Monday, March 30, 2009

Stick it On

Another frivolous buy- i was checking on the prices for registration for the Curve flea market..and found this. A korean lady had a booth selling these wall decos. A nice African guy was looking at this same piece, and it was the last one! He let me have it....! And so I went home and voila! RM69...... But kinda made the room cheery and garden-y. It's just that there are a lot of 'adjustments' because it's not as easy at it looks, some of the leaves dont match and the quantity is not really as what the sketch says, and you just go for your instincts! Go TRY this.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

Alright, admittedly, it wasn't the most well-orchestra-ed movie ever. There were some really too long-can't-wait-for-it-to-end scenes especially at the wedding parties. However, it was touching all the same. Especially the last row between the 2 sisters.... I nearly forgot that was Anne Hathaway. Way to go girl. It was really a good raw performance. I liked Rosemarie DeWitt's performance though. always unsuspecting really. No wishy-washy stuff and very real, something we all can relate to. About guilt, forgiveness, sibling rivalry, family. Thanks Galli for introducing this movie.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tayar Letup

Never ever trust a mechanic or foreman. Me and H found out that the mechanic loaded 72psi onto my front tyres. Patutlah letup! sheesh, you think people would hv the pride in their work to ensure that everything a-Ok before they hand over the car to me. Thank gawd i wasn't driving very fast that day, and I do drive pretty fast sometimes.....

after the tyre exploded, I stopped at the side of the highway, slowly inched my car towards the Taman Danau Desa exit and was helped by a stranger who lived on the squatter area there to change the tyre. H came later and we went to Shell station to isi angin...

Well, the whole fiasco is not over yet as i also am seeking compensation. 2 tyres at least. And it also caused more damage on the left side panel.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Marriage Mania

I've at least had friends who are either getting engaged or getting married this year. It's the rush before the year of the TIGER which was dubbed as the unlucky year for any marriage..
My best friend is getting married soon and been hearing updates from him about his outrageous wedding dinner(s). 3 locations! He is however a finance geek and has also been keeping track of his expenses and has estimated a staggering RM85K!
Seems a bit 'lebih' for a 3-nighter-event. But well I digress to say every bride deserves her ideal wedding I guess. At all costs. As long as it's shared between 2.

But seriously, why not spend less on the wedding dinners attended by half of the people you dont know and opt for a more upclose and personal wedding affair with family and friends. or just do a simple dinner and spend lavishly for the honeymoon where both of you get some rest n relax action.

Having said that, people should really stop asking me about marriage, haha. For one, you should never ask a woman. For 2, my views on marriage is simple. I can do with or without it. Just look at how late all my sisters got married. And For 3, it's really none of your business lei! ahahhaa.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Departure

People leave you not intentionally but that's just how things go. How many friends have you made, connect with, and then to depart with just memories... I've had plenty of those. And yeah I suck at keeping in touch, although every single one of them holds a small part in my memories. Well, the important and meaningful friendships I mean.
And I've had loved ones who's left me. It had made me agonize if I ever had to see another one go. I feel it's constantly bug me, and it will forever. Sigh. But when the time comes, we will need to learn how to let go.

It's a week of many departures. I'm afraid there'll be more..... I have a friend leaving for US. one just left a month ago. I have a colleague although faraway, would be leaving soon. I just heard a friend's grandma is stricken with sickness, we grew up 'around' her i guess.

It's so hard to love and then to let go anyways. Seems really pointless and one might think why do we even bother to love, of any kind, be it friendship, love, comradeship, family. . But what's life never knowing love.
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