Sunday, January 27, 2013


People have lost this value. Respect for oneself, for your wife, for the mother of a child. I have a thing about people trying to impose what they think is right to your chid just because of maybe hearsay, or just because they were mothers before. At times I like to listen first without judging because I do respect that these people have experience but I immediately get annoyed if one starts harping on it as if repeating themselves would make me do as they say. I think others should respect that my mom who is the caregiver and me the main caregiver have gotten this far and while we may not be the best but we must have gotten something right as Bubu hits his eleventh month! The most annoying is about having porridge. Sounds so trivial but really it does get to me. My mom doesn't believe in porridge and who am I to judge her, she raised me just fine so I listen to her reasoning and leave it as that.

I also find it annoying people tend to take Bubu as some trophy. Real love you think? I think real love is the sleepless nights, the feedings, the playtime, the poo poo episodes, the endless morning and evening walks, the days when he is sick that we pour in for the past 11 months. People like to snatch him away from him as if to distract him sometimes without asking me, all because he will stick to mummy. People don't read enough to know that this is not right as it would build unnecessary trauma of being snatched and being abandoned. Babies don't know enough to know that you are just fooling around with him. Well, at least have the decency to ask the Mother first before attempting on any stunts you think is right.

The ,it's goes on and on. Finally it really just boils down to respect. What works with other babies may not work for Bubu. Respect that the mother has toiled 9 months and we should know best. 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


It is Lucas' 3rd week staying with us including weekdays, we are no longer weekend parents. While this does seems challenging it is worthwhile waking up to my baby every morning even if it is 4 am in the morning. Countless zombified morning feeds and interrupted sleep, and zoning out at work. But the body is amazing that I very quickly adapt.

Work has started to slow down a bit for me. Last year was really challenging doing with few tenders running simultaneously amongst everything else. There are higher expectations now tht I m in a higher grade.

And all this while I try to be a good mother. It is the toughest job in the world. How can you chill about being a mom, but you have to else you really lose your sanity. I must admit I had terrible outbursts usually at Andrew but I realize he is as much a clueless father as a blur mommy that I am! I am just better equipped with my maternal instinct! Having my mom and dad and the support system that I have ( my sisters) really helped. There were so many times my sisters would take over and carry him around and I count my blessings every time quietly because he is a heavy boy!

And we are all jugglers, with work and family but seeing Bubu growing up and reaching his milestones just lit up my tiring sleepy days. 
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