Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mona Lisa

That was how tiny Mona Lisa was.........frankly, i thought the other paintings that the Louvre had were way better, but ohwell, who am i to judge.

Up on that Tower...

Some guy in my tour asked me if Andrew proposed while we were up on that tower....duh, i told him we even forgot to kiss!!! too absorbed with the sight from way on top!!! It didnt make me go gaga like some of the other tour mates, you could hear them sighing, oohing and aahing! hehehehe...kind of rubs on you sometimes how people can be so dramatic. I can't remember myself going oohing and aahing....except well for Angkor Wat...

In Amsterdam, obviously....

Don't mind his hand!


Nothing related to crystal here..just thought this was a nice sight...erm, although very similar to the Seaworld in Singapore...hehehe.....or Aquaria ......


Alright belle ...stole this pic from you. A post long overdue. It was a great beginning for this dear friend of mine. Years younger than me but braver than most women my age. Can't wait to see little Blythe!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Your Thirst...

We tarpau-ed wine here Euro1.85 for 1liter of Cabernet Savignon....Venice
made a stop here for Paulaner somewhere in Munich

HOFBRAUHAUS.....drinkers would know what this place means!!

Andrew had a few of this the whole trip

Wine tasting in Germany...

Some italian beer....

Monday, November 17, 2008


This was not an intentional pose by Andrew...We were listening to our guide telling us about Roman history at the Forum....Very attentive aye.

Piazza Venezia

Probably my favourite city, Rome...this is Piazza Venezia. It was hours and hours of walking...but worthwhile....This place looks even more amazing at night...


Duncan, our tour mate actually made us laugh here, so that's why we were grinning like mad, trying to stifle our laughter. He kept saying we don't smile in any of our photos when we pose...and kept egging us to SMILE. hehehe

Notre Dame

My photography has improved...i hope, for andrew's sake. Since we had to take shots of each other :)

Dedicated to Atami/Larn. This is one of my favourites. It looked like it's a cut and paste job...thanks to Andrew. kekeke.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Euro Trip

We're back finally. The dream is over. We walked the streets of Amsterdam, Innsbruck, St Goar, Florence, Munich, Rome, Paris, Venice and bits of UK, london, liverpool, stratford-upon-avon, cambridge, manchester, coventry AND now it's all over. I have mixed feelings about the coming back to reality, happy somewhat to be home, but then was missing the holiday feel....3 weeks of being a tourist!!!!

My review: I probably would want to do europe again, but the next time probably eastern europe ...My favourite was probably Rome and Venice. ... I like it that the italians dont give a damn and just liveeeeeeeeeee. I didn't really like UK, probably it's the weather, but as Imn put it, bad vibes....especially of London.. maybe it's the thought of this little dull dreary country used to rule us, i mean, wtf....they are overrated. people are snobbish. Roads are narrow, food sucks...geez. weather is dull and grey. shopping sux because everything's expensive unless u love primark shit.xmas decor is overrated. i think it's weird that i harbour such disgust because of the colonization and all...just can't help it...! We were snubbed at the customs twice. and at a restaurant by the waiter. and the lady at the counter at the airport. Their tone of voice immediately gave us a rude feel when they saw we were asians and Malaysians some more!Feel like telling them UP YOURS! Your economy is in shambles because u shits are too arrogant. I can't seem to understand why asians go there and they become pretentious and get warped into the whole thing.

I wont be posting any pics though...I'm thinking why would people be interested to see pictures of me. Sorry philters... , the trip didnt bring out the self-whoring side of me just yet......kekeke. Although i think slightly improved-lah.
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