Friday, March 30, 2007


Short for Dont Know Don't Care. This was the brainchild of my fren, CCS. It came out of the blue while we were discussing some work issues. And now it has become somewhat my motto at times.

The more you know, the more you're being held accountable for. This would be why a lot of people now are very good at 'buat bodoh', because really, it works. You can dodge all the irrelevant work that was in the first place pushed to you.

What about all those family feuds and scandals? Frankly I would rather not know for once you step into the matter, you're gonna have to be 'involved' all the way. I really think sometimes family members should 'jangan jaga tepi kain org lain!' Problem is that 'some' family members just never draw the boundaries, or they just go over it.

Even in friendships, the less you know is better. I know some of my friends over a certain period of time, must have had some sort of disagreement that led to them being enemies or sore friends. Well, I really rather not know. If they choose the relationship to be of such state, then it's their choice. Why meddle when there are some things that are just best left alone? It's not that I can't be bothered, I just think it's not my right to bother anyways.

So, try this new motto. DKDC. The less you know sometimes may just do you some good.

Is Money Ever Enough?

I know so many times in my blog i've stressed that money is not everything. But then again, we do need money if we were to indulge in whatever that we want to. We need money for almost everything.

We almost eat, drink and breathe money... Even that drop of tap water we drink costs something. This year sees me scrummaging and relooking into my finances as i juggle in between schedules to plan my budget apropriately. I want to indulge but it all eats up my money. Sigh. It almost feels like my dough is on the Ferris Wheel where the boarding junction is where the money all pours out to.

That is why we're constantly looking for ways to make more money, unless one is contented to not travel, or experience anything and lead a simple life. But, if we find the best way to make a lot of money, when to stop before we're labelled greedy? it's a fine line indeed.

Glimpse of Borobudur

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gaudi's Work

Casa Milà - Barcelona


I wish people would stop being so uptight. These are usually the negative ones, the ones who wouldn't do anything that makes them look dumb, the ones who worries about ruining their makeup. These are also the ones who never joins any outing because they think it's too silly or boring.
Well, i had a friend who would never meet friends of mine. I have another friend who never lets me swear in public because it's too 'unbecoming' blehhhhhhhhhhhh. I have a friend who never eats alone in public. I have a friend who doesn't talk about anything remotely related to sex.
Sigh, what age are we in? In being so uptight, these people somehow loses out on what may or could have been the best time of their lives, or meeting the love of his/her life, or the soulmate for life.
If they think being uptight makes them look more 'high class', then I'll rather be low class. :)

Shrieks of Joy- Genuine ones...

It's wonderful to see a kid exclaiming genuine Shrieks of joy. There's just too many phoney adults who fake their laughs and 'ampu'/'layan' their bosses or business partners 'with benefits'. People may say this was NECESSARY and inevitable, it's just a mindset really. Everyone just thinks we have to. I get by well enough without having to do so. I might now be grossly rich but i'm contented. Is that not sufficient?

Change Your Mind

Racey days
Help me through the hopeless haze
But my oh my
Tragic eyes
I can't even recognise myself behind
So if the answer is no
Can I change your mind - The Killers (Change Your Mind)
Sometimes we are so fixated on our mindset that we refuse to change. We were moulded to be that way with our upbringing and perhaps years of influence from peers and media and etc. We have our own 'bible' to follow, our own principles and faith...what not.
But how can we progress if we do not accept changes or welcome changes. One cannot always stay in his/her zone and not venture out to the ever changing society. Unless you wanna be some 'katak di bawah tempurung'.
What is more worrying i think is the asian mindset. We are too conservative in some aspects....and too western-wannabe in some aspects.... We are also somewhat rigid on certain issues especially when it comes to sex. Even though the actual 'practise' much differ from what we project as conservative.
If we wanna be a better person, change your views and perspectives about certain issues. Listen more to what people have to say and really consider and evaluate. Open your mind. People who see things in a big picture can achieve greater heights.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Places to Go

If only i had a buckets of money, i would most probably indulge the travel bug in me. Tried to go as many places as i could with what little money i have. I'm one of those who probably won't mind shabby huts and dirty facilities, so long as i accomplish seeing and experiencing what i set out before i embark on a journey. it's the experience that counts, not the fancy hotel you stay in.

I've made it a point to see more of Malaysia. I realize that i've been to TOO few places in Malaysia. Thanks to Gallivanter and Cely, i went to revisit PD, Melaka, Bukit Tinggi and the next trip probably to Gua Senyum. One of the places that i've always wanted to go was Taman Negara. Seriously.

Am also not into the citylike places. If you ask me, i wouldn't want to live in a city anymore. The hustle and bustle is great but afterawhile everything just seems so phony that you just wanna go to a hideaway and stay there. indulge in fresh air with kopi-o on the side. yar..the nescafe kopi-o and not the starbucks coffee of the day. The big cities that i've been to, even if it's in asia or US or Canada, they all give you the same feeling. Lost. Busy. Crowded. Noisy. Rushed. Paranoid. SO, yeah, staying away from big cities this year.

Give me a historical haunt anytime. Am blessed to have seen Angkor Wat last year and Vietnam this year. one thing about asia is that we are still very much culturally-inclined which makes the experience all the more worthwhile. is Borobudur Temple in Solo, Indonesia. hoping to go sometime in sept/oct. maybe i have a thing for temples...who knows.

Annoying Annoying Annoying!

Annoyance of the week...
1) Girls who speaks softly - i almost have to shout a loud HAH to encourage them to speak louder. It doesn't make you any more 'lemah-lembut' by being soft.
2) Taking instructions from people who doesn't know what he/she is doing. Yar....the bosses and all. It's like as if they're taking you on a ride.
3) People who keep ffk-ing last minute.
4) Aunties who thinks they know better.
5) LOST MAILS via snail mail!!!!
6) Office server that keeps going bust.
7) People who are never ever on time. 10 mins late is ok..but 1-2 hrs late is a little stretching it.8
8) Road bullies. Hoi, if you wanna drive fast go to the circuit or something. The road is meant for everyone. Slow drivers too.
9) Customers. They think we owe them everything just because they are our customers.
10) My car that died on me for 2 days! Arghhhhhh....... dammit

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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Here's a few reasons why...see if you agree, purely based on my experience and judgement.
1) Women at work are the communication bridge- men amongst men hardly communicate especially when it comes to work-related issues, perhaps out of ego, or they just refuse to answer or be questioned by their co-workers. That's when women come in to picture. We're just better at making small talks and just more tactful i suppose.
2) Women brighten up the workplace. Yar sure, women are noisy at work, but really, we lit up the office! Unless you prefer facing a bunch of boring old/young men who hardy say anything and look gloomy trying to do the work at the desk.
3) Women bring in lotsa great food eats. Women just love to cook and sometimes bring it to work and share with their colleagues, some do it because they love to share, some do it because they wanna show off their cooking skills. Anyhoo, everyone at work gets to eat who cares what the real motives are!
4) Women can talk and talk and talk! Hey, when you need a break at work, who would you usually look for? Is it the old dud or boring young male engineer or do you go and look for the chatty female secretary who always has something juicy to talk about?


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Durians- most men and women are like durians. They are thorny on the outside, can 'perli' and diss you like you're worth nothing, but inside, they melt like cream when it comes to the people they love. Durians are also bullies who may look tough on the outside but when provoked they probably have not much substance to fight back.

Rambutans- I classify people who are crazy like rambutans. The redness symbolize the constant drunk mode the person is always in, and the rambutan hair is just like the gila hair we have. You all know what gila hair is right?

Papayas- I always say Singaporeans are yaya papaya-s.... well, just stand for yuppies. There are some sprouting in KL already. You see an increase in number of yaya papaya-s who lives on credit cards and have no financial security - most of the time living the jetsetter life and a wannabe life while pulling all strings trying to manage their finances.

Watermelons- might look and sound juicy on the inside, and as you dig deeper, yar it is still juicy but when you really evaluate that person, he/she are full of seeds, bad seeds even. those seeds are like vices. every person has their own secret vices. maybe on over-indulgence in liquor? porn? whatever... not everyone is as good as they project themselves to be. Dont be fooled.

Up to My Nose

This is my sanctuary to pour my thoughts really, so pls bear with me. Am lately finding myself questioning what the hell i'm doing in the place i work at. i should have left when i had the chance last year but i was persuaded by the great boss of mine and the promise of a better salary that never materialized.
And now i'm stuck here. Doing all sorts and what nots that i don't find particularly stimulating. people say you cannot expect to have great times at work, there would be boring and monotonous moments but maybe this is even lower than the lower limit of expectations.
What i cannot understand or am baffled is how i've probably explained some SAME simple procedures to the same people even of managerial level over the 4 years i've worked here. Imagine hearing yourself uttering the same stupid things over and over again. it's almost as if people do not listen or do not bother to understand.
Good leadership ensures the operation to run smoothly. Even if you have monkeys as subordinates, if delegated and managed well, even monkeys can perform. No? I can't tolerate another meaningless, indecisive, inconclusive meeting anymore.
Yar yar..i know. I need another job. Or another avenue to run to. Working on it.

Monday, March 26, 2007


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The Selfish Me

I can't help being selfish sometimes. If i dont think for myself, who will? Who's gonna do what's best for me? Who's gonna decide what's best for me. Is it wrong to be selfish sometimes? I think not. What's wrong with loving oneself? If being selfish harms no one and makes you 'gain' , then how can that be wrong? I am not a saint who's gonna be doing good and thinking about everyone else in the world. If i can't love myself how can i love others? :) Have a nice day.

Conservative Fools

Here's what conservative fools in Malaysia think....
1) That women ought to stay at home and take care of the family. Some would even exclaim why in the world do women wanna have a career etc, even women themselves think that way.
2) That bfs must pay for the gf's meals, shopping, etc.
3) That if you eat dog meat, dogs will bark at you.
4) That pre-marital sex is bad.
5) That you have to have a degree to be labelled as reliable and stable and smart.
6) That quiet men/women are boring.
7) That bimbos are dumb.
8) That women should marry before 30 or else they go 'expired'.
9) That all indian men get drunk and beat up their wives.
10) That singles have no life.

Chinese Dialect Deficiency

Just recently someone asked if i can speak or understand mandarin. Unfortunately my vocabulary is limited and hence i i dont half understand what people say most of the time. Despite attending POL (People's Own Language) classes since i was 9 till 15 i still don't get Mandarin. if you ask me, it is the hardest language to learn but most would say arabic is the hardest since it is more complicated.
But i must say that i do regret not being able to speak mandarin. I had to get by with my somewhat pathetic cantonese. Yar, my cantonese isn't that good either. Sometimes in a conversation, some metaphors or simpulan bahasa my frens use, i don't really understand. Half the time i'm trying to figure out just what they said or just pretend that i understand.
I have perhaps missed out on about 3 good job opportunities in China because I can't speak mandarin. So yeah, I do have regrets. I tried to learn by listening to cantonese and mandarin songs. That lasted for only a while because i can't really stand the monotonous, mechanical, predictability of cantonese/mandarin songs. If it wasn't for karaoke, I probably wouldnt have somewhat improved my vocabulary. Learning a word a day might just do me some good. maybe i can sing a song or two in mandarin/cantonese, but i still can't utter a complete sentence in mandarin for the love of gawd! i was in Taiwan last year and some street vendors got somewhat pissed off that i couldnt converse with them in mandarin. Or Hukkien.
Having said that, me not knowing Cantonese/Mandarin doesnt make me any less Chinese than the chinese-ed people. I dont idolize the west. Some smart ass thinks that we refuse to learn mandarin because we look down on it. Or that we are snobbish. I just think some people just a higher ability to be language proficient especially Mandarin. I happen to be someone who is just not so good in Mandarin. It's no crime, right?

Friday, March 23, 2007

My Interview

Here are some of the observations I've made from the many interviews i've attended.
1) Malaysian style: they like to ketuk you, saying you're actually not qualified, even though you were shortlisted, and then they try to ask for your minimum acceptable salary . Someone actually asked me if i'm willing to take a 20% pay cut. it almost feels like i'm in chatuchak market in Bangkok trying to bargain to get the best price.
2) the interviewers like to throw in big words...ask you things that they are fully knowledgeable about. but when you throw in something that they ought to know but they dont, they get bit pissed off coz they think you're a smart alec. they'll most likely look at you blankly and move on to the next question.
3) they always always ask me if i'm married and if i drive. reasonable question i would say, only because even now, a lot of women dont drive and dependent on their spouse for transport.
4) what i'll be doing in 5 years. geez. seriously, i don't really think this is a good question. not in malaysia at least. if you're lucky, you're in a mnc, can say you wanna be in management etc. if you're in a chinaman company not by choice but because you don't have a better job, what can you expect in 5 years? endure or keep looking for a better job. it's easy to plan but to have it realized, there's many factors to consider.
5) what i can contribute to the company. alamak, haven't even hired me and already asking me that. honestly, whatever answer me or another interviewee gives is pure bullshit. why question what i can contribute when if hired, it is the manager's responsibility to ensure i contribute and get things done. ain't it?
I'm looking forward to more intelligent questions from interviewers really. I haven't met a good one so far. perhaps a few who actually requested that i prepare a related presentation.

About Wedding Dinners..

This is certainly a year for WEDDINGS. When i was younger, i used to love attending weddings...because of the fairytale-like of it all, the food, etc. Now as i get older, i began to question the meaning of it all.
1) Sure wedding ceremonies is to celebrate the union of two people. If that's the case, is it not sufficient to invite close friends and most importantly the family? nowadays, many cannot avoid inviting business-related attendees...for?
2) Brides are made to be queen-like on that day. They dress up and redress and dress up again. They hardly eat because of all the changing of attire sessions. It somehow feels like a fashion parade in some. Ever seen a bride trying to fit in the dress with lotsa 'tools'? Pure torture.
3) Angpows. Beginning to find it a real burden. Especially when you don't really know that person that well, but it has somewhat become an obligation to give angpow anyways. And even if that person is close, there's a minimum of RM100. Some actually make money out of it. Justified, u think?
4) Liquor- booze for all. Mostly sapu-ed by the drunkies. Purely unjustied when they are having more fun than the bride and groom.
5) Really, do the bride and groom actually have fun on that day? perhaps maybe at the end of the day. Pouring out the money plus lotsa obligatory smiling and layan-ing, i really doubt it.
6) Some people actually compare how luxurious the wedding is compared to this other fella's wedding. meticulous planning and fighting (no doubt) and preparation for just one day. Justified, you think?
Most of my friends do without the whole dinner thing nowadays. Mostly because of monetary constriction. WHAT SAY YOU?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It feels like this is a long overdue post. Seriously, in my years of living, i've met or observed so much immaturity in men that it almost makes me glad that i'm a female. are a few instances.
1) Men who drives fast/tailgates. For whatsoever reason they think it's alright, perhaps a boost to their machoness, and all that rage on the road makes them more manly somehow. I think not. People who tailgates are just annoying. I almost wish they get banged sometimes.
2) Men who likes to TALK BIG. They'll tell you what a jetsetter they are. How much they make. How important they are in the company. How high profile he is. Geez. I don't really give a fark.
3) Men who disapproves their girlfriends from meeting guy friends. Alamak. Apa century ni? It's ok for the guys to meet their gal friends but not the other way round?
4) Men who talks about prostitutes/ sex/ pretty girls. First, prostitutes are human too. Second, talking about sex is ok, but not excessively. It gets boring after a while. Talking about pretty girls is ok too, but when you stare and wolfwhistle or nudge your friends, just makes you look like a tongue-dangling dog. Do it with tact. Flirt if you have to, but tastefully.
5) Men who are vague in speech thinks it makes them cool. They dont speak in full sentences. They think it keeps people guessing. Makes them mysterious or somehow. I just think that they are speech-deficient. get some classes!
6) Men who thinks women know shit about car/football/basketball and that women only know about fashion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Glorious food in Saigon

Hue Food that we had when we first arrived. The best is the eecky thing on the far right bottom corner bowl of tiny clams porridge.
Pho Bo and Pork Chop Rice we had at the roadside at the Backpackers' street. Just about any roadside food here at Ho Chin Minh City is better than Malaysia's Vietnamese Kitchen. No kidding! We were very lucky coz Siang's colleagues who were Vietnamese took us to meat, Vietnamese style...and also with a good dash of traditional rice wine to go with it. Had a great feast of about 5 dishes made of dog meat....hmmmm... it's not as gross as you think. We also had monitor lizard and paddy mice that I won't be posting. Might just gross you out. :)

That's Kitty on the right. She says she hates that name and that her real Vietnamese name is Guan An (something to that effect). She took us to feast on snails! and clams! and Giant Clams! Coconut snails! Balitung! Had is with Xa Xi (actually Sarsi, but that's what they call it there).


Endroo was gloriously intoxicated with Saigon beer and 333 beer priced at approximately RM3 ~~. How to resist.
I was more into the Ca Phe Da....their iced coffee..., available almost anywhere, and best yet, on the roadside sitting on small stools and small tables. Usually accompanied by a pot of complimentary lotus tea.

Featured here is my buddy of many years, Sep Siang who is working there- our "tourguide" who's taken us everywhere and optimized our HoChiMinhCity experience with some 'strange' food experience and 'facial' experience.... (to be continued)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Place Where I Belong

Way over yonder is a place that I know
Where I can find shelter from hunger and cold
And the sweet tasting good life is easily found
Way over yonder - that's where I'm bound
I know when I get there, the first thing I'll see
Is the sun shining golden - shining right down on me
Then trouble's gonna lose me - worry leave me behind (Way Over Yonder-Carole King)
Once a friend of mine did some calculation using my birthdate and came up with a map on my past and future. Apparently he said that I am a person who won't stay put at one place. I'm a person on the move. But to date, I haven't really been to as many places as I would have wanted to. I'm not a tour-kind of person, preferably travelling on my own itinerary. Really much rather to live in different places for a few years to fully 'live' and not just as a passerby. Through my early 20s I was probably more intrigued by the hustle bustle of city life, but of late, that is in my late 20s I'm finding life back to the basics the most raw and interesting. Prefer to go places where things are still not tarnished by man's greed for power and money. A kingdom of forests is more beautiful than a kingdom of skyscrapers.

The Tikus

I've noticed an alarming number of Tikus lately. They lurk everywhere and can be easily spotted. My definition of tikus is a man who:
1) doesn't say what he means...he thinks being ambiguous makes him cool and smart. He thinks he's doing a hell of a job mindfucking you.
2) has utterly no respect for women. Makes women especially their girlfriends *fetch* drinks and food and etc without a word of thanks.
3) has no respect for their parents. Truly, people who slams the phone on their parents are the tikus of the tikus-es.
4) talks loudly about how great they are to their friends. The topics can range from how good they are at 'memancing' girls, how much they make etc.
5) swears excessively, with the words being used sometimes in the wrong context.
6) ego is as big as their head. Refuses to report or take orders from female bosses just because...she's a female.
7) doesn't dare to confront anything or anyone. prefers to spread malice and gossips like an auntie.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

CONFRONTATIONS- the way to go?

Idle minds are the devil's workshop. When one is idle, one tends to indulge in gossips and malice inducing drama and chaos. Things get blown out of proportion and small things gets exaggerated in an effort to make the non-thing become something great.
Why gossip when you can just walk up to the person and confront him/her? Gossips only reflects on how little you are and really cheapens you. If you have a problem with someone, confront him/her. Do not go behind that person's back and gossip, or talk to the person closest to that person u have a problem with. Just go direct to the source. Why waste time beating around the bush? Unless you just loveeee to create gossips...spread the hate or make sure everyone knows what a farker that person is. What do you eventually get?
I do think we Malaysians have a problem with that. We tend to hide behind our desks or our blogs for that matter. Yes it's a place to channel our thoughts. But why do so if you can talk to the person directly. Isn't it much more efficient? Some people also like to insinuate things through their blog, direct their post to a particular person. That's what 'little people' do.
Gossip mongers would not make it far in this life. You'll always be stuck in a web of lies and drama that you've fabricated yourself. People who made it big in this life do not waste time on such immaturity. People who made it big do not keep their mind idle and then fill up their thoughts like gossip-hoarders. People who made it big do not hide but confront.
Maybe we ought to switch to more confrontations and less gossips? I have more respect for people who say their mind to my face. Criticisms ought to be taken objectively and use it for self reflection and should it be constructive criticisms then it ought to be used for self-improvement. How else are we going to 'maju' if we cry or get pissed off everytime we are criticized?
Just some thoughts to ponder on for today. Confront someone you have a problem with today.


It's the Asian mentality to always 'jaga hati' orang, even when the person is downright wrong or pissing you off. We tend to 'tone down' what we want to really say or do because we're civilized and just don't want to create any chaos. At a point where our thoughts and speech are controlled to conform to society's needs. Sometimes it's better to just say what you need to say, scold if you have to, get angry if you have to, say your piece of mind. Nobody knows what's in your mind if you don't voice out.
I do believe we still have to jaga hati orang. But voice your opinion with tact and be careful what you say. Whatever you say reflects on you. You have to be responsible for what you say.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The A to Z of Me (tagged by Cely)

A is for age: Approaching 30......
B is for booze of choice: Brandy
C is for career: A Cool cool cool job
D is for your most dreaded: big big big family gatherings...too much can be intoxicating
E is for essential item you use everyday: handphone
F is for favorite song at the moment: Early Winter- Gwen Stefani
G is for favorite games: not much of a player.
H is for Hometown: Anson/Ipoh
I is for indulgence: Junk food- especially Snyder's and an occasional eating spree
J is for favorite flavor of juice: not a fan of juice (why would anyone wanna know anyways)
K is for kids: kids
L is for last hug : my bf semalam
M is for years of marriage: zerooooo
N is for name of your crush : Judd Nelson when he was in Billionaire's Boys' Club (old old movie)
O is for overnight hospital stay: once for a bad fever when I was 8 I think.
P is for phobias: afraid of heights and dentists....
Q is for quote: DKDC (Don't Know Don't Care)
R is for biggest regret: didn't realize my Europe tour dream in 2002
S is for status, single or married: Eh how come single/married what about attached?
T is for time you wake up: depends what time I sleep but weekdays it's 6am....
U is for underwear: i'm guessing brand, but who would want to know la...
V is for vegetable you love: cauliflower - almost all vege, even petai haha
W is for worst habit: eating.......
X is for x-rays you’ve had: once for thyroid scan
Y is for yummy food you make: Made a lot of stuff before, from wutaukou to turkey to lasagna. Cooking is therapeutic!
Z is for zodiac sign: LEO

Monday, March 12, 2007

Together Gather Blogger's Party Review

By now I think every blogger who attended the party have blogged about the party. Frankly I can't remember the last time I went to such a gathering. Nowadays it's always work-related or family-orientated gatherings or friends gatherings. I went there without much anticipation really. Few people taking time off to organize such a party is a good-enough effort. Maybe the itinerary was kinda mundane, but we all had our own entertainment, making do with what we've got.
Got to meet many celebrity bloggers- 5XMom and Jeff Ooi. People are not what they seem. Some were astonishingly contrasting to their blog's namesake. The party would have been more fun if our seats were shuffled...just to encourage more interaction and not just sticking to your clique. Afterall, isn't that the purpose of a bloggers' meet. Some didn't even mingle perhaps because they were shy or were just too comfy in their comfort zone.
An informal intro by each blogger would perhaps have helped us to match the face to the blog. Honestly, I can't remember any except for those who joined us for some Kilkenny at Delaney's. See what beer can do. It brings people together...LOL.
All in all, let's give them a break. First time organizing such a gathering takes a lot of their after-work/sekolah time and effort. year, where's it gonna be at?

Friday, March 09, 2007


In the midst of the chinese new year celebration, there were many pantang incidents that I wasn't aware of until recently. For one, my fren's mother passed away and as usual I offered the 'white kam'. THey asked me if I pantang or not. Pantang? Whether to attend the funeral is up to us but usually people do not give 'white kam'. Forwatever logic I'm not sure. Also during the cny celebration, most christians do not place the joss-sticks. That I know. But I didnt know that they can't eat the food offered to the gods during prayers. Food wor. I believe that food offerings is just an act to show respect or to usher the good luck and fortune. Superstition or belief I'm not sure. All I know is that food is glorious and we should not reject it just because one religion is not synchronized with another. In fact, instead of pantang this and pantang that, we ought to reunite these religions. Afterall, don't they all teach unity and harmony with your neighbours? I'm sure that SHOULD mean harmony with people with other beliefs as well. Some pantangs are also madeup by people who didn't know better. I think that's some form of abuse of religion for power. And i think these pantangs were made up by people because of fear. So this coming Ching Ming apamacam? Got any pantangs?

Tagged- WEIRD

I've BEEN TAGGED! by Neomesuff .. 6 WEird things about me. Hmm, I think i've posted a million things to prove that I am truly weird, but i prefer the term "original and unique". Limited to only six I would have to be really selective on what I choose to reveal :) .
1. I have a thing for Smurfs. I greet my university frens with "smurf!". I use 'smurf' to describe just about anything. Idiotic people, funny people, loafers....just about anything.
2. I don't really like gold jewellery or jewellery for that matter. Diamonds are a different story hehe.
3. I turn red when I drink. I mean traffic-light red. Some fellow bloggers can verify that. But really, I'm not drunk.
4. There are a few songs that I truly hate. It really pisses me off sometimes when I hear it. Don't Call Me Baby- Madison Avenue. My ultimate HATE SONG-Yucks. I would say music does affect me. Sometimes it determines my mood for the day.
5. I've developed a major phobia towards the dentist through years of listening to dental horror stories. I know it's all mind over matter, but...why did god create us with teeth anyways!
6. I do not eat durian, chinese sausage, and at a certain extent, I think seafood is overrated.

BEST LOCAL FAVOURITES I'm somewhat a food me a favour, please let me know where in KL i can get the best local favourites
1) Best ROJAK- honestly I don't like rojak in kl..but do enlighten me if you know where to get a good fix.
2) Best ASAM LAKSA- asam ok? the Tmn Desa pasar malam vendor has one great laksa going on there every Friday night.
3) Best STEAMBOAT- aii, the Pulau Ketam ones are overrated. A friend of mine told me of this place in Bangsar (one of the row of houses in Jln Terasek) located in a terrace house where the steamboat is almost RM100 per head, quality seafood of course.
4) Best CHARSIEW- I would say Meng Kee in Tengkat TUng Shin, but many wouldn't agree.
5) Best SIEWYUK- somewhere near the Shaw Parade (think some blogger featured it already)
6) Best PAN MEE- for me, it's not the Kin Kin one, but the Tmn Miharja's - actually went there for 3 weekends in a row.
7) Best CHEE CHEONG FUN- where can I get the ANson Chee Cheong Fun here?
8) Best PRAWN MEE- Lim Mee Yoke? Overrated. There's one in Kelana Jaya- kopitiam selling all Penang's local grub- think it's called Lim or something like that.
9) Best BAK KUT TEH- for me it's the one in Kampung Baru Subang. Has chicken wine and assam stingray/kampung fish to go with it.
10) Best NASI LEMAK- where? Where? WHERE?
OK...let me know where i can get the best local favourites here. ONe thing for sure, you can't get a single good taugeh here in KL. LOL.

Coffee Mate

Are you like me who just loves her cuppa coffee? Be it the RM1.10 Kopi-O at the kopitiam, or white coffee in Ipoh. Kopi-O lovers like me need to have a good coffee mate to compliment the aromatic flavour. Here's a few notable coffee mates....
1) Soda crackers- the Jacob's type....dip! dip! dip!
2) Yau Char Kuai & Ma Keok- yau char kuai is not complete without kopi O and kopi O is not complete without it too....
3) Tiger biscuit- jeff and my boss said this goes great with coffee, apparently comes in red packaging. Cheapo stuff.
4) Roti Bakar (with kaya and butter)- Special type of roti (the oldskool type) that's more crispy after being toasted. When you don't have those then you gotta settle for the normal toast. Gwailo style with butter and jam...but it ain't nothing compared to the kaya toast. Pls visit Sun Yin Loong in Ipoh for kaya toast. Singapore's Killeney's is not too bad either...
5) Cakes Cakes Cakes- I dunno about you but I'm crazy about cakes, and with coffee it's just a heavenly experience. Get Hazelnut cake from Suchan Deli (the one off Jln Universiti) or warm chocolate cake from Delicious! (Bangsar Village) and a great cuppa coffee.
THE ULTIMATE COFFEE MATE i think is still CoffeeMATE(the brand) is actually kinda gross and leaves a bad aftertaste. Real coffee drinkers either go all the way black....or kopi susu (and pls, not the (Carnation) condensed milk type).

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Carole King-Tapestry

Those were the days when singers were also their own songwriter. And with good lyrics and not the lame-o ones that Britney Spears and JLo do to pass off as songwriters. If you do not know who Carole King is, you might have heard her music for her songs are resung by many artistes...shows to prove that her influence has left an imprint in the music industry. Listen to Tapestry Revisited- A Tribute to Carole King
1) I Feel The Earth Move-resung by many many artistes, e.g. Martika
2) So Far Away- Rod Stewart's version is just as good really.
3) It's Too Late- one of my faves because of the light sounds and breezy voice she has. Amy Grant's version is ok..but still prefer carole's voice
4) You've Got A Friend- Aretha Franklin gave the song more soul and depth
5) You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)- Celine Dione's version is just a little too over the top for me and opera-like.
6) Smackwater Jack-The Manhattan Transfer's version is a fun rendition...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Harajuku Girls

Harajuku girls
I'm looking at you girls
You're so original girls
You got the look that makes you stand out
Harajuku Girls,
I'm looking at you girls
You mix and match it girls
You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato)- Gwen Stefani
I believe Harajuku is a station or a district in Japan. Harajuku girls refers to girls who dresses distinctively, styles being Gothic Lolita, mix-match stuff, painted face and coloured hair. It was a borrowed culture from the David-Bowie punk rock era. Truly unique and stylish at the same time. The term was popularized by Gwen Stefani's song Harajuku girls and her entourage of 4 Japanese girls. Ahhh..that explains a lot. I was wondering who those 4 girls were in her concert tours. Among all the Asian countries, perhaps only Japan's fashion is the most hyped about. It's also the most original. Wonder when it's gonna invade Malaysian fashion...

Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best
I wasn't looking but somehow you found me
It tried to hide from your love light
But like Heaven above me
The spy who loved me
Is keeping all my secrets safe tonight- Carly Simon
One of those 70s singers who is probably most remembered for the song You're So Vain. That was a truly funny but somewhat honest song. Makes me laugh sometimes. Some guessed the song was about Mick Jagger or some other 3 guys I can't remember. It was in Lost In Translation that I was once again re-introduced to Carly Simon's music. Remember this singer/actress wannabe who sang at the lounge. She was actually wailing to the song Nobody Does It Better. Of coz Carly Simon sang better.

Carpenters- Yesterday Once More

I grew up listening to the easy sounds of Carpenters. Brings back memories of me and my sisters plus my grandma hurdled at the backseat of my dad's old Volvo slowly making its way to Cameron Highlands. Ohyea sure, the lyrics were corny (Top of the World & Jambalaya) -but Karen Carpenter's voice is deep and haunting. There's just a certain elegance to the way she sings. I would dare say there ain't another voice like hers at this time. My faves are "Touch Me When We're Dancing", "Rainy Days and Mondays", and "We've Only Just Begun".
And here's leaving you an excerpt from the song We've Only Just Begun.....(dedicated to N2)
And when the evening comes we smile,
So much of life ahead
We'll find a place where there's room to grow,
And yes, We've just begun.

Take A Hike

Here's a holler to THESE people to take a hike.....
1) Rude people...can't believe someone at work actually hang up on me just because I had a more important meeting to attend to and couldnt attend his meeting.
2) 'Siew Ches'- some just pretend to be one...because it projects a more feminine image. I say bollocks to that. Take your 'siewche-ness' somewhere else.
3) Smart Alecs- some people truly believe that they are smart even if they're not. I sometimes think I prefer to just talkcocksingsong than to deal with smart alecs who's always out to prove taht they're way smarter than you.
4) Young Chikus who are Adult-Wannabes: I think, if you're young, just BE YOUNG. enjoy your youth. Some just wanna grow up so fast and unconsciously, by doing so, they diss younger people activities, more honest-to-goodness type of activities. Dont understand why they wanna grow up so fast. Act mature and talk mature, when really, you come off as being immature anyways. The age shows eventually.
5) Bullies- really, there's many form of bullies...there's the verbal type, the mindfucking type, the undermining type, the physical type, the harrassing type, the take-advantage type.
All I can say is, take a hike and farkoff.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Admiring The Body

Michaelangelo's David is what signifies the beauty of God's creation. I've always been amazed by the beauty of it all, be it a female or a male. And every person is unique. No matter how ugly you may think you are, another person may find beauty in your flaws and imperfections. Every person looks at a different part of a woman/man at first glance, don't you agree? For me, it's probably the eyes, then the mouth. The eyes, not so much on double eyelids or deepset eyes or sepet eyes or colour. I look for eyes that smile (eh, really, I'm not bluffing) and twinkle. Eyes with full of expression. Some people have deadened eyes that's blank and blur (maybe too much intake of weed). Some have insincere eyes that lie. Some do not make eye contact at all, perhaps shy or just plain lansi. Then there are dodgy eyes, yar the wandering kind. LOL. Genuine heartfelt eyes are rare. Then there's also the staring eyes. Can feel the eyes trying to penetrate your mind and into your soul. Hey, and angry eyes are kinda fascinating too. Yes indeed, the eyes is the window to your soul.
Notable (killer)eye-winners: Jennifer Connelly, Natalie Imbruglia, Jude Law, Lee Yee (Gallivanter's kawan)


This kind of love is getting expensive
We know how to live baby
We're luxurious like Egyptian cotton
We're so rich in love we're rollin' in cashmere
Got it in fifth gear baby
Diamond in the rough is lookin so sparkly- Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)

Never been the kind who's really indulged in luxury. Not in monetary value. Quite frankly, if you give me a Ferrari I'd probably just drive to the local mamak to join my friends for a session. If you gave me a luxurious condo to stay in, I probably WON't be at home, as it is I'm not always at my place in Tmn Desa. If you gave me an all paid vacation trip, I probably would still be on the lookout for some guesthouse or some backpacking experience because that's the best way to travel and absorb the local culture. Not staying cooped up in some 5-star hotel sipping coffee. My definition of luxury is just being able to indulge in what I want to do, when I want to do it, and be able to enjoy doing it. A simple lookout view with a great cuppa coffee and a page-turning book is already a luxury. Think about it. How often you actually get to do that. To fully immerse yourself in total peace. Total luxury. The most neglected luxury is TIME. That's something we can't recover. What about luxury to spend freely?I'll walk into a mall and after 5 hours walk out empty handed. Perhaps I need tutorials on how to spend. WHAT's your definition of luxury?

It's OK to Be Selfish

Everyone of us is selfish to some level. No one's a SAINT. Who thinks of doing charity for themselves before doing something FOR themselves first? And yet, some people DO put others before themselves. But to what extent? What is your limit? There's really no measure to how selfish one can be. If only there was a scale to tell you yeah, this decision indicates you are NOT SELFISH, SELFISH, TOO SELFISH. Honestly, I don't see anything wrong about being selfish once in a while. Who's gonna think for you or put YOUR needs first if not your own self? I'm sorry but it's quite impossible to always be the saint who takes care of everyone. Quite frankly, that can be quite exhausting. I would make an exception to your loved ones...but even so with a limit. Just like some may say that he/she forgo-ed a relationship because the parents disapprove. Some people may say that he/she would have to be selfish because he/she would outlive the parents anyway. Bad thinking but it's the truth. Just being realistic here. You can't keep making decisions to please people around you. THink for yourself. Think of what You WANT. And WHAT YOU NEED. Sometimes, that's all that really matters.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

When Nice People are Made Suckers

I've learnt early that it doesn't pay to be Mr. Nice. If you really are born nice, well, then be nice selectively. You can't be nice to everybody. For one, you are wasting your time if the fella is ungrateful or even worse, taking advantage of your nice-ness. And secondly, why even bother? So much free time to be helping everyone around you? Might as well spend the time being nice to YOURSELF. It's a thin line, when nice people crossover and are made suckers. I'll rather be labelled as aloof than TOO NICE. Or just a plain fucker. Rather be a fucker than a sucker.

Trailing Gwen: The Sweet Escape

Thanks to the Gallivanter, I sampled the cd of Gwen's The Sweet Escape album. The Sweet Escape featuring Akon and Yummy featuring Pharrell are good upbeat songs. But the songs I really like from this album is Early Winter and 4 In The Morning. Early Winter kinda reminds me of her No Doubt days with soft ballad rock. And 4 In The Morning sounds kinda 90s to me. She has still upkeep her zany somewhat unique style of music that is what really makes her an icon of her era. Glad she threw in some nice ballads to balance the album. All in all, it's a good album for easy listening at 7pm on the way home or on the way to an outing. HAHA. But I wouldn't say it was a great album, for there weren't that many notable good tracks that'd make me wanna hear them over and over again.

Ipoh Mali

"The derogatory colloquailism Ipoh mali (misspelled from Malay: "Ipoh mari"; literally "from Ipoh") refers to the social escorts that accompanied the many millionaires and businessmen in the city." check HERE. I dunno how true the source from wikipedia is...but I've only recently learnt from a friend that it's a derogatory term. I must say I never thought much of the term. Thought it just meant that the person was FROM IPOH. Alamak. Or that it was a joke in reference to 'belakang mari'. Does anyone know whether it's true? Or are wejust reading too much out of the simple term?

Things I Wish I Did

Kids nowadays are so priviledged that they don't even know it. There's so many windows of opportunities just waiting for them to reach for it. There are things I wished I did or completed - perhaps things would be different. No regrets but here's a few...

1) That I really paid attention during the POL (people's own language) - perhaps I could at least speak a few lines or read a little.

2) That I learnt how to cycle. OK yar, it's pathetic but I still can't. After a bad fall, I never attempted to learn it. You don't know how envious I am you guys can...cis!

3) That I completed my Grade 8 in piano. Out of laziness, I didn't finish it. Was anxious to leave Ipoh and couldn't be bothered.

4) That I went for the Europe Tour that I've always dreamed of. Problem was that back then I had the luxury of time and money, but the money was too enticing. I forgo-ed experience for money. Well, it's never too late. DONE!

5) That I 'd see more of the local attractions. I realized how little I know about places in Malaysia even though I've lived here all my life. There's still time.

Weekend at Bukit Tinggi

It was a good relaxing weekend. You know some days when you just don't wanna talk about anything serious....Or talk about anything remotely linked to work. Been fedup all week at work so this is a good good chillout time with some real nice fun-loving people. And I learnt how to play rummy(got addicted after a bit) thanks to Cely, learnt that Colmar Village is way overrated-service charge for self-service (apa ni!!!), learnt that I can make a dog out of a balloon with a little help from a clown. I've always had a thing about looking out at the view from the balcony, and well, I learnt that doing it with another person(N2) in the wee morning is way better. :) Come to think of it, that balcony is phenomenal since Kukujiao actually slept there the whole night on a sofa! We also had a spooky night walk lead by Gallivanter. Haha, cheap thrill, but fun nevertheless. And yeah, stay out of this Restoran Desa at Kampung Bukit Tinggi, unless you're up for an hour's wait, but the food is actually not too bad. It was truly a good getaway for me. Anything to be out of KL.

Testing My Patience

Am generally not a person who easily gets pissed off. ONly something really really #&$*@ that ticks me off would send me off the wall. Perhaps months ago, there was this old man at work who keeps "harrassing" me at work. Here, what I mean is 'taichi-ing' his work to me. WTF. I'm not paid for doing his work. What really irks me is that despite my complains, or that the 'management' agrees with me, no one has really changed the situation. So the bugger wins afterall.
What about waiting for people? Honestly, I don't have a problem with that. I tend to think that the person is making you wait for a good reason. Unless I found out otherwise. Or the person at least apologizes or tells you beforehand that he/she was gonna be late. People who don't call is what that really test my patience. I'll give them the max 30min wait and if still no call, I'll leave.
I also tend to think that my patience is only compromised by people who matters. And only for good reasons.....Why get yourself worked up over a good-for-nothing loser. When was the last time you completely lost it?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Matter of Faith

People make religion to be a big big any relationship. I can't recall how many people or how many times people have asked me what religion my bf is. Even some of my girlfriends put religion as one of the criterias for finding a bf. Honestly, religion has never crossed my mind. I am afterall a free thinker. Why limit yourself unnecessarily. Having said that, some people do say that if you want to be committed to a relationship, this is one aspect that has to be straightened out. Straightened out convert to whatever he/she believes in even if you don't believe in it or just LET IT BE. What's wrong with LET IT BE? well, i'll tell you, even if he/she doesn't mind, perhaps the family minds. So at the end of the day, maybe you HAVE to convert to whatever he/she is. But at what cost? Is the relationship really worth it? That's something you have to answer yourself. To me, religion is just like a pill to supplement a relationship, it's not supposed to burden the relationship. You don't hv to convert to what he/she believes in to show your love to him/her. I wouldn't give religion so much hold in the relationship. All that crap about needing to find someone who shares the same faith is crap. What if the guy shares the same faith as you but cheats on you anyway? Then WHAT? So, really, it's just a matter of faith...


Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side (oh baby I)
Cherish the joy
You keep bringing it into my life (Im always singing it)
Cherish your strength
You got the power to make me feel good (and baby I)
Perish the thought
Of ever leaving, I never would- CHERISH (Madonna)
We all forget to cherish our loved ones sometimes. Just yesterday a friend of mine told me his gf felt that he cherish his friends more than her. Folks, this is an alarm to a potential request to breakup. My friend never realized until I pointed out a few instances he related to me. A simple gesture of holding hands matters. He doesn't realize that he has not shown her how much he really cherishes her. Or maybe he doesn't. Great love doesn't come easily. And when it does unexpectedly, just cherish the joy and the moments together. Do not take it for granted.

Beauty is In The Eyes of the Beholder...Or not?

The question of beauty bugs me now and then. Once a family friend who was into palmistry at that time said that I like pretty things and be surrounded by pretty things. I told her she was wrong. For what I think is beautiful is different from others. A simple smile, a small gesture, a certain flaw or imperfection intrigues me at times. It's the little things that count.....
But if you love someone, don't you just accept the person for what he/she is? Do you constantly bug him/her to lose weight, or wear a skirt, or put on makeup yadayadayada? Or did you just love the person in the first place because of his/her looks? Because she's hot, and it makes you look good? Because he's a good steal and you want people to know you've hitched him?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...sure thing..But what about what we perceive of ourselves? Do you hate the way you look? Do you scrutinize your own self? Do you constantly strive to achieve that perfect body? Do you wish you were taller? I used to think I was too short, too flat, too fat, too etc etc. There was a period of time when I actually hit 43kgs...alamak, that was scary. But right now, I just want to be comfortable with myself. Screw people who think otherwise. People may ask me to do this do that about my appearance, but I'd always ask myself first, WHAT DO I WANT? You don't live your life for those people. You are what you are, so let's just be contented and be happy about yourself.
And beautiful girls are just godly don't you think. I think some Malaysian men have the wrong perception that beautiful girls are bimbos. Just because some girls spend more time on their looks it doesnt necessarily mean they dont spend time on books. Some girls just want it all, and I don't see anything wrong with being ambitious.
A friend once told me he gawks and stares at pretty women because according to him, pretty women dress up so that men can stare at them. They just WANNA BE SEEN. I see some truth in that and there's nothing wrong with that really. It's the whole predator thing going on. The Hunter and the Hunted. But some women just like to play dressup FOR themselves anyways. Because they appreciate fashion and they wanna look good. It's like worshipping god's creation: WOMAN and man's creation: FASHION.
So beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder...but it's also in our own eyes too. If you feel insecure about your own looks, understand where the insecurity stems from. If it's because people 'ejek' you for years because you're fat or you have sepet eyes....well, maybe you can reverse that negativity and make it into a motivator for you to lose weight. Not everything has to end up in tears. In the meantime, let's get comfortable with our own self first....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Money-Saving Tips

Money-saving...and not stinging on yourself. Money saving as in minimizing your waste and optimizing your wealth...stretching the dollar so to speak. Specially for the disorganized and those who can't save's a few tips.
1) Just set aside a certain amount you're comfortable with for saving. Set aside first.
2) Do not withdraw anything more than RM250 per week. On average, a normal Malaysian would be able to survive with less than that.
3) Do not underestimate the 'duit syiling'. People tend to disregard it. A little goes a long way. Set aside a mug inside your car to save the syiling and use it to pay for toll, tea break.
4) Do not fold or crumple your dollars! Visual management is what is important here. Everytime you open your wallet to pay for something, you can quickly scan and estimate how much money you currently have, hence you can budget what you are allowed to spend for the week. (considering that you're following the RM250/week rule)
5) Skip drinks during lunch. Drink what's available in office after lunch.
6) Pack lunch. Seriously, now that we're so health conscious, most people rather pack their own lunch- something light, sandwich or biscuits or light yogurt. Beats having to drive out ( unnecessary toll money and parking money incurred) and eating rubbish in the end.
7) Monitor your expenses. You ought to roughly have an idea how much you spend in a month. If you're exceeding your ave on liquor or clothes, you ought to cut down to make provision for the next month. Get a notebook. Or for fark sake, make use of the pc if u have one. Make a spreadsheet.
8) I dont really believe in keeping bills and receipts. But perhaps it's a good idea to monitor ur expenses. I just worry about the think a spreadsheet is the best.
9) Pay your bills at the beginning of the month. The longer you procrastinate, the MORE you have to fork out for interest.
10) I know a lot of people who like to dine out. Hey dining out is fine. But then you have to weigh it against your earnings. Even rich people go to mamak ok. If your ave earnings allow you to a once-per-week great dining, well, then allow yourself that luxury. But if you're consuming more than you earn, time to hit the mamaks. Perhaps ais kosong when you go yumcha next time. And really nowadays, kopitiams are even cheaper than mamak. Iced Chinese Tea is only RM0.40 la.
11) Eliminate shopping. Really, I don't understand how some women can always manage to BUY something every week. Do we really need that much clothes? If you keep tabs of how many times you actually wear each'll be surprised. Use the money for something else!
12) Put your money on investment. For small beginners, start with Unit Trust.....
13) There's actually many cost-free activities to do. If you're one of those who's been hitting the clubs every weekend, well, maybe it's time for a healthy change. A breeze walk at the local park can be just as fulfilling. A swim? A gym-ing session at your condo facilities? People watching?
14) If you must drink, find a cheap place/pub to patron. Afterall, it's the company that matters, not the venue.
15) Sell your belongings. Another man's poison is another man's meat.
There's actually many ways to save money. The most important thing is to know your finances very well. Make a chart if you have trouble with numbers. If you can't manage your finances, you can't manage yourself. Start now.
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