Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Great Indonesians

It is Day 12 in Jakarta for me and here’s some observations I’ve made…

1) The Indonesians are fun people. Always ready to have fun and always scheming for fun.

2) They have no qualms when it comes to telling you off when you’re being stupid or irritating.

3) The ladies here really know how to enjoy their money. It’s only been like a week and they are already inviting me to karaokes, massages, dinners, shopping , you name it.

4) There are Malaysian guys and Indonesians guys and China guys here but here’s the deal, the Indonesian guys take the cake when it comes to being a gentleman and charmers.

5) Indonesian ladies are not SHY!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Let's Not Whine Now......

Day 11- Currently I am residing in Grand Tropics Suite Hotel where I have cable tv, free breakfast, a double bed, kitchen facilities, free mineral water and coffee daily. Most of the time at work I am doing simple tasks but more on contributing as a team player in procurement. There is transport provided from hotel to work and we have to take a taxi back to hotel after work, but claimable. SIM card is also claimable. Sounds great ya?

And yet, even so, the Malaysians here still complain. They complain about how boring it is here. Or how much work they have to do. Or the fact that they have to travel all over Asia Pacific to play supporting roles. Or that they have to deal with the disorganized and somewhat fickle-minded Chinese management. The truth is that bad management exist anywhere. Whether it’s Chinaman Malaysian management, or China Management, or Japanese management, or American management , bad management. You get paid and so you either deal with it the smart way, or work it to your advantage.

The fact is that despite everything, the complainers are still around. Why stick around if it stinks so much then? Or is it just that Malaysians just feel that there is a compelling need to complain constantly??? I feel so free now that I’m no longer in the previous company, these people have no idea what luck they’ve had to be with a company who is WILLING TO PAY. What more can you ask?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Jakarta- The Friendly Land

The name speaks for itself i guess. It's been about 1 week plus now that i'm in Jakarta. The food is fantastic, am seriously hooked to the Nasi Padang available at the houses converted into little joints for lunch and the IDR3000 juices!

The people is friendly and hilariously happy. And best is that they dont whine and fret all the time. And unlike many misconceptions, Indonesians are not lazy at all. In any case, perhaps i'm more lazy hahaha..

More updates in days to come.
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