Friday, January 14, 2011


We just did her farewell in PD last week. She's leaving for Munich real soon to tie the knot with a great guy, and I'm really happy for her to have at long last find someone she loves, and to spend the rest of her life with. Sounds corny, but really that's how I feel, only because we've been friends for too long, that I know it is probably the biggest decision she's ever made.

And yes, we've been friends since in the kindie. Gosh. Then in primary school, we were in separate schools, but were reunited in secondary school (yar, Ipoh is that small!, we all eventually wind up together no matter how far we go). And our friendship has had ups and downs, just like any other, but I guess it's what that strengthens a relationship I think. There's no way we could have survived nearly 27 years (gulp) of friendship without a tiff or two. I've not always have spent more time with her as growing up I've gone on to separate college and university etc.

You see, she's lost her mother in her teens, and I guess I was too young to fully understand the impact it had on her. She recently told me, she envies me for the littlest things, I have my mother to consult on delicate issues, and sisters to share things and do things together, simple things like shopping! I guess we've always taken that for granted. She said she's always relied on friends for that kinda things, and well not all friends are free what with some being married, or attached or having their own family outings. You know, having a mother and a united family is really crucial when you have a wedding lined up, and I've learned to appreciate that from her.

I try to be that friend, and really it's good to be on the giving end. But recently I've also been on the receiving end from her. Not so much material or monetary wise, but just her support throughout the wedding preparations and just taking the stress out of everything by just being there and organizing things. I'm gonna miss that dearly. I'll miss her drama and opinions in choice of food, in clothes, how she always tells me to stop HUNCHING. haha.

There's really a lot of good qualities in her that she probably doesn't realize, take for example being sensitive to her friends needs... It's quite rare because everyone's so self-centered! Also the fact that she makes the effort to get to know someone's other half. You know half the time, the other halfs kena dragged to some outings, and really it's rude not to try and layan them, and really June does it so well. Definitely CORP COMM material! I'm kinda glad she hits it off so well with Andrew, kind of a great integration of great friends and the spouse. And you know, she's the kind of friend who's always upfront and REAL. I can always rely on her for a brutally honest opinion. No buttering up the truth. That's the kind of friend you want to hold on to.

I wish you the best June. By the time you read this, you'd be in Munich, but here's my way of celebrating our long friendship. auf Wiedersehen!

The Town

Great heist movie directed and co-written by Ben Affleck. Excellent script and the momentum of the movie is commendable, only because I've not seen one of such in a long time. Ben Affleck delivered one of his best performance I think, and check out Rebecca Hall, she's a looker, gives you the young Andie McDowell feel!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Kyra's my favourite (only!) niece's 5th birthday today. Still remember the first time I saw her was in the hospital in Singapore. She was a big girl and had a lot of hair. She had long fingernails and was scratching herself a lot, so she wore mittens most of the time. She wasn't really a fussy baby if i remember correctly. I remember how she used to hold her own bottle and always smiled. A happy baby for sure!

She's 5 today. What a nice little addition she's been in the family. She's a smart fella and have not failed to amuse me time and time again. Like how she always imitate imn (with the finger up her nose) still. Or when she'll pull her tongue out at me when no one's watching. I remember my days in Jakarta, while it was pretty good money but it was also godawful lonely at times being away from the family, and I always waited in anticipation for my sister to update the babybandit blog. After a while, I even shared it with my other Malaysian colleague because it's such a joy to see her growing up.

Thank god for facebook now. Because my sister has stopped updating the blog. (how horrific, it's like missing pages of babybandit's life!). So I get my updates on her via facebook these days. She recently did some nice drawings which I shamelessly shared with my new colleagues and my boss! Haha! She's not my kid but I'm so proud of her though.

The best drawing yet was the one she did for me and Andrew. Wow. I thought I'll have the heart to throw it away, so asked Andrew if he'll help me throw it away. But he said "huh...keep ler... !" And so now it's sitting somewhere in my house.

So here's a big big happy birthday to my niece. and may she grow up to be the princess that she is.
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