Monday, August 29, 2011

Ignorance is not an excuse

One of Andrew's friend got registered for marriage yesterday. His then wife-to-be was to deliver next week. more or less. Why did they waited for so long I wonder. Granted, the guy is not exactly the appropriate type, and neither is the wife. Yet, if they had decided to bring a child into this world, why risk it. Andrew says perhaps they are ignorant. Perhaps. But it's not an excuse. I pity the child. She did not ask to be born into a dysfunctional family if you could even call it a family. The guy obviously did not give two hoots that he was going to be a father next week. People who are illiterate would have had more common sense. You don't need a degree to have a common sense. even Ahbengs and Ahlians would love their child. He does not belong to any category, except for the category of scums who do not deserve a child.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A beginning

Stay tuned. A beginning of a new life! It will all be made known in 5 weeks time.


It's true that we spend the most hours in our lives at work whether we like it or not. But lunch has always been a highlight for me.i am sure a lot of ex-colleagues and current colleagues would tell you that I am always the one to prompt everyone to makan. Hehe. Highlight of a usually serious and lonely hours at work. A break that we all much needed after sieving through endless emails. Truly, it is for me the best time of the day! At work at least.....

Although I have had my share of lonely lunches.... All throughout my career until now I suppose. After customer and supplier site visits, or when I was a consultant, when you always had to make new friends before you get lunch partners. Honestly, I love those lonely lunches too. First I get to choose where and what I want to eat, and I know I am rather picky. And I get to people watch and really it is quite an enjoyable activity, haha.

Well, of course it is never good to be an anti-social so I always try to build new lunch partners and routines. I must say it is rather important to get good kakis else I would really rather just be on my own. I for one do not like to talk about work during lunch, talk cock sing song anything, just please don't talk about this email that email. Luckily I have in the past made some great lunch company and loved my lunches!

Now breakfast is a different is my me time :) ....err also because I get to work at 7.15am so no one is at work yet. Haha.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Feels the same when I was 30 really.. Staying at the same place. New job but the same old thing anyways, it's still not my own business haha. Gained a lot of weight but don't really mind it too much. Friends that matter are still my friends and we are close despite distance and new family commitments. I am thankful for my family and husband, for too many things. I probably did most of the things I set out to do in these few years. I don't really have a long list or a 10 yr plan, I tend to make things up as I go along. Life 's too hard so why want to be harder on yourself. That's my thought anyways. Its like saving for your pot of gold, it will never be enough.... Or trying to be a significant leader in your company, the higher you go, you will always want something more or at an even bigger company.

I would rather work on small milestones. Like go on at least 1 overseas trip a year. It didn't matter if it was just Thailand. And one girls only vacation a year. Go on one family trip per year. Getting a new car before my kelisa fails on me, oh I miss him. Generate another side income , that's still not done yet but not unachievable.

Anyways I know a lot of my friends have some sort of things that they have mapped out to do before 35 like getting married or being a parent or making 10k a month. Not everything will fall through and there are bound to be some disappointments but that's ok! We shouldn't let age define our milestones and happiness. Eg if you were to only find your lifetime partner when you are 45, is that not better than settling for a guy you have some doubts of at 35.

So happy birthday to me and my twin. Life is good only if you nourish and cherish it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A breakkk

We are in Chiangmai today. Decided to keep things simple and just chill for a few days here. Andrew is having a massage while I idle myself away in a nice shop having a kiwi smoothies. Simple pleasures I think weiyin could relate to. Hehe. We walked all over Chiangmai today but not particularly looking for anything, not like in the past when we would really hunt and track down those sights. U see, there is nothing much in Chiangmai except for temples and temples (350 of them).... And that is the whole idea. Just a break from it all and away from all the hustle and bustle of kl. And especially away from the office desk! Ok, ciao now. Chill and hv a kit kat if u must.

Friday, August 05, 2011


"Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause"- Mahatma Gandhi.

There's this change going on in my department. Work's being reshuffled around and we have timelines, get it done and move on to your new role. While no one is big on CHANGE, I've been through too many changes in most of my workplace to know that you've gotta do what you've gotta do else you'll just have to ship out, but it's not any rosier elsewhere. We have to stay lean and that's all there is to it. In the past, we don't give much thought to it. Just get going and do it. Because we understood. Staying lean is all that matters because that's what helps to keep you EMPLOYED.

But not this company. People have been spoilt. People are ignorant to the global recession that is looming towards us. While it's good to make the best of it and try to carve a better workplace for yourself, it should not be at the expense of others. It gets intolerable when it affects my work. While I would rather move on and have the transition done asap, others are taking a stroll, stalling for a hidden agenda. It didn't really bother me at first, but when one starts to churn excuse after another, now that's just unprofessional. Postponing and avoiding meetings, throwing new 'info' that only further stalls the transition, I mean that is just so 'low' and not to mention plain immature.

And why do I say people are spoilt. I went through recession without any pay increment, no bonus for 2 years. And to be moved project after project in different locations for different clients, for 3 years. In another company for 2 years, I commuted few times in a day to 2 different plants with no additional allowance. My work has always been ever changing and really we just need to embrace it.

Nobody likes to go to work like you're on a battlezone. Everyone has lost their objective just like any war. I just want to get on with my work, but yeah, intolerance is getting in the way. But what do i do? I could complain. Or I could try to reason out, but the hidden agenda would make all dicussion infutile anyways. I have made sure I send my point across though. Like it or not.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Old Friends

I met WY today and it's been almost 6 months since we last met. But the funny thing about old friends is that we immediately get into our childish mode when we meet. Never mind that it's in the office (and a rather serious one I must add). I knew her when we were 13 for god's sake. Makes me forget that I am a grown 33 year old , a wife and a 'worker'. We exchanged stories and really at some point I think it made me remember those carefree days at the lower hall and me, WY and imn were sitting idly talking rubbish waiting to get into class. Yar that's the effect some friends have on me. Like when SC called me last week. She is someone I sat with halfway through form 1 because I was too noisy. We never were in the same school after form 5 but our friendship prevails till today. Odd right? Same as for Wawa. We found a brilliant way to call each other last Friday and that can be hard on a different time zone but we did it anyways and it was like gossiping over coffee of the day all over again. I guess nothing comes without effort. If you feel you are falling out from your friends, ask yourself if you have really neglected them. Some friends understand that you have your obligations and trust that when they need you the most you'd be available anyways. I like to think that I can be that kind of friend. Not just a friend to hang out with. But a friend you can count on.
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