Chulan
7. Mango Tree, Lorong Ma'arof, Bangsar
8. Opus, Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar
9. Tamarind Springs, Taman TAR, Ampang
10. Delicious by Ms Read, Bangsar Village

Was searching for bungalow-converted-restaurants and came across this true is this? Anyone has other suggestions?

Weekend of Weddings and Separations..

Just over the weekend, I met a friend of mine who's confided in me about her husband whom she think is too stingy. Just like any woman these days, she's scheming with a friend of mine who's in the midst of a divorce. Question is, how does one go from loving someone to full hatred after 2 years of marriage. Her reasoning was that he changed after they got married. but with further provoking i just proved to her that she ALWAYS knew that he wasn't her type, she just missed out the little clues he left.

But the husband is incorrigibly and disgustingly stingy. Stingy with a purpose, well that's reasonable- saving up for the future etc.... But if the husband refuses to buy a dvd for the wife, well, I'd say goodbye to that.

Then i met up with my friends, 3 of them are getting married! We have been friends since we were 7 years old- a bunch of us, and everyone's talking about breaking the curse- the curse that none of us got married until NOW. Finally, 3 weddings! Ohwell, you know girls can be quite superstitious especially when it comes to these kinda things. So, specially to tzewei, june, eva, huilarn, shamila, -yar, the curse is broken, thanks to the about-to-get-married ones, ming, sookching and chuilyn!

Btw, anyone knows a bungalow-converted-to-restaurant where one can hold their weddings at?

Karaoke Bugs

Remember how it used to be when karaoke joints were dodgy and usually you're belting out in public? And usually sleazy and songs were duddy and usually evergreen numbers?

Now karaoke joints are everywhere, even in my 1st sis' condo in Singapore where my mom and her friends hangout at night at after their daily chores- a place to unwind and sing their hearts out.

Yar, not only the young ones go karaoke these days.

So here's the ratings based on my preference, you DO NOT have to agree....
1) Best Food- Galaxy ( i meant the best among the worst really)
2) Best Sound- Red Box
3) Worst Mike- Neway
4) Worst Service- Sunway Red Box
5) Best Service- Galaxy
6) Worst Sound- Galaxy
7) Worst Rooms- Songbird
8) Best English Songs selection- Neway
9) Worst PICK-YOUR-SONG navigation system (using the remote)- NEWAY/ EBOX

Friday, May 04, 2007

There's more to Thailand....

Just thought i wanna share with you one of those most overlooked city in Thailand. It is called Ayuthaya, an ancient city (i'm sure it rings a bell from the sejarah dunia days) , located at the junction of 3 rivers-Chao Phraya, Lopburi and Pasak. (good place to go for the Songkran festival)

I come here almost every year and there's a boat ride that i take from the hotel. It's a restaurant on a boat and we usually eat and have beer on the boat as we ride along the river. The backdrop is magnificent with the lights litting up the temples like the one posted above. The boat ride itself is breathtaking.

There's more to thailand than just the nightclub ladies, ah kuas and chatuchak goodies....Skip bangkok next time or just take a taxi from bangkok to's onli an hour away..

Make A Memory

I want a life,
To look back to,
With no what ifs and procrastination,
With no unseeked pursuits and ambition,
With no regrets and comtemplation.

I want a life,
That says I've fully lived,
With hate and woes already sieved,
Leaving me with fond memories,
For me to live on by in my eightys.

inspired by the bonjovi's song Make A Memory that he sang on american idol. caught it last nite.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jln Ipoh Yong Tau Foo- blech

Ish, I dunno what's the fuss about the famous jln ipoh yong tau foo is all about. My mom warned me that it's not good perhaps last year. But i went anyhow yesterday and it was nothing to shoutabout. Even a small shop in Ipoh Canning Garden beats the place hands down. There's also another one in Bentung (also in Ipoh) beats it flat with more variety and better chili sauce. It also gives an option of rice and noodles. This jln ipoh wan has only got a few selection to choose from.

A note to food bloggers: I think a blogger can't really claim what is the best and what is not unless you've tried everything.

Sandman- Thomas Haden Church

So Spiderman 3 was so-so. But I think the best thing out of Spiderman 3 was The Sandman. Thomas Haden Church played the character of the Sandman, who seems to be the nice bad guy. He quotes " I'm not a bad person, I just had bad luck." Some would remember him from the oscar nominated movie Sideways, where he plays a guy who's about to get married on a last roadtrip with his buddy. I remember him from a sitcom though, called WINGS, where he played a silly worker at the small airport in WINGS. This is perhaps the only movie i've seen him play a serious character. BUt, yes, I think Spiderman 3 is an opening for Thomas Haden Church to reach greater heights and better acts to follow. Certainly an actor worth noticing in years to come.


SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 1: Men must always be the one to make decisions. Go see, most men are indecisive. But then again some women are indecisive too. But well, when required, if the woman can or have to make a decision, why not? Why always have to wait for bf/husband to make the final say?

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 2: Men must always be the driver. Well, some men do like to drive, so be it. I know a couple where the gf drives, which i think is totally cool! There's no written law that says that women can't be the driver. Yar, a lot of people say women suck at driving, but some men suck at it too.

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 3: Can't go out without applying any makeup. WTF?

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 4: Women must be meek, polite and demure, soft-spoken and dainty-like. Sheesh. If you're pretending to be something you're not, you're just a phony.

SHALLOW GIRL EXHIBIT 5: Girls who follow their bf everywhere. Alamak. Get a life. Seriously. You wont be anything if you can't stand alone. Eat alone. Travel alone.


Are you in the midst of looking for a suitable job for yourself? I must say i've been jobsearching throughout my last 2 years working at my current company. Been to countless interviews some fruitful and some not.

I must say i've never had a really good, professional and smart interviewer. Most of the interviews end up with us haggling on the expected and agreed salary. Irregardless of what industry I applied to. They always do the same thing. Call for interview. Ask interviewee to intro themselves. Ask interviewee for current company's benefit. Get interviewee to commit to an agreed salary. It's like as if everyone went to the SAME 'How-to-interview?' course.
I had an interviewer who forced me to sign the offer letter straightaway during the interview itself. Saying all he could to convince me for 4 hours.

I had an interviewer for an ISO company who ended up mostly investigating my company, trying to figure out why my company has not hired them to do consultation work. Even gave me the company's brochure on courses offered and ask me to distribute to my HR!

I had an interviewer who kept interrupting me AFTER he asked me any question.Din wait for my answer and went on and on and on.

I had an interviewer who interviewed me for a job at QATAR. The lady was a headhunter. Then she told me it's a male dominated country and i probably wont be suitable. So my question to her was why was i even shortlisted for an interview in the first place then, (I swear my resume indicated clearly that i was a female!)

I had an interviewer who asked me to take a 20% salary cut- because it was a GLC and had bountiful benefits. Hullo??? HOw to justify laaaa?

Sigh. Maybe it's time i work for myself. Or not work at all. I must say i have had MORE money for a less prestigious organisation with LESS haggling and NONSENSE years ago! What is malaysia becoming into?
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