Friday, September 29, 2006


I told myself I would never pay to watch Chinese flicks. I don't give them enough credit maybe. But I went to the cinema to watch the premier of Rob-B-hOOD FREE! Has all the usual cliches and plot seems to be a cross between Ocean's Eleven and Three Men & A Baby. So the plot's nothing original. But this flick has Jackie Chan. If anything, I doubt there is any other stuntman in the world who's as dedicated as him. I take more delight in watching his choreography in his fight scenes than watching lousy performance of the supposed HK heartthrob, Louis Koo. Check out the scene of Jackie Chan hoping from one conditioner unit to another from the top floor of a building.
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Bf/Gf Misconception

I was rather baffled to read of another's blogger article on what she perceives her relationship with the bf is. Friends query why she puts him as 1st priority, and she admits she does and finds nothing wrong with it. If someone told me that I was 'losing myself" I would say it calls for a reality check. To be so clingy to her bf, which she finds defensively there's nothing wrong, friends would of course ask what happens if they broke up. In her defense she says that she shouldn't think of what might happen- I mean, migod, how naive can you get. The whole article is a reflection of the kind of woman I do not want to be. It's good to have a stand, but if you're standing up for a right to be naive and to be a 'oh-mi-god-my-bf-is-my-life" woman, you're pathetic and you don't even know it. I think independent woman of today should strike a balance between career and love. Stop making your boyfriend's life your life. (by request, you can ask me for url of the article )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NEP vs Vision 2020 Forum.

If you had caught the announcement in The Sun paper, chances are you would have attended this audience-packed forum organized by the DAP at the Chinese Assembly Hall in KL. Must salute DAP for putting together an interesting panel of speakers, they were;
1. former UN and World Bank economic advisor, Prof. Dr Lim Teck Ghee who gave us the facts and figures from his independent research.
2. former Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd Chief Executive Director, former PNB CEO,Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, interesting perspective as a Malay with a corporate mind and affirming’s Parti Keadilan’s stand.
3. Opposition leader, YB Lim Kit Siang, the take on the political impacts of having the governing body misusing the NEP policy.
4. DAP Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng, who gave his opening remarks, with the notion that everyone is truly against the continuation of NEP Policy.
5. UKM Political Science Professor, Dr P Ramasamy, giving his academic view and lending his voice for the Indian community.

Need to know what NEP is? It stands for the New Economic Policy or Dasar Ekonomi Baru. Wikipedia gives a very good historical background on this. An important point was that this had came about to address the issue of socio-economic disparity of the Malays, a brain-child you can say as an aftermath of the May 13 incident. Read it here. Speaker P. Ramasamy equates it to more as a “Never Ending Policy” or a “Not Enough Policy” indicating how this has benefited only a small group of people. Read on and you will know the reason for his stand. (Just managed to scribble through the speakers’ speech, so hopefully it’s more or less accurate.)

Some interesting points (some modified based on my perception and opinion) from Prof. Lim’s informative presentation:-
1. There were some success in this policy from the period 1970-1990, mainly due to the Felda schemes and Free Trade Zones. However, these economic achievements are not unique to Malaysia, other Asian countries, Latin America and Africa were also experiencing the same. It’s not a direct cause from NEP policy.
2. The Human Development Index, which measures the effectiveness of investments in Human Resources and our competitiveness level show that Malaysia has fallen from being at position 50 in 1975 to position 61 in 2005. This indicates that Malaysians are indeed flagging behind.
3. The NEP has benefited the “Distributional Coalitions”, ie a small influential group of selects who aim to close ranks against competition. They are namely Political (UMNO/MCA/MIC), Bureaucratic (PNB), Military (LTAT), Religious (LUTH). There is usually an overlapping membership and this translates to a rough figure of 3000-4000 people only who profiteers from NEP.
4. NEP instruments are privatization (privatized gains and socialized losses) <- this simply means that when there are gains, only a small group enjoys this but losses are shared nationally. Everyone pays but only a select few gains, corruption/nepotism/cronyism, multiple directorships and unsecured loans. Some notable bail-outs: Bank Bumi, Renong Group, Lions Group, TOTO, NST, Pantai, etc the list was some 3 pages long.
5. Poverty rates have not improved much and are likely to deteriorate. Widening gap of the rich and the poor. Inter-racial harmony is worsening.
Solutions: Need to replace racially-biased economic entitlements, corporate share equity with a more needs-based selective process. Dismantling of entrenched bodies that have basic self interest for example the GLCs.. Inter-ethnic partnerships based on merit should be preferred for better harmony of racial groups. Focus on development on SME instead of the already rich and self-sufficient big corporations.
Hope this has been useful information for all of you. I’m about only half-done. Will probably have a Part 2 to this when I have time or if it generates enough interest for a continuation. Hehe..

P.S. if you are interested in what other dialogues DAP might organize, please visit this.
Have to make it clear that I'm not an advocate but just think that it'll be good to have different perspective of things aside from what we are fed by the mainstream media.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Music Tagging

I learnt this from other bloggers where you can tag other people to find out what they're listening to. What a wonderful way to share music, don't you think? So here's a list of what I've been listening to. Feel free to tag yours here (no restriction to genre and music type)
1. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
2. Midnight Show- The Killers
3. Love Is Only A Feeling -The Darkness
4. Crystal Ball -Keane
5. Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison
6. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own- U2
Let me know what's your list!

Bangsa Malaysia?

Something's been clouding my mind for the past few days. Caught by the hot Harry Controversial Comment on Sept 15, I reflected on our identity this past weekend with my folks. Who am I? Who are you? What's my race? Whats your race? My religion? Your religion? Makes me wonder and reflect on why this is still happening. Why are we still so caught up with racial issues in our country? It's going to be 50 years after independence. What have we achieved? Certainly not racial harmony. Come to think of it, has it gotten worse since independence? How can we concentrate on the real development of the country like healthcare, education, infrastructure, economy ... etc when all the energy of the nation is channeled towards what belongs to which race and how to get more for MY race and MY religion? Why do we still have the 'race' column in all application forms? And what the heck is 'dan lain-lain'. Does it mean that if you're not a Malay, Chinese or Indian, you're a 'Miscellaneous'? And does it mean you're insignificant? trivial? since you don't even have your own category? Heck we're all Malaysian, why can't we just be Malaysian? Malaysians are so used to the Malay-Chinese-Indian notion that when they go abroad, they still call themselves a Chinese or Indian and these poor angmos get so confused as to why someone from Malaysia calls themselves Chinese or Indian. Sigh. What's wrong with us? What can we do to change this mindset? Read more and open up your minds: here and here? Then, just sit back and reflect on it. Sleep on it. Think about it. THINK DEEP ... on what's happening.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Cider House Rules (1999)

"Good night, you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England!"....Based on a book by John Irving, I can't believe I missed this movie. Chanced upon it when the dvd went on sale for RM12.90. Has all elements of a great story- Michael Caine's wonderful performance, abortion, orphaned kids who capture your heart, slavery, and of course love. The story brings you to a journey in the life of a Homer Wells, who defied everything to 'see' the world. My favourite scene was of Dr. Larch and Homer naming the newborns, there was no mother or father to name them, and so it was up to them to do so. The script is simple but clever. The end brings him back to where he started. Check out Erik Per Sullivan as Fuzzy.

Bapa Malaysia

Politics Comic


OK, no ones likes to be called a bitch. But really, some of you are already a bitch, you just don't know it yet. It's nothing to be proud of but perhaps we can't help it. It's our nature. And come to think of it, if there weren't any around, life would probably be pretty boring:). Let's do a self-check and see if you are a bitch.
1) Do you treat your boyfriend badly -check his cellphone ..going through his sms and registered calls? Do you make a face everytime he says he wanna spend time with his buddies?
2) Do you give the young freshies at work a hard time?...because you think you have a right to 'teach' them how the real world works? Or you just can't stand their incompetency?
3) Do you throw a fit or file a complaint because you get poor service in a mediocre restaurant because you think you're paying and jolly well should get tip-top service?
4) Do you accept gifts from guys whom you probably don't give a care about?...but if he was stupid enough to get you anything, you think you're doing him a favour by accepting his gifts? Out of pity?
Well..that's just some to begin with..there's more of what maketh a bitch. Let's just say if men can be bastards, why can't women be bitches? Right or wrong? You decide.
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Friday, September 22, 2006

Thirst Quencher

Gulp. Best bottled Iced Tea ever! That's because it is the only iced tea that comes in a bottle. Keke. Marketed for its true original flavours. Some favours the Peach Tea...but this is definitely one of my favourites. It was so common in US that it is available through the vending machine everywhere. Went to the local supermarket- its almost RM8! Gosh! Think I'll have to settle for the regular mamak's Teh O Ais Limau. Sigh..

Chips Ahoy!

I can't explain my addiction to Chips Ahoy! Maybe it's the more than usual dose of chocolate chips in one cookie. I just know once I get started on one pack, I can't stop. Sinful, but I think we're allowed a hearty indulgence once in a while :)

Be Positive

Just the past few days, I have noticed how negative some people can be. It's not really their fault,but I recommend to do a self check. Are you constantly complaining about how a friend never does enough for you? Or do you sit around in the mamak and complain about how poor/underpaid you are but not do anything about it? Do you throw a wet blanket at friends/family who takes up an unorthodox career move or even a course? Do you laugh at friends who enrols themselves in some self-help classes, yoga, gym saying that it's rubbish and a waste of time? Are you refraining from pursuing a relationship with someone you like because you think you're never good enough? I think being negative sometimes prohibits one from progressing forward. Although staying positive sometimes takes a lot of effort and determination whats with all the negativities around you. It's really about taking charge and being responsible for your life. You'll find yourself appreciating life more.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

freaks and weirdos ...

Maybe the world is made up of weird people. Maybe everyone is suppose to be weird. Maybe everyone has to be different to balance things out. Maybe everyone has to like different things so that you don't end up having to share or fight for the same thing. Maybe everyone's gotta have differnt skills and talents so we could cover all jobs out there. Think about it, everyone is weird in a way. I'm sure everyone has their secret little obsession or fetish or something. And I'm sure they keep it a secret because they're afraid that people may think they're WEIRD.

So, why are they so frowned upon? Why are people subject to being branded as freaks and weirdos when they're different? Aren't we all just different kinds of weirdos? And isn't it weirder trying to fit in or blend in to a society that's already weird or is suppose to be wierd? Isn't it weird to try to un-weird yourself?
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bad karma? ...

Is it bad karma to invest into tobacco companies? or the gamble businesses like Gentings and Magnum? or firearms/weapons research companies? They could probably make some good money for you, but is it bad karma though? I wonder ...

Traffic Woes

What’s annoying is when you’re stuck in traffic, and all of a sudden you hear that ringing siren and the traffic police in their huge bikes are waving the rest of us to somehow magically create extra space in between the already sardine-packed roads, for some “Government Official” or some “Royalty” whom, for all you know, have decided to use that same road, at that same time, when the rest of the rakyat are heading home after a long day at work, for I don’t know.. maybe get their fix of roti canai? A tea break at some glitzy hotel? Meeting with some other dignitary who is probably “splitting the road” at some other jam-packed road? For heaven’s sakes, we can’t do what Bruce Almighty did ok? And it’s darn dangerous sometimes to have to swerve to the side just to avoid those damn superbikes. And you have these opportunist drivers who tail behind the orang kenamaan’s vehicle, thinking that other cars will actually think that they are also part of the entourage, and we would somehow also let them fakers pass. PLEASE!! Gosh! Don’t these orang kenamaan(s) have helicopters? Private jets? Why can’t they use those and just leave the road traffic to the rakyat? Why can’t they pick other more ‘godly’ hours to do their stuff? Either that, or those dignitaries, who have nothing CRITICAL to achieve, will just have to suffer the traffic like the rest of us tax payers! We have enough traffic woes as it is!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is a holler to people who:
1) don't have any REAL or subtantial opinions.....
2) don't have anything nice to say
3) don't have any constructive comments...I mean if you're just gonna make fun or take light of what other people have to say.
4) just wanna say something to be HEARD
5) only have negative attitude towards EVERYTHING
6) can't stop giggling like it's the funniest thing that ever happened to them
7) speaks softly...c'mon, if you don't want to be heard, you might as well not say anything.
Let me rant for today ya....

Aphrodisiacs Agent

I've got this friend whom I shall not name has this pheromone spray thing made in USA that apparently is making women approach him. Amazing huh. Imagine all the time (&money) you can save on countless dates. Aphrodisiacs Agent or Libido Lift have long invaded humankind. If you're not using it, you're bound to use it sooner or later. Some of the edible aphrodisiacs that's easily available and edible are for instance chocolate, bananas, mussels, onions (???) etc. And then there are drugs as aphrodisiacs like Viagra, cannabis, weed that acts as a catalyst. There's also sensual oils that's easily available nowadays. Who says Malaysians are conservative? :)

Thai Coup

ThaiCoup power struggle between Thaksin-Sonthi sounds oddly familiar to our Badawi-Mahathir spite. It's just that we haven't reached the critical state Thailand is in now. But who knows? It's not too soon to ponder I think.

Tour of Duty-Lebanon

Malaysian Army to Lebanon.. PM's sending 360 soldiers to Lebanon to help ceize the unrest between Hezbollah-Israel. A bold move. My question is that is KJ gonna join the army? I mean, he's brave enough burn a flag at the Embassy..I'm sure joining the 360 men in Lebanon won't be an issue.

Album of Friends

What you think of Friendster, Tickle, etc? A way of making friends? A way of keeping in touch? A way of collecting friends even? Well, there used to be a time when E-CIRCLE was the most widely used until it went kapoot. Helps us to keep in touch, well virtually I guess. But to me, it's a good way but it's missing something very important: the human touch. Oh sure, we are all so busy now that we can't even make a 1 min call to a friend.... The thing about these "ALBUMS" is that it minimizes interaction- so this benefits people who are generally quiet. Even the MSN Messenger is a way to collect friends-chat when you want to, and block the person if you don't wanna talk to that person...All I'm saying here is that while these "ALBUMS" may help, it must be said that the relationships forged virtually cannot last without some human touch. It doesnt matter if your Friendster shows you have 300 friends. It doesn't mean anything if you dont REALLY know those people that well.. It takes only a short phone call, an occasional drink or a quickie meal. Get in touch.

Of HK/Korean/Japanese stars....

I can't seem to understand how anyone in Malaysia can idolize HK/Japanese/Korean stars. But you see it everywhere, girls trying to look like Ayumi, men sporting hair like that F4 fella and girls imitating the cutesy image of Twins. Friends' been trying to get me to watch a Korean series which I find totally soppy. Plus, granted that it's indeed really fantastic, I can't read the Chinese subtitles or understand Korean language. How can one fully appreciate a show/movie if you can't understand the language? And, is it just me, but why are the young boys in Malaysia looking more and more feminine imitating their HK/Japanese stars. Checkout Andrew Tan, the guy who just won the HK singing contest. I rest my case. Some people are also beginning to really annoy me while they are beginning to input Jap in their "oh, so ka", "ChottoMate" etc. Last month I went for a haircut in a shack near my place. Kept telling the lady I just want a trim..and she end up giving me this weird, outoftheworld HK/Jap cross haircut. Said trying to give me the Sammi look. Argh... I'm not even a fan! All I can say is that, calling all Malaysians...find REAL role models.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'm a first-timer attending my company's month Sales Meeting. Its' a meeting where people tore on their business issues and the management gives constructive comments and strategic solutions. I sat there listening to all the hooks and bends in business- in awe really. I wonder if everyone in the meeting understood what was being said at all. Then I looked all around and saw most of them with their eyes half-shut. Kekeke. I realize that I really don't have the business sense...I'm just not sneaky enough, too honest even, I hate doing customer support, not bold enough I guess to be a business person. All this sales mumbo-jumbo gives me more headache than the drive. I mean, the product is there, take it or leave it. Simple as that. Imagine how much simpler life would be if the a product is sold~ politics-free, bribe-free, hassle-free, and sold purely based on its exceptional quality. I mean, if the product is lousy, no fking incredible salesmanship could make ME buy anything.

Lets Celebrate Individuality ...

I will be on a business trip to another country for a while. The manager called me up and gave me the names of the other M'sians from other depts who's already there & those who will be there as well. So that I can meet my fellow M'sians overseas and cling on to them in the terrified unknown territory. Hmmm, sometimes I wonder ... Is it wrong if I don't want to meet them when I'm there? I don't know them and I don't work with them anyway. Is it wrong if I would like to mingle with the locals and learn about their culture instead of sticking to my own kind? Will my manager think that I'm arrogant if I don't want to spend all my time with the M'sians over there but rather venture out and explore the new city/culture on my own?

Having individualistic traits in an asian country sucks. If you like to be alone sometimes, do things by yourself, do not like to discuss your daily schedule with people or do not like to 'go to the washroom' in a group, you are perceived as stuck-up, cocky, unfriendly, etc. Whats up with that? Whatever happened to the respect for other people's time and privacy? Asians, the family-oriented bunch do not appreciate individuality in their society. They can't accept the fact that you'd say no to dinner with them for a night at home with a good book. Although you probably have dinner with the same group of people ALL THE TIME. You must conform, you just can't be different! Somehow, doing things by yourself is perceived as ... you don't have friends? you don't belong to a group of friends? you are not being able to fit into a group? there are no group that would accept you as a friend? or just plain unfriendly .... And being seen in a group means that you're a nice person? everyone likes you? you are being accepted? ... Unfortunately, most people here thinks that you should be society-oriented and whatever you do will reflect on your family, yada yada. Yes, it's a good practice to always think of your friends and family - but definitely not to the extend that you need to do EVERYTHING together.

It is okay to do things by yourself. It is okay to go shopping by yourself. It is okay to travel by yourself and spend some quality time alone, burried in your own thoughts and reflection. It is okay to have hobbies or interests that are different from your friends'. It is absolutely okay to be different and to like different things. Not being like the others does not mean you're weird. It'll be so boring if everyone were the same. I've had enough of the same kind of people and would like see some diversity please. Lets embrace individuality with an open mind. It's not wrong to be different ...


A lot of things annoys me. I can't stand girls who giggles. I can't stand girls who act cute. I can't stand girls who follows rich men around like puppies. I can't stand girls who constantly crave attention. I can't stand it because it really shames the rest of us women. While the rest of us are fighting for equal rights at work, these women choose to act like ditz. While the rest of us work hard for the money, these women prefer to just leech it out of (no doubt) willing men, & it doesnt matter that these men are way older than them. I remember once I was in a club in Bangkok and saw some beautiful women prancing in their bikini in a HUGE BATHTUB- they posed while men oogled and snap pictures. I was watching this and perhaps poverty has forced them to work as such, but I think no money in this world SHOULD ever buy one's dignity and pride. I'll rather earn less as some stupid engineer than to exhibit myself in public like a piece of meat. It's condescending enough to have men think that women like me have no whatsoever substantial opinion, that our only goal is to get a guy and be married with kids, that bahhhh-we don't need to aim so high at work..... Women in the past have fought so hard for that freedom of choice that it's a shame to take light of those effort and throw all that away for some bucks. We're more than that.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nationwide Salary Adjustment

".......Private sectors are urged to increase salary scale due to the higher living cost in Malaysia...". Caught that on Hitz FM this morning. It can't be MORE appropriate. Private sectors have time and again bullied the rakyat, forcing us to accept a sometimes ridiculous salary what with the higher cost of living here. Can barely pay for a decent meal these days. RM1300 for a fresh grad? To do the work of 3?4?5? And then there are those execs who do not get Overtime allowances despite working round the clock way over midnight. This is a form of abuse happening in all companies, big or small. It really aggravates me even more when those politically-wiser most often than not are the 'older' staff gets paid more, while we are doing the shit for them! What about the clause in the appointment letter that says "Job responsibility- yadayada...AND whatever that is required from your superior or management"......unlimited abuse I would say! My philosophy is that I will do any shit for you as long as I'm paid reasonably. If I'm doing the Senior Manager's shit, give me his salary- Fk the title.

Of Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin.....

Just spent the whole morning TRYING to communicate to a Malay engineer speaking Bahasa Melayu. How the hell do you say "pressure resistance" and "supply chain management" in Bahasa Melayu anyways? I compromised with rojak Malay/English...And just recently, I was a judge for a convention, where the powerpoint presentations are in English but the aural presentation is in Bahasa Melayu! Talk about brain synchronization! Hey, I have nothing against Bahasa Melayu, but what should be the medium of language to be used- thought we're going towards globalisation..aiya. Speaking of Globalisation, nobody can deny Mandarin being also on of the most dominant language now. My cacat Mandarin still needs some polishing. I have to. You see, I met this Malay lady who sent her kids to a Chinese Primary School! Very foresighted decision..and so, I think it's important for the 'bananas' to start 'pro-yellowing'. In 2o years time, as predicted by linguists, English will no longer be THE 2nd language of the world. Oh well, as least it's Mandarin and not Hukkien. Sheesh.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Judge Dread

I was a judge today!- in a convention held in my company. Some judgement criteria were already set, all I had to do was just fill in the score. Even with the judgement criteria, I contemplated and revised the scores several time. Maybe I'm just fickled or just plain indecisive. That's because I've made bad judgement calls before. You ever made one before? Trust the wrong person? Nothing's more cursed than being a bad judge of a person. I envy those who can tell apart the good and the bad immediately. I often realize too late. How can you have great friendships if you can't trust anyone. How about making a wrong career judgement? I remembered when a few of us undergraduates went to US to work during the summer. Some never left US and continue to work in restaurants after that because the money was so good. Wrong career judgement? Some will beg to differ. Judgements in life is not so straight forward as like that little convention. As I get older, nothing's right or wrong anymore. As I get older, I have more maybes, mights and ifs THAN yes and no in my judgements. It's always easier to judge than to be judged.

Professional Services

My medical report states that I need to get Hepatitis B vaccination. Need 3 jabs. Naturally, being a working person, with budget constraints, living in pretty bad times, I need to know how much it would cost? How much I need to put aside, maybe plan out when to even take the jabs so that I can kinda spread out the costs. The clinic willingly told me that it would be RM55 per shot. Wow! But I know I have to get it done. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my medical report. Darn. So, after work I went to the neighborhood clinic. Thinking that I had better check the price again, just in case it’s more than what I was told. The nurse at the reception was not too sure how much exactly. She went to the back to ask the doctor. When she came back, she told me that the doctor said that this clinic is not a ‘kedai runcit’, if I want to take the jabs, just make an appointment. WHAT THE HELL??!? I’m sorry for not being RICH like the damn doctors, I can’t just blindly take up something which I may not afford, alright?

Emotions aside, it has dawned on me that there is something quite wrong with the way people perceive themselves. Sure, you may be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a pharmacist, a dentist, what society label as “professionals”, but let’s not forget that you are also providing services to the public. And services are no different from buying groceries from the 'kedai runcit' because this 'kedai runcit' is also offering services, ie they sell goods which you need. I don’t really see why I can’t shop around, like how I would in a ‘kedai runcit’, when I need to engage professional services. Haven’t we all gone to a referred lawyer because they might charge less? Haven’t we gone to a certain pharmacist because he’s known to offer extra services like checking your blood pressure for free? Haven’t we gone to a dentist, oh because she’s so and so’s daughter who may be able to give a discount on those hefty-costing braces? Don't the engineers also send out quotes to customers for comparison?

I just don’t think there’s any need to define ourselves so much. I’ll be fair; the doctor was peeved because he feels his work is really about saving lives and not about selling his services. But if you let your “professional” work define you, than you’re nothing more than your work. Your whole being is about work. Geez, what a bore! Furthermore, let’s not forget that I’m also a patient/customer. If I don’t like you, the almighty doctor, I can just as well take my jabs somewhere else, where they’d tell me how much I’m paying for first.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Harrassment at Work

What would you classify as harrassment at work? I once got so mad at this operator where I worked because he called me AMOI. I told him "Apa Amoi, I got a name, ok?". I consider wolf calls and AMOI-ing harrassment at work. How about a promotion without an increment? What the *&^*&% is that? Think it's gonna pacify ppl to stay at that company? What about making you bring your own freaking toilet paper- as part of the company's conservation plan? What about promising a salary adjustment that eventually never happened? Malaysian companies can do just about anything they want...or they think they can....check this out. Go to Buruh Dept and enquire if you can actually sue the company for ill-treatment. Get smart.

White men withdrawal ...

Being back in an asian country, it means that you will have limited white men sightings. And if you get a little excited or high when you stumble upon ANY white guy, what does it mean? It means that you're doomed and you're gonna die lonely in this country. You can keep drooling and dreaming for your white prince charming to come along ...

The Killers

If you've been watching Rockstar, or dig the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and David Bowie, you gotta get The Killers' Hot Fuss (2004) album. Look like Brits but they're really from Las Vegas. One of those album that you can listen to throughout the whole CD. Or else, just download "Mr. Brightside","Midnight Show" & "All These Things That I've Done". Trust me, they are a hard act to follow. I've yet to checkout their latest album Sam's Town ....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The 3Cs and how to deal with them ...

I recently read an article about the type of friends one encounters throughout their lifetime. Friends come in different categories and you establish a different level of bonding and relationship with each and every one of them. Every friendship is unique. I don't think any can be identical. You can't be the best of friends with everyone that comes into your life ... which is fine, you don't have to. Life's too short to get worked up with trying to please everyone and trying to be their best of friend anyway. It should be a very natural process and most importantly MUTUAL. Of course when you come across issues or clashes, you should try to fix the friendship or try to work past your differences. And if it doesn't work out, it's perfectly ok to move on, demote him/her into acquaintanceship status and find other friends. Life goes on. The following are the 3'C's of friends you might encounter in your great journey.

The Competitor: These are the ones who always tries to compete with you. More so in our country, the kiasu nation. In school, they are the ones who seem to be overly concerned if you've done your assignment or preparation for an exam. But behind those casual inquiries, lies an agenda to top whatever you're doing. At work, they may pop by not to say hi and see how you're doing but to see 'what' you're doing. Then sometimes they may even throw in some not so sincere remarks like 'wow, that's great that you're ahead of your schedule ... etc', then rush off to put in more OT. In dealing with them, first you have to tone down your success in life. This may or may not work because they would still look at everything that happens in your life as a success and thus a threat to them. If you ever get into an argument with them, just give up and say 'you're right' - nothing means more to them than winning, not just winning but topping YOU. So, being the one with the bigger heart, you just gotta let them win. Of course to a limit and if that limit is breached, it's time to move on, life's too short for dumb competitions with friends.

The Copycat: Yes you're suppose to be flattered when someone idolizes you and tries to follow your footsteps. But not to the extend that they try to BE YOU. And it's certainly not flattering when they start to wear what you wear or even speak or laugh the way you do! In dealing with them, first you'll have to propagandize the greatness of individuality. Show them the great attributes that they have that you don't. BUT don't ever say that you wish you have those qualities, else it defeats the purpose. Remember, individuality is your message. Of course if it doesn't work and you're sick of having a twin following you around, it's time to move on, life's too short for excessive friend worshipping.

The Crybabies: They seem to be the only ones who has issues or problems in life. When you talk, it's all about their problems and how messed up their life is. Well, yes a friend is suppose to be the shoulder to cry on but definitely not their savior to every trivial little nudge in their life. In dealing with them, first you may want to help them realise that their problems are trivial and that they're not the only person on earth who has problems. Do it gently as this is fragile territory because you certainly don't want to be ignoring a friend who's really in trouble. Of course for those whiners with no real problems, there's alway a limit to your patience and if you can't handle it, it's time to move on, life's too short for drama queens.

Indecent Proposal

Pussy Cat Dolls indecent performance in Malaysia costs the organizers a hefty fine. Thanks to Malaysia's Culture Minister. Hey, I'm not a fan, but I don't object to sensous performance, or in that matter any performance of any kind, if it is an expression for the love of music or money-churning purposes. Why? Did they think us Malaysians are gonna start having orgies because of that performance? What makes them think there isn't one here already? Did they think we're gonna start dressing up like Pussycatdolls? Some of us are already dressing like that. Or that we are gonna start having promiscuous solicitation? What makes you think it's not already happening? The society is already so heavily-influenced what with the easy accessibility that I really don't think we need to have censorship anymore. What's the point? I would think the rakyat has the intelligence to know what's wrong and right, we don't need the government to 'protect' us. Why pretend of what we really are?


We are slaves to our lives. Not by choice but because sometimes we are bogged by other things that overpowers our desire and passion- like responsibility, money, power. "Money is not everything" they say, but that's hard to conform to when everything and everyone else in this world tells you otherwise. Do tv excessively knowing you should take effort to exercise but you're too tired after an exhausting day at work? Are you...stuck in a dead-end job that however pays you well and requires little effort? Are you....struggling to pay off your credit card bills because you bought a new phone/gadget/car/house because "everyone has to", because "its the sensible thing to do", because "everyone must have a 3 /5/10-year plan"? Are you..stuck in a passion-free relationship because you've been with him/her for 5 years already, because you think this is as good as it gets, because you're the only son so you have to be married and produce offsprings before your parents die, because you're afraid to put yourself out there? Or are you married to an older man because you choose security and money over love? Are you stuck staring down a list of places you wanna go but you can't because you have no money? How nice if we can just let go of those expectations and follow our heart's desire and be free. But We can't, can we?

Rockstar Supernova-Final 4

Dilana, Toby, Lukas or Magni? I'm rooting for Toby, of course.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All Smurfed Up

We're a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd (1975)

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?
And did they get you trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange
a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,
year after year,
running over the same old ground. What have we found?
The same old fears,
wish you were here.
Rendition by MartyCasey /Rockstar:INXS or StormLarge / Rockstar:Supernova

Breakout from the Blues

Ever been emotionally drained? Just don't wanna meet anyone? Feeling blue and nothing seems right? Everyone has their own unique ways to break out from the blues. Blues..not depression. Some of us ....
1) Sometimes I listen to my Eagles CD (yaya, i know, they're old!) sing out loud to the tunes of GetOverIt and HeartacheTonight
2) Watch a silly movie- seriously, nothing but a great funny movie to cheer you up. I recommend Dumb and Dumber ....or Shaun of the Dead.
3) Go for a buffet- go for a really good buffet, stuff yourself silly, you'd sleep better anyway.
Most of us really just need a companion- a mutt, a friend, a chatty friend, your mom, your siblings, anyone that is the closest to your heart. And if there's no one for you, I think a trip to a temple or church is always good, sounds absurd but some spiritual comfort may do some good.

Remembering 9/11

I still remember the WTC when I was commuting there. The faces of the people working there, the littlest memory of browsing through the goods in Sephora, take-aways at the SBarro and ordering juice at the Orange Julius. I'm not even American, but the thought of all these shops and people who used to 'hi' me were all gone still give me the shudders. Makes you realize how fragile life is. And, as if we haven't had enough of natural disasters to deal with, we have to be constantly bogged by the paranoia of terrorism. We never look at another stranger quite in the same light anymore. We never under-estimate the power of religion, power of influence, the power of unity and the sacrifice people are willing to make to 'set things right' anymore. I can't help but think we here too could have the same fate. And when I see footage of brave firemen and marine officers, I wonder if our firemen and police officers could match up. Scary thought, huh?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Accident SOP

Can someone please help me out with a “Standard Operating Procedure” when met with an accident? Reason being that some guy banged into my car and up till now, I have yet to have EVERYTHING settled. The back of my car, the bumper and the tail lights are all done. Paint job done. BUT, the workshop tried to con me by installing an ‘un-original’ tail light though I specifically asked for the ‘ORIGINAL’.
Anyhow, without further ado, here is…
Tihtahpah recommended SOP:-
1. Immediately stop the car, or move on to the emergency lane. Ensure that the idiot who banged your car is following your lead.
2. Get down from car. CURSE if you need to. Take down necessary details (IC No., House address from IC or get latest, Handphone no., House Tel No., Insurance No.-he may not be claiming but just take it down, Car plate no., idiot’s business card if he has).
3. Check the phone no. to ensure that the number actually works.
4. Quickly assess damage by calling some workshop people you know to get estimate on how much it would cost.
5. Bargain (no insurance claim required for minimal damage) :-
(i) Get the person to pay cash (amount exceeding the cost estimated).
(ii) If person disagrees with amount, get him to get an estimate as well.
(iii) No compromise?, then better to send the car to your workshop and have this estimated properly. Get person/idiot to concur by getting his workshop rep to assess.
(iv) Disagree when person/idiot asks that the car be fixed at his recommended workshop.
(v) Bill to be sent to person/idiot for claim.
6. Bargain (insurance claim required):-
i) report to police within 24 hours, the IDIOT has to report too
ii) call insurance company immediately after report and send all documents to insurance company
iii) send car for repair ONLY at AUTHORIZED workshop by insurance company, else, u can't claim
* Courtesy of commenter: je*
7. Aftermath
(i) Ensure smooth paint job by urm.. touching the surface, I suppose?
(ii) Ensure tail light (if yours was damaged) is original (ie crystal) by comparing with the other tail light. The fake is usually kinda dull looking. After rain, you will see water forming inside the casing.
(iii) Ensure that the repaired section is leak-proof by… pouring water over it.. duhhh..
(iv) Keep car away from harsh weather conditions (ie rain, sun) at least for a day or two in case paint has not entirely dried up.

I hope I don’t meet another %!$@%$! idiot on the roads of KL.

Food for thought

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." Find out what counts in your life. If you don't, you could be letting go of things that matter.


I'm not a mall kinda person. Don't expect me to be hanging out in some shopping mall walking around listless like zombies or trying out new clothes/shoes/bags etc. The most I do in a mall is eating/trying out new eateries or catch a movie. That's about as far at it goes. Just last week, I met up with an old friend at Ikea.... I think I got lost for a bit there. See, I went into the Ikano Power Center parking zone but found myself parking at the Ikea parking zone. Ok, so they're connected! So is the CURVE! And so is the Cineleisure. Arghhh..You ever had that panicky shitty feeling when you can't remember where you parked your car?? I've resorted to taking pics on my phone of the parking zone. I can't count the times I got lost in the Mid Valley Megamall parking zone (Especially the B parking area). Arghhh...I remember those days when malls were plain and simple, like the Plaza Ipoh Garden in Ipoh- where there's only 1 supermarket, 1 giant superstore -Parkson, 1 shoe shop (at the corner), 1 Guardian. And seriously, even the malls in New York weren't so complicated. I went to Woodbury - a giant factory outlet, and even that wasn't so complicated! Or maybe I'm the daft one. Maybe I'm the only one who gets lost in a mall.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Little Black Book

I'm not a fan of chick flicks. Never was. I caught this chick flick however called LIttleBlackBook. The only thing I remember was Holly Hunter saying "Omission is Betrayal". How very true. How many times have u stumbled upon a secret perhaps your boyfren/girlfren has been withholding from you- only to have him/her say that they didn't think it was necessary to let you know? Or have you had the occassion when your bf/gf went out his/her ex-es only to find out 1 week after? Yar, the truth doesn't hurt if you dont know about it, but if you do find out, well, it hurts alright. If there's nothing to hide, then why hide it?.....unless you have another agenda behind it. Or perhaps some people feel 'some things are best left unsaid? Oh well, what's your take on this?

Human vs Animal Behaviour

Similar, huh?

Lady Boss

I related excitedly to my friends that I'm having a career change, and would soon be working with a lady boss. Lady boss? Everyone gave me a pat on the back and wished me good luck sarcastically. Why is there a general perception that lady boss' a bitch? Or is it true? I've never had a lady boss except during my stint in a restaurant. The Taiwanese lady boss is meticulous- to the extent that she gave my bartender a warning on giving the waitresses a cup full of wine and not 3 quarter full(even though we're entitled to it! one free drink on Fridays!). I'm telling you, u can't fool a lady boss. She always knew what we're up to. And it just seems that lady bosses are more tough on their female staff! I dunno, do you have a lady boss? Bitch or a fren? I say, it's alright to be a bitch if you bitch the right way, and bitch for the right reasons. Afterall, I'm all for more FEMALE CEOs in Malaysia! listen to Bitch-MeredithBrooks -my alltime fave karaoke song..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ejen016 - ??????

Ejen016- Argh. So grossed out by the pic of the lead actor in this new sci-fi series that I won't even post it here. First ever sci-fi film in Malaysia was the M Aziz Osman's XXRAY- it was forgettable, to me anyway, spurned the birth of this series. Trying to imitate the likes of James Bond, I can just imagine a Malaysian agent taking a break for a teh tarik in the midst of a 'pikchik' moment. Hate to be a wet blanket, but seriously, can't we just watch Star Wars like the rest of the world.

Pluto, sorry, you're a Dwarf!

Pluto - a Dwarf Planet? Planet demotion? Size Doesn't Matter? Not sure how to react to this, but am definitely tickled. It was deemed too small and it doesn't orbit the sun. Sounds better than being condemned for being a dwarf. Ain't that size discrimination? What would happen if a real dwarf/midget was fired because he was too short to reach for files? I wonder who can Pluto sue.

Japan: Forward-Looking.

Princess Kiko gave birth to a boy, who is now 3rd in line to the throne, after Naruhito and Akihito. The reason why this news is worth mentioning is that prior to this birth, there were efforts to amend imperial law to allow females to ascend the throne. There would have been debates between those who are for and against this amendment, but I supposed in the end, the logic that having an ‘Empress’ is better than not having anyone at all from the royal blood line. No, this is not a sexist post. I’m just glad that Japan, being Asian and having also been nurtured in the similar social environment where the males are always more ‘precious’, that they have at least taken this almost-would-have-been step. Emperor Hirohito had even set precedence and a very good example by not having any concubines. (Now, why are we still practising polygamy here???) Anyhow, seems like a bright future for the women in Japan. I just hope other Asian countries would follow suit, thinking-wise, and maybe wipe out those bad behaviour like aborting female fetuses, sidelining women in receiving education, abuse?, paying women less, etc etc.. hehhe. Good news?

Good news!!!! (2)

IwasnotConsulted! - Alamak...just when I thought the slash on traffic fines are here to stay, our Transport Minister's making a fuss about not being consulted before this move. Ermmmm what does that show:
1) Something's wrong with the procedure of approval- how could something like that have bypassed the Transport Minister for god's sake!
2) Or maybe it did pass through but perhaps it was not properly looked into
3) In such matters, is it not better for the Transport Minister to speak with the police force for clarification and not to EXPRESS SURPRISE through the media.
I'm suddenly finding a lot of politicians making waves in the media- tumpang glamour or whatever, sigh..this must be Malaysian Reality TV influence...!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If anyone missed this on last week's Supernova- Toby is hot hot hot...yummy.

Good news!!!!

LowerTrafficFines - Good news...there's a slash on traffic fines, reason being to encourage the rakyat to pay up their summons and to reduce police bribery! All good reasons I would say. So maybe the police will have no choice but to reduce the 'duit kopi'. Asking price used to be min RM50 but with the economic downturn, I heard duit kopi can be as low as RM20 now. This might however encourage the rakyat to speed more or use the handphone while driving! Well, with this move, it's economically more justified, so, let's all not be a nuisance on the road. Less traffic offences means less 'duit kopi'! Get Smart.

Wheels of the Past

My dad said he used to roam in KL on this...a Honda Cub 50cc....affectionately known as the "cub zhai" by the Malaysian Chinese. You can still see this in the streets. REliable and Sturdy, maybe those feeling the pinch from the petrol hike can consider biking.....

Move aside Norah ...

Corrine Bailey Rae has crafted an amazing first album of her career, released February this year. The first trip through the album was pleasant and exhilarating. This album is just damn stylish and refreshing. It has a good soulful kick that never fails to uplift my mood everytime I listen to it. Oh, I don't listen to it, I slowly savor it :) Yup, it's that good. For comparison, I couldn't go through Norah Jones's album without falling asleep! NJ's album was too monotonous. BUT Corrine managed to carve out an album thats so captivating, you just can't wait to listen to it over and over again. 'Butterfly' is my current favourite and with an album like this, I'm sure I'd get a few other favourites out of it before I throw it aside. It'll be a while.

A very charismatic album indeed ...

Shaun of the Dead

This movie reminds me of why I like duddy brit films like TheFullMonty. It's a 2004 Zombie flick. I think ShaunoftheDead is a reflection of probably how we Malaysians would react if ever the dead comes alive here (Although I do know of some Malaysians who are zombie-like). Had me laughing like hell (alone-imagine that) out loud! Not a serious film, and it's seriously for the funnies addicts only. Try to catch it on HBO.

Yumcha Culture

Some activities prevail forever. I've been yumcha-ing ever since the mamak was discovered. But, due to costdown purposes, me and the yumcha 'kakis' have resorted to Chinese Kopitiam. Hey, it serves the same purpose as the mamak, if not better (can get beer in kopitiam!). And yumcha culture is so versatile, you can yumcha and talk about work, life (about how unmeaningful/meaningful life is), gossip, catchup with old friends, making new friends...almost ANYTHING. These are just some of the Malaysian cultures that I hope will last forever. So, where do u hold your yumcha sessions?

Ipoh Taugeh

Ipoh taugeh is phenomenal. I'm so deprived in KL that I have to lug few packs of taugeh and ration it so that I always get my daily dose of Ipoh taugeh. And no, it's not those skinny scrawny wilting taugeh in KL, Ipoh taugeh is short and stout, plump with juice, and crunchy. (told u it was phenomenal!) Everything just tastes better with Ipoh taugeh, be it Assam Laksa, Prawn Mee, Char Kuay Teow. This is just another one of those great franchise you guys can consider..learn the trade, how to grow great Ipoh taugeh. Just let me know where I can leech some ya.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Ipoh Drive-Thru Taufoofah

Finally got the name of the famous Ipoh Drive-Thru Taufoofah, its called Funny Mountain. Ipohians like the taufoofah mixed with soya bean...heavenly! And make no mistake, for the past 20 years, I've noticed not much changes, that's the size of the shop....but I spotted 2 wooden benches for people to sit in. EH, anyone wanna buy the franchise and open one in KL?

Oldtown Kopitiam

Who needs Starbucks anymore? You can't compare a yummy aromatic RM1.80 (price in Ipoh) Ipoh White Coffee with a RM12 (at least, after tax) Starbucks Frap.
By the way, people who buy the Ipoh White Coffee 3 in 1, do not buy from that shop in sells at RM11 or RM12, but you can get it at Ipoh's Tesco for only RM9.49. Get smart ya.
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