Monday, December 28, 2009

Joining the Club

I've officially stepped into the 'Married' club this morning. Attendees: 17 adults and 2 kids. Venue: Putrajaya. Time: 9.30ish. It was done in almost 5 minutes I would say. And then maybe another 5 mins for a photo session. Drinks: canteen at Putrajaya JPN. Lunch: Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant. We had a private room , 2 tables and at RM750.....think it was alright.

I guess if I had to write a review on our lives together to date it would look like this:
  • that fateful day at the mamak till 2am
  • the Great Fall...and everything else that came with that....
  • our days apart when I was in Indonesia
  • the journey working towards and during the Europe trip
  • living together and playing house...
  • in preparation towards our marriage...

Status check: Still feels the same, we have been living together for a while now, so have no clue what's in store next, but we've always been the 'take it as it comes' couple so everything will be just fine....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

DIY Bouquet

I decided a while back that I was going to DIY the bouquet, since for the ROM, I'm probably using it for less than, no reason to spend a bomb on it. I surveyed the florist etc and the minimum I had to spend would be RM120....for a almost decent one. So.....I was on a mission, make my OWN BOUQUET!

And so, I was contemplating on whether to get real or artificial flowers. The advantage of fakes would be that it's REUSABLE. boleh recycle, or pass on to my niece when she's the flower girl. Oklah, i thought, let it be FAKES.

I was at British Homes while waiting for Azlan to meet me for tanni, so I chanced upon some pretty good fakes, better than those in Ikea, and Floristika, so heck I bought 3 bunch for RM15.

Below is the first attempt....

At first glance when I was done with the ribbons last nite, I thought, oklah, boleh pass. but those red pins were really bothering me coz it looked like the bouquet was diseased, or full of acne. I knew those pins had to be replaced. So we went pin hunting today. Finally found some at a cheesy bookstore in Kota Damansara.....and...voila! All done under RM40. :)

Now I'm officially DONE.

credit: endroog for taking part in choosing the ribbons... (paying for it as well, hehe,) and for his brilliant idea to try pin-hunting at the cheesy bookstore. Could not have done it without u, haha.

The Prisoner

6 episods. 2 days. Endless unanswered questions. Half the time I'm asking myself , wtf is going on? Someone please enlighten me. Please go watch The Prisoner starring Jim Caviezel (from Passion of Christ) and Ian McKellan (LOTR). I can't decide if the plot was bad, or the editing was bad, or is it just trying too hard to be different?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

With A Girl Like You

I want to spend my life with a girl like you, ba ba ba ba bam,
And do all the things that you want me to, ba ba ba bam,
Till that time has come, that we might live as one,
Can I dance with you, ba ba ba bam.- The Troggs
How's this for a walk-in song?

The One

My ROM date is fast approaching, this month to be exact. I had a question asked by a friend over a couple of beers the other day. She was really serious, and (in fact she asked me twice) she asked me if I was ABSOLUTELY SURE that I am READY and if I truly believe that he's the ONE for me.

I really don't think there's an answer for this. How can anyone know for sure. "You just know it when you're ready-lah." was my answer. "Are you ready to take on the next phase in your life?"... "I'll take it as it comes. As long as I know we're gonna take it on side by side." was my answer...

"So is he THE ONE?" ...... I guess I'll never know, but I know this, there's no one else I'll rather grow old with.
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