Friday, October 19, 2007

Life in the New "Middle Earth" Zealand

Ever thought of living in New Zealand? Well, I have an uncle there who has lived in New Zealand for the past 20 years. He has a property there that is snugly located near University of Auckland. This is especially good as it is convenient for my cousins to commute from home to university daily. Most people would assume that any properties located near the university and in the city of Auckland itself would be expensive but on the contrary, it is actually reasonably priced and affordable.

New Zealand is favorable to investors because of high depreciation rates, no land tax and no property purchase tax either. New Zealand also has no wealth or death duty taxes which is a load off the citizens.

To have a bigger overview and what New Zealand can offer you, browse through new zealand property. The website offers a lot of information, not only for investors, or citizens but also for people interested to migrate there. There are property buying guides and property developments information to facilitate you. Some locations are also scenically situated overlooking mountains and lakes. For investors, there are information on million dollar properties along the 300K City Apartments.

Besides that the website also offers information and advise on how to finance your investments. This will be especially useful for those wanting to build a family there but is on a tight budget. There are also extra information on finding work and schooling too. This website could be your one-stop solution in starting a new life in New Zealand!

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I read about the flamer. The nerve of her. Even with the friend disclaiming her, she’s still persistently disturbing the both of you. But well, these kind of people do exist unfortunately. They are what I refer as the ‘small people’. And I have come up to a few conclusions why such people exists. Scroll below.

1) The fella is a no-lifer. The whole issue is unrelated to her. She obviously leads a real boring life and so decided to place her butt into this whole thing. Must be muka tembok also as she wasn’t even invited to butt in.

2)They don’t have anything better to do. Unfortunately the no-lifer has no goals, or ambitions, or a direction which is why she’s finding the whole thing intriguing and fun for her. Geez, get a life.

3) She has no friends. Or else she’ll put her energy on friends that matter.

4)She is a coward. If other people’s private life affects her SOOOOO much then she ought to just talk to Jem & Kyels face to face. Why hide behind the name “Friend of Jo” and post ridiculous comments.

People has gone so tacky nowadays. I still prefer the one-to-one showdown face to face, instead of the low-down method of flaming others on their blogs. The same thing happened to endroog when one fella flamed him for being honest. If you have guts (which I doubt), call me. Let’s meet up.

Mean Girls

I’m just at my 3rd week with the new company that is highly-infested with women. My 2 direct superiors are females and my colleagues are mostly females. Well the company is good, in that it allocates a secretary to every department to help with the dept needs. Well, the secretaries are really one-leg-kick, where they do the donkey-est work , binding, visa application, stationeries, faxing, arranging transport for the staff, handling of departmental assets, distributing memos, arranging accommodations for the china bosses and spouses etc, liaising with the HR and IT dept for batteries and laptop repair.

So wouldn’t you agree that the dept secretary is equally if not more, important as any of the dept staff, be it the engineers or the managers or the directors. They serve an important purpose, to help us work better. I really appreciate her as I used to do those donkey works as well even though I was also doing operational work, so I have experience enough to know that it’s a HASSLE! She puts a load off many of the manager’s burden.

So I don’t know if the girls in my dept are mean or what, but they tend to ignore her sometimes. When she’s telling them things like not to throw food in the wastebasket during the raya time since the makcik is not around- it may seem simple but imagine coming back to office after raya with the office stinking or with maggots. The girls in my dept don’t even bother to acknowledge that they heard her.

You know when one of your colleague’s going away on holiday- so just for the sake of small talks u sometimes ask where she’s going or whether she’s going by tour or what. She asked one of my asst manager and she totally snubbed her and ignored her. Does it hurt to just answer the poor girl? I mean c’mon, it wasn’t even time to start work yet.

Which is really such a shame because she’s a bubbly girl and I enjoy talking with her…unless those girls here who put on an air like it’s such a big deal working at where we are. It’s just work. No one deserves to be treated that way.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Taste Of The Apple

I don’t really have big ambitions. All I want sometimes if just to get a bite of everything, a pinch here and there. Had a taste of the Big Apple years back and I left NYC with a lot of memories, of good and bad. In all it did give me a sting of maturity I needed that time. Everyone said it was dangerous but I just had to have a go at it! And I came back with no regrets and plenty of dough.

Coming back in Malaysia, I had a preview of the working life here. Mostly it’s frustrating and yet funny sometimes especially my last job. Sometimes it’s funny when you hear people complaining about how tough their work is, how bad their boss is, or how they work so late, or they had to stay overnight in the office. I say, I never take someone’s word for it, you won’t know till YOU ACTUALLY experience it. I think people think it’s glorious to be slaves to their company. I think if you don’t get overtime wages then what’s the point? What are u trying to prove? Else, it’s just bad time management!

Before I started work here at this place, some said that it’s a chinaman company, or that the expense claims are late, or that the work is horrid, how they’ll work u to death…etc. But I went ahead and tried it anyway. Just to have a taste of the apple I guess. It was a job for Asia Pacific, and I thought well I’ve never experience that before, so why not?

And well now I know. Maybe it’s just the Malaysian trait sometimes to be overly negative or to tokok-tambah about something they don’t really know about. It scares me sometimes when people claim that they know so much about something they don’t! Not only does it mar your decision but it also confuses you. So I say, LISTEN and VERIFY THE TRUTH. SEEK THE TRUTH. GET A TASTE OF THE APPLE!

At least you can say u’ve tried!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Garage Heater

Ever came back to an icy cool garage? Or wake up to get your car that the engine has froze over the night? Or having the window screen frozen with snow because of the cool air that seeped through your garage?

Well I no longer have to suffer because I now have a heater in my garage. If you're like me who like to do my handiwork and play with my tools in the garage, or sometimes do a bit of carpentry, a garage heater is the best thing you can get. I don't have to shiver and suffer in the cold anymore. I may have had to pay a certain amount of money for the extra electricity that i've used but it's a money well spent.

So get a garage heater at this website. You won't regret it!
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Off To Indonesia

Will be away for two months to Jakarta Indonesia....... will try to blog in the mean time as often as possible.

Anyone has good suggestions what to see and where to go?

And Jem, hope you're doing OK.

And gallivanter, please take endroog for a g or two.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

First Week on New Job

I've survived the first week at my new workplace in Jln Pinang. I must say it is an adjustment from my comfort in my previous job. I have to find new places to eat, new people to lunch with, from a designated parking space to a paid one (RM6 per day), but best of all, i'm starting work at 9am now instead of 8am.

But well, i miss my colleagues. Even though my new colleagues are younger or of the same age group as me, it seems to me that they lack the spunk and laughter i used to share with my ex colleagues. If anything, the office is horribly quiet on most days and everyone's working hard on whatever it is that they are doing.

No doubt the new office is more efficient and everything's systematic but then maybe what it lacks is a sign of LIFE. Everyone's going about their own business and trying to catchup with the ever-revolutinizing telco industry. No one has time to stop for a chat or two.

Just as "Pah" used to tell me, we are the types who would just adjust to a new environment but not necessarily conforming to other people's way of working. I would still continue to be my old self i guess, with the right balance of work and play. Oh no, I'm not gonna be a slave to the company that I don't have a share in :).
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