Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Girl Bands

Have you guys heard : Spice Girls have reunited and is planning the first tour starting at Vancouver. And well, here's a list of all the famous girl bands....
1) The Go-Gos- That's where Belinda Carlisle was from. It was the first all-woman band who write and play their own songs-according to wiki.
2) Wilson Phillips- Girl band that sang few beatiful songs (Carnie and Wendy Wilson-daughters of Brian Wilson, Beach Boys)
3) THe Supremes- Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard
4) Destiny Child- of coz of coz. Not a fan, but they were good.
5) SWV, En Vogue, Sweet Sensation etc

Women don't just bikin anak afterall. :)


The movie is so-so, it's a 1988 movie for (*&(*&'s sake. But this is where Kokomo by the Beach Boys was featured. And of course the ever famous Bobby McFerrin's Don't WOrry Be Happy. But my favourite song was Hippy Hippy Shake. Check this out today.

1. Wild Again - Starship
2. Powerful Stuff -
Fabulous Thunderbirds
3. Since When -
Robbie Nevil
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
5. Hippy Hippy Shake -
The Georgia Satellites
Kokomo - The Beach Boys
7. Rave On -
John Cougar Mellencamp
8. All Shook Up -
Ry Cooder
9. Oh, I Love You So -
Preston Smith
Tutti Frutti - Little Richard
11. Addicted to love -
Robert Palmer

Reality Bites-1994

One of my alltime favourite movie-did you know this was the first movie directed by Ben Stiller. What I really like about this movie is that it's provocative and different. But it's the soundtrack that's really impressive. I especially like Stay-Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories. It's also the movie in which Ethan Hawke sang! I think he sang in Great Expectations too. So here's the list extracted from Wikipedia.

"My Sharona" - The Knack
"Spin The Bottle" -
Juliana Hatfield Three
"Bed Of Roses" -
The Indians
"When You Come Back To Me" -
World Party
"Going, Going, Gone" -
The Posies
Stay" - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
All I Want Is You" - U2
"Locked Out" -
Crowded House
"Spinning Around Over" -
Lenny Kravitz
"I'm Nuthin'" -
Ethan Hawke
Turnip Farm" - Dinosaur Jr.
"Revival" -
Me Phi Me
Tempted" - Squeeze
"Baby I Love Your Way" -
Big Mountain

Monday, July 30, 2007


Here's an excerpt of a conversation i had with my fellow Marketing colleague this morning.

Tihtahpah: Eh your marketing sekarang banyak orang la. You jaga customer mana sekarang?
MarketingFella: Saya jaga Perodua aje.
Tihtahpah: Habis, you punya colleague, si Lin to jaga mana?
MarketingFella: Itu si Lin?? Apa dia tau bikin?? Dia cuma tau bikin anak aje. Dia bikin dokumen aje la. Apa lagi.
Tihtahpah: (Eyes rolling in shock.)

What a way to start my Monday morning. Talk about male chauvinism, man. Had any encounters lately?

The Cup Story

Here's what i read this weekend.

A frenchman saw a cup and said "This is a tasse."
An Indonesian came and said "No, this is a cawan."
Then a Chinese man saw and said "This is a pei."
An Englishman then came and said " No, this is a cup and i can prove it."
He brings a dictionary and says "This will prove that it's called a cup."
The Indonesian and frenchman likewise brought their dictionaries as evidence.
The Chinese man said "The Chinese is the oldest civilization and our dictionary says it's a pei."

In the midst of the argument, Buddha came and drank from the cup.
He says that it didn't matter whether it was a tasse, cawan, pei or a cup, most important is its purpose.

Lesson: we must learn to respect other religions and it didn't matter what religion you are, the main thing is that religion teaches us the same values on how to be a good person.


Give me time to care, the moments here for us to share
Still my heart is not always there
What more can I say to you
Could I lie to you, I'm just too weak to face the truth
Now I know I should make a move
What more can I say- How Can I Fall

This is an 80s British band probably when i was about 9 years old. I remember my sis had this album called All That Jazz. 2 of its popular hits are "Hands To Heaven" and "How Can I Fall". The band disbanded in 1990.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You and Your Exes

It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life...
Passes things get more comfortable
Everything is going right
And after all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool- Cool (Gwen Stefani)

How many of you all actually remain friends with your exes? But well, first it really depends how it ended. Sometimes these exes become your best friends, because think about it, you have a history with these people, you shared maybe a brief or a long period of your life with them, he/she probably knows you inside out.

It's quite a different story when you have a current other half though. How then do you deal with the exes? Current other halfs might not understand why you're still close with your exes. But really there's nothing wrong to me anyways. What's wrong with being friends? Ultimately is to keep an open mind.

I Get Around

I'm gettin bugged driving up and down the same old strip
I gotta finda new place where the kids are hip
My buddies and me are getting real well known
Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone- The Beach Boys
I dedicate this song to Kukujiao . Yet another fun song. Songs that make you wanna just go out and enjoy the good times. I was just talking to Cely, how i regretted that i didn't go on long trips in between jobs. WE HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR FUN. Really, it's not a joke. Once you start working, or get married, there are all sorts of commitments you have to think about. Most of the time, i was worried about making money. Worked in US and saved up all the money, and quickly came back here and started on a job immediately. I wish i had stop for more trips before. NO REGRETS but i'm gonna make time from now on. :)


I just recently heard news that a friend of mine (not so close friend) just broke up with the bf of 7 years. simply because she's had enough and thought she deserve better. Some people might think she's heartless but i think otherwise. Sometimes it's just the way it is.

I can't say how many girl friends of mine have let go of a long relationship because of this. Because they think they deserve better. Even I have. Was with a guy for 4 years and after that i was weighing the pros and cons. I thought the relationship was not going anywhere. I was on a different direction and he was not heading anywhere in particular. I had all sorts of plans and he didn't have any. Sometimes love just ain't enough. It's true.

But when to let go. I must say it was not an easy decision. To know that the relationship turn into something you hadn't hope for. And all the time, i kept thinking that i had to do it just simply because i deserve better. I'll rather be single really, it ain't that bad. Nobody pushed me into it. I just decided one day that enough was enough. I had to be FAIR to myself.

EVen a good friend of mine once said, that she was constantly reminding the bf to do this and that, telling him to study etc, it dawned on her that it was getting ridiculous coz she was mommying him. What is she getting out of the relationship really? I know it's selfish to think that way, but i dont think there's anything wrong to that. Coz most women look for the basic stuff, someone to rely on. Someone who is compatible in terms of attitude and way of life. TEll me how can u rely on someone who doesnt even know where he's heading to?

Well, that's a woman's point of view. I'm sure men have the same experience. At a turning point when he thinks he deserve a better woman, maybe one that appreciates him. Some women fail to do that. WHAT SAY YOU?

SHE- Elvis Costello

She may be the face I can't forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
Maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song that summer sings
May be the chill that autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day
I'm such an oldies buff but i just can't help it sometimes. This was a song that a guy once dedicated to me, burned in on a cd of all the weird songs i downloaded onto his mp3 playlist. The voice is haunting and the sounds are lovely. Makes you nostalgic sometimes when i hear it on light and easy. This was a soundtrack for Notting Hill. Enjoy. Specially for Belle .

Favourite Fast Food Joints

Eh..what's everyone's favourite fast food joints? I dunnoler, but i know i really really X100000 hate McDonald's ...i mean i'll go anywhere but McDonald's.. SO here's my list. And A&W burger is too small la. Seriously, i need 2 to be full.
1) Wendy's (burger is greasy and AMPLE, always dripping with sauce)
2) Tim Horton's (only available in Canada, fantastic muffin and double double coffee)
3) KFC (come to think of it, it's the only fast food joint with good chicken. there's one called Popeye's in US that i don't really like)
4) The OLD A&W (when burgers used to be bigger and better)
5) BURGER KING ( big and definitely guaranteed your stomach is FULL)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Future

This is Babybandit. my one and only niece. Sometimes i do sit and wonder (at work, hehe) what the future has in store for her. the world's so competitive now, it's tough growing up nowadays. You have to be this and that, a ballerina, a pianist, a scholar, a dancer, a violinist..the list is endless. I hear kids are going to schools and montessoris as young as 2 year old. Scary aye? I wonder if she's gonna miss out on the fun we had last time in our era, playing batu seremban and galah panjang. i wonder if she'll indulge in ABC and loklok in the roadside. most kids now are so sheltered that in the end they miss out on many good things. luckily she's one good samseng. :)

Fight For Yourself

A friend of mine just told me that he received an increment of RM100! And i've heard a lot of good reviews from his colleagues (who happen to be my friends). RM100 is kinda insulting. And this friend of mine has done more that his scope of work, not only as service engineer but also as a trainer. Even though he's only been working for less than 2 years.

So, he's new at this. What i mean is haggling on ur increment. Fighting for what u deserve. So this is what i advised him.
1. Fight first. Talk it out with your boss/manager on your performance. Maybe you haven't been performing as well as you thought. But if you believe strongly u did, list out and lay it out to your boss with an open discussion. But should do it over the official increment letter.
2. In the meantime, ought to look at other job offers. Start sending out your resumes to gauge your marketability. remember that you have to live with that pathetic increment for one year until the next appraisal.
3. Chase your HR for the official letter. Once the letter is delayed, your chances to reverse the increment is smaller. And then all sorts of excuses your manager will give.
4. If you still can't get what you want, speak to the person who is superior to your direct manager. Or to someone who can make a decision.
5. If all's failed, then it's time to find another job -just so your boss know that you're indispensable.
MOst of the time we're actually bullied into accepting whatever increment we get only because we have a lousy manager or we just didn't say anything about it. Your manager is the eyes and ears of the management, and if your manager does nothing to highlight your good performance then you're screwed! Nobody would know what you've done. In truth, most managers only care for their own increment.


"Yumcha later?" yar..it's like a common line nowadays. even the malays use that now. The best thing about yumcha is that there are NO RULES. It is the most versatile activity ever.

There is no fixed time. You can yumcha anytime. Be it during working hours, or wee hours, or after dinner -ANYTIME. you can even come late, there are no rules, your friends could already be there earlier, and you need to finish off work or something, there are no rigid rules.

And now you can do it anywhere too. The place could be dirty, or a mamak or kopitiam, a cafe (a reasonably cheap one of course). Some of those who prefer only Starbucks etc, well those won't make good yumcha kakis because yumcha culture is supposed to be economical. How long can you last with just one RM10 frap??? Where else you can get a FEW AIS KOSONG or TEH TARIK or KOPI Ais? Even conversations can last longer coz you dont have to worry about burning a hole in ur wallet.

But well, some yumcha etiquettes to observe. Take turns to pay. Especially if you and your yumcha kakis meet regularly. Or else, just go dutch. Be sure that your yumcha kakis have the same understanding.

Pick a place that's easy to go, easy to find parking, and of considerable distance for the convenience of the yumcha kakis. it ought to be an agreed place that is easily accessible. people usually don't stray from their yumcha spots, but maybe a few choices are better for flexibility.

Where are your yumcha spots?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tears for Fears

What are your worst fears? What keeps you awake at night? What makes you cry senseless sometimes? What makes your heart palpitate with anxiety and sends you on a panic frenzy?

We all have our worst fears. Some fear of death, reptiles, spiders, heights and all sorts. Some fear of the supernatural. Recently a colleague of mine had a cancer scare. Fear of cancer. She found a big lump on the thyroid gland and the doctor has advised surgical removal of the cyst in case it becomes cancerous.

And so yeah, that's a new fear i would say. Especially when now when you hear of people getting cancer more often than before. The whole process leading to one's discovery of cancer is agonizing enough. The tests u need to take. The waiting for the medical results. Just the thought of sitting through a session with the doctor waiting for him to tell u whether you've got it or not. I guess it's the fear of the unknown or the unexpected that really gives u the spine-chilling experience.

And just a discussion with my colleagues, they said something of fear of surgery. Of any kind. It's invasive and just the very thought of someone cutting me up is enough to send me to shivers. I've never even got my appendicitis removed before. Can't even gather enough courage to get my wisdom tooth removed.

What are your biggest fears?

A Question of Dignity

I have a friend who's about to embark on what may be to me an unnecessary risk. He's going on a trip to Thailand to meet up with this Thai girl. Whether it's a booty call or for fun's sake, I dunno. Whether she's looking to con him or hoping to get a husband out of this, i dunno.

All i know is, as a guy why put yourself through that. It is an act of desperation. If a girl tells you to bring a certain sum of money meant for both their expenses, that itself is wrong already. If the girl had any dignity, be it that she is poor, she would not ask another man to pay for her expenses. If the guy had any dignity, he wouldn't take advantage of the situation for fuck's sake of a girl who is probably taking a chance for a better hope.

Are men really so weak that they need to pay for sex? Whether he's paying for it or not, to actually go over and 'pau' another woman is paying for a 'service' no matter how u justify it. You may say that it's an act for a 'friend in need', but it still doesn't make it right.

I know many men do that. Whether the woman's a prostitute or not. Just are u that undignified to do that. Pay for companionship. Pay for sex. The consequences are probably just not worth all that.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Of Rumour Mongers and Leeches

i was talking to a fellow blogger, and realized that there seems to be a spat after every blogger's meet. I wonder why. Even those who doesn't really know anything about anything that happened tend to pounce and wait eagerly to put comments about the thing that happen. Is life really so boring for these people that that's like the highlight of their lives?

And why do they always wait until the next day, to comment on the blog entry, and not do it face to face anyways?

ANd it doesnt only happen in the blogosphere. Even at work, whenever something happen, like the time when i resigned, so many people came up to me trying to advise me,or just give me malicious suggestions or warnings whatever. Rumours began to spread and then things just get out of hand.

All because of some leeches who din have anything else better to look forward to. Leeches who finds 'fun' in scandals and rumours and chaos. Weird but these people do exist. I classify those who drives and stops to look at accidents (causing a traffic jam) in the same category too. People who pounce on scandals. Even when they have nothing to do about it.


The Downfall

The Downfall- the movie is in German. THe last movie in German i watched was Sophie Scholl. Sophie Scholl was about this anti-Nazi student, depicting her capture, trial, and finally her death, giving us an insight of just how organized and serious the offence was, of simply having a different believe from the Fuhrer.

The Downfall was as the title suggests, the downfall of Adolf Hitler, showing the events of the last few days of Hitler and Eva Braun. The movie made me realize just how fanatic the Germans were and how influenced they were by this man's idea of a superior race - it was more than just eradication of the 6 million Jews, but it was about a vision for a greater Germany. It was more than just an obsession, it was simply the way to live for some. The only way to live.

Even in his death, Germans who shared his belief were steadfast and his influence reigned on for a long time. The movie also showed the perspective of the secretary who shared the last few days in the bunkers with Hitler.

Don't expect any big drama the hollywood way in this movie. It's informative and an eye-opener. It's nothing glorified, just factual and grim at the same time. See it.


My second sis listened to me and my other sisters' snake stories. By 'snake', I mean doing your own personal things or MIA at work either lepaking or most of the time yumcha-ing with friends.

It's of course totally wrong, even though almost all Malaysians do it. Me included. But that's how we are. Relax dulu. Some people say it shows we have no pride in our work. I take it as taking time off for a break so that we are more productive later. :)

And really, what's the harm. First it doesnt matter where u are or what you're doing, as long as you FINISH YOUR WORK and you're AVAILABLE all the time through the phone. Just some rules if you do intend to SNAKE, SNAKE SMART. Make sure your boss can get a hold of you all the time.

And well, you may say snaking is wrong but then, some of us do need to entertain customers. Take them out for a drink or two, minum teh at 3pm etc. So technically, you're just doing some PR work and not really 'snaking'. And it is somewhat a necessary skill nowadays cause customers also need to 'snake'. Take their mind off work for a bit.

So is it wrong? Even if you finish ur work? Even if you're driving back from ur customer/supplier side and u know you're gonna reach office at 5pm, then what? work for 30minutes just to comply to the 5.30pm clockoff rules? That's absurd. I would just drive straight home. What's wrong with that?

No HandShake?????

Attended a meeting with Perodua on Friday at the corporate office. And well, it's natural (for me anyways) to extend my hand to customers for a handshake as a form of acknowledgement or just to be friendly.

But that day my handshake got REJECTED. Hah. It's against some religion for the man to touch another woman's hand , not even for a handshake. But i wish the guy would say something instead of leaving me awkwardly with my right hand sticking out waiting for the guy to balas balik. Instead he just kept quiet and as if pretending that my hand wasn't there. He just completely ignored my hand.

It's not the first time. Sometimes i'm immuned to that humiliation of handshake-not-balas-ed. A simple 'no, i can't shake your hand' remark would have sufficed.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Human Factor

MorganFreeman-NelsonMandela , Morgan Freeman is playing Nelson Mandela in the movie The Human Factor.

"The Human Factor will follow the life of Mandela from the release of his 27-year imprisonment and after the first democratic election in South Africa following the fall of the apartheid. Mandela is most recognized for his work on South African reconciliation when his most pivotal and widely watched efforts were during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. South Africa was the host of the games when Mandela asked the black South Africans to support the widely-hated team the Springbok. The team won the world cup as Mandela revolutionized and began to unionize South African races by presenting the cup to Francois Pienaar; the captain of the rugby team."

Now this is something to look forward to.


I know it's friday but just wanna talk about this ANXIETY. it's something that bothers me maybe every now and then. sometimes thinking about things puts me on a panic frenzy.

lately it's the thought of retiring. whether i'll actually save enough money to 'retire in style'. not talking about millions of money but enough for me to have a good retirement- for travelling and just to get by day by day until i finally 'check out'. With our current salary and the little annual increment we get, this hope seems hard to reach. Now doesn't that make you anxious????!!! In the next 30 years or so, i'll be old, useless, dispensable, and won't have the savings to put me on a comfy bed with enough grubz to fill my tummy.

Nother thing that makes me worried is just how small our world is getting, with less land and more water. We're getting hotter and hotter. Diseases are getting more 'accessible' because of this. And there's so many new diseases these days and calamities are more often than ever. Seriously, sometimes it feels like the END IS NEARING. I fear one day 'THe Day After Tomorrow" will come. you know that movie where everything freezes up because of the screwed up environment that humankind have caused?

It also makes me anxious to think that people will die. people around me will die eventually. If they say being the youngest is great well that's not entirely true. think about it. You'll be the last to 'check out' and you'll have to watch all your older loved ones leave u one by one. I think that is agonizing enough. You can only love and appreciate them now, this situation is irreversible (unless those time machine in DejaVu exists-then can pinjam).

Ok..so now i've shared my anxieties. I feel that i've lifted at least 30% off my head.phew

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Obligatory Friends

Just a while ago, Kyoko asked me what i call friends that you've known for a long time-but you don't necessarily click with them anymore, but somehow because you're in the same circle of friends, people tend to throw you guys in the same outings anyways.

I wonder what happened? How many of you guys have 'obligatory friends'? Maybe he/she's your friend because your parents knew each other, or you're friends because you've known each other for so long since primary school. Or just because you have to because you guys work so closely together? Or maybe you used to be his/her best friend, but over the years, either you or him/her have changed and you don't really 'ngam' with him/her anymore.

I think we've all been guilty of this crime- friends because we're too polite to reject them. Or to tell them that we don't like them. How do u tell an obligatory friend "let's not hang out anymore, coz we just don't click".

And so, you continue to go for those obligatory gatherings, obligatory weddings, obligatory birthday parties, obligatory farewells etc. And then you bitch later about it to your close friends. It's not always true that you can CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS. Sometimes, you're just stuck with them, and well, just gotta make the best of it.

1) Tell them off if you really dislikes certain things they do.
2) Maybe after a while, they'll stop asking you out.
3) Ignore his/her calls. maybe after a while they'll forget u. (seriously i dont think this has ever worked for me)

How Come?

1) How come we have to pay so much toll and still kena traffic jam? why are we using the highway in the first place?
2) How come we have to pay 20cents or more for the public toilet and still get dirty toilets?
3) How come we have to pay RM2 for police reports?
4) How come the traffic police is allowed to jaga traffic even when the traffic lights are working fine? What's the point?
5) How come we have to make way during a traffic jam for the big guns, datos and what nots? IS their time more precious that ours?
6) How come we have to pay service charge for fast food?
7) How come foreign labors are allowed to be guards? Aren't some of them more of a hazard to us? And some don't even speak English or Malay.
8) How come teachers in government schools are still crappy? Are we not doing enough to make good teachers stay?
9) How come a lot of places dont take up our 1 cents? How come they are allowed to not take up the 1 cents?

Taking Care of Yourself

Recently i've been hearing about this - taking care of yourself. I met this really independent and strong willed person who tells me that we really need to know how to take care of ourselves. TO her it's simply because if we don't take care of ourselves, or if we don't respect ourselves, no one will. No one will respect someone who doesnt love themselves.
ANd then i met someone who just didnt do just that. Yar, sure u have a problem. Guy problem/money problem etc. taking drugs and downing liquor will not solve that situation. Deal with it. Makes you look dumb to be destroying yourself because you dunno how to deal with your problems. Just be an adult and work it out.

How to Release Stress

1. Go for a Body/Foot Massage. It's so cheap nowadays that it's a luxury anyone can enjoy.
2. Grab your daily newspapers and instead of reading it at home, go to somewhere relaxing for a nice cuppa to finish ur reading.
3. Watch something funny. This helps. I recommend Shaun Of The Dead.
4. Go for a buffet. just eat without a care.
5. Switch off your phone for 1 day. Or just deliberately FORGET to bring ur handphone.
6. Say vulgar words continuously for 5 mins and see how many you actually know.
7. Sing your heart out. Sing any song u like. Dance if you want to.
8. Find a beach and go for a long walk. Or a long swim.

Favourite Places to Eat

Just where are your favourite places to eat? If you hang around in Bangsar long enough, you'll know that the pic up there indicates Delicious. So here are my places to go for makan, what's yours? I must admit i'm trying to find ideas on new places to try out ...
1) Delicious
2) Taman Miharja Pan Mee
3) Prawn Mee/Loh Mee- in this place in Kepong that endroo takes me but i dunno the way :)
4) Tmn Connaught Dim Sum- not so much for the food but because of the shady trees
5) Tmn Desa Yum Yum Tree- for the char tung fen......

Hot Fuzz

Initially i thought it was one of those action packed movie - then i realize that the 2 main actors are the same from Shaun Of The Dead, another deadly funny movie that i thoroughly enjoyed. This one is just as good - a mix of weird, funny, action-packed, dramatic movie about Nicholas Angel who got transfered to Sandsford...and the story of why the town has such a low crime rate but high accident rate unfolds. Weirdly funnny. Hehe. Yarp it is.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogger's Booze Night

AnotherGathering- this time organized by the Gallivanter that is happening in Plaza Damas this 21st July, 2007. No worries it's not going to be a big thing, just a bunch of us hanging out and drinking. So on behalf of Gallivanter, here's me extending the invite to:

Kyels , Belle , Larawannabe

hope to see you guys there!

Compare Compare Compare

Me and my fren, K, had a long conversation about this. It's about women who are competitive in heart. They don't declare it but they do compare themselves with other women of the same peer.

And they compare about the most ridiculous things. Check this out:
1) Who gets married first? Or who hasn't? Already they feel bad that they don't have a partner but somehow if someone in the same peer group is not married yet, it makes them feel much better? Why? I would never understand, but that's how ppl like that think.

2) Who travels more? K and I believe that no matter how much you travel, well, the bad or the real you never really change. And why does how much another person travel should affect another person anyway? What's there to compare?

3) Who gets off work the latest? It's weird but i find this VERY COMMON. some women actually rants and is actually proud that they get off work late. I find this very strange when me tries to clock out at 5.30pm sharp and is happy to dump all the work for the next day. They actually diss me that i get off work early. But i answer them back saying that i've paid my dues and i dont get paid overtime anyways...so...why?

These women who like to compare, i think they just have low self-esteem and so much insecurities that having at least ONE fallout guy makes them look good. I wanna get married when i'm ready-not because of peer pressure. I wanna travel because i wanna see more. And i certainly dont wanna be stuck at work until 10-11pm just so i may seem HARDWORKING.

Swing Out Sisters

Don't start to ask
And now you've found a way to make it last
You've got to find a way
Say what you want to say
The situations never change
Tomorrow looks unsure
Don't leave your destinated trains
What are you waiting for?
The time has come to make or break
Best known for this song, a british pop group that made it big in 1987. i just like this song because it's a fun song. something to lift your mood up.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Innocent Voices

It was a movie about child soldiers in El Salvador, a civil war in the early 1980s. It was a heartfelt movie in a child's perspective, his fears, his aspirations, his determination and his strength.

It reminded me of a friend i met in Annapolis. he was an El Salvadorian, and we were working together in a japanese restaurant back then. He used to tell me stories of such but i didn't quite believe him. He even showed me a picture of himself then barely 11 years old holding a gun, smiling.

I guess he was telling the truth after all. how he and his mother struggled to leave El Salvador and went to US for better opportunity. They started all over again there and made a new home there.

Nice movie, but it's in Spanish...but good watch nevertheless.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mr/Ms High Class

So you think you're high class? You look down on people who do not share the same sentiment as you. Like the places you go, the food you eat and the people you hang out with.

Mr/Ms High Class doesn't hang out at the mamak because the cheapo red plastic chairs will dirty their porcelain butt. And the food is just too low-class for them, even though it fills up your tummy just as well. NOpe, they'll trade their limaus for lemons, and kopi-tarik for lattes.

Mr/Ms High Class doesn't hang out with losers, and losers are the low wage earners, the non-high flyers, the poor/mediocre people-who-toiled-for-their-money. Nope. They only hangout with rich people or influential people or the beautiful people. Irregardless whether their fun or not. If you're ALL THAT, you're in.

Mr/Ms High Class looks down on people who take AIR ASIA/Tiger Airways. It didn't matter that it'll help THEM to save money too, but it just looks bad on them if they were to tell their other high class friends that they took AIR ASIA.

Mr/Ms High Class would look at you in horror if you've not been to EUROPE.

Well, i'm far from high class, but i think i'll have more fun with the 'low-class' then. :)


so, the book is provocative and insightful. all based on facts -as the front title suggests: declassified documents retrieved from UK. it's a very factual book- but some of speculative quotes and reports from witnesses and govt officials/reps at that time, but nevertheless, interesting and very matter-of-fact.

Gwen Fever


Weddings and Such

For the past week, i was asked (very seriously) by my friend to be her bridesmaid. we were chatting animatedly online about what nots and suddenly in a serious tone she went "wait, i got something to ask you first"...then pause, then "can u be my bridesmaid?". I felt suddenly really touched. Because it felt like i will be witnessing my friend of almost 16 years through her most important night of all. i felt honored really. but now i'm thinking about what i gotta wear and need to lose some weight pulak, hehe.
just 2 nights ago, had an outing with the ipoh girls and another friend asked me to be her emcee, coz she remembered my short stint(pathetic) deejaying in new brunswick during my uni days. it was in cantonese, mind you. i couldnt refuse her, because you can't refuse an about-to-get-married-friend-of-22-years wish. i'm afraid i'll just accidentally blurt something vulgar or sound funny in my cantonese/english.
but there was a friend who's single who came that night. and she didn't really say much, and as much as she could, tried to change the subject. 2 friends are getting married and it's only natural that they talked non-stop and comparing notes about the wedding plans. heck, even me and my sis (who aren't getting married) shared their happiness and woohed and wahhed with them. but that particular friend didnt.
i think it's kinda selfish on her side. it's not always that we gather these days. and wedding is a big deal. and what kind of friends would we be if we don't share the joy with them? i felt like telling her why she cannot put aside her i'm-single-&-sad sulky self and just be happy for them. does it hurt to just not think about yourself for that one night?
i on the other hand, can't wait to see my friend try her wedding gown on the 21st!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Of Angpaus, White Paus, and Birthday Gifts

i wish people would stop asking me how much i'm paying for wedding angpaus...or white paus....or how much i'm spending on birthday gifts. People ask because they wanna compare. Make sure it's 'within the market range'.

First of all, how much you wanna pay is from the heart. if the person getting married is your buddy, then you pay whatever you think you can afford and based on how well you know that person. In the first place, why are u there unless if the person is a close friend or colleague, or obligatory because of some distant relationship, or a relative.

Second of all, really depends where the dinner is. Roughly can estimate mar. As for white paus, there are no guidelines. It's really from the heart.

And birthday gifts. I dunno why my girlfriends have a habit of first asking me if i'm getting a gift at all for the birthday person including lunch/dinner that we're paying for the birthday girl. I usually do. And if i did, they'll ask how much i paid for it. Then if they can share with me. What the hell???? You didn't get a gift and now u wanna leech on me, what? so you don't lose face? not be the only BAD FRIEND who showed up without a gift?

sorry, but my gifts are personalized. i try my best to choose something nice for the birthday person and no,,,,you're not going to CONVENIENTLY SHARE it with me.

SO EVERYONE, stop asking. Just 'pau' whatever u can or whatever that you think fits. Use your head.

The Jets-80s

I loved you
You didn't feel the same
Though we're apart
You're in my heart
Give me one more chance to
Make it real
In a dream you are here
You smile and hold me near
And in my heart I'll pretend
that you are here again - MAKE IT REAL

Remember the Jets? The Jet is the other rock band, but this is the band from the 80s. It's not always you get a family of 8 in a band, and to make chartstoppers like Make It Real and You Got It All. The voice is a cross between Selena and Sade. Songs and lyrics are simple and music is light and easy.

For Insecure and Unhappy People

Do you feel insecure all the time? Why do you doubt everything in life? Why do you not trust anyone? Why can't you believe?

I think it's safe to say we're all emotionally scarred by things in the past, things that affect us, thing that made us suffer and weep. And no matter what people say, time doesn't necessarily heal or help. It's easy to say forgive and forget. move on. But in truth, we don't forget. Most of the time, it's stuck in our mind, and once in a while, we're reminded of it by the little things that happen.

But really, is this how you wanna live? Be sad and unhappy for the rest of your life thereafter?
We won't forget but let's make it a point to move on. The worst has happened so it can't get any worse? Right? Ok maybe not but, let's be optimistic. You can't get unlucky twice.

Or else what you gonna do? Put on an unhappy face whereever you go? Gonna drive all your good friends away. Don't you know that how u feel affects the people around you? When you feel insecure, you make your other half who loves you desperate to make you feel his love. When you feel unhappy, you make others worry for you.

If you really love those people around you, why put them through all that? You can be insecure or sad, but
let's not be SELFISH. Think of others.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones
And girls just want to have fu-un
Oh girls just want to have fun -Cyndi Lauper

Anyone watch the movie? Sarah Jessica Parker was in it, and it was a long long time ago.
But here's a question to ponder on. When was the last time you girls had a night out of fun?

When was the last time you girls stop talking about work? or your boyfriends? or problems? or whine and rant? When was the last time you let your hair down and just party the night away without a care in the world? Just with your bunch of girl-friends?

If you can't remember when....then that's real unfortunate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mr. & Ms. Slimy

on hitz fm today, rudy and jj talked about this Mr. Slimy- person who is the third wheeler who tries to snitch his friend's girlfriend when the friend is away. And believe me, Mr. Slimy exists! And so does Ms. Slimy!

Maybe they do it out of fun. Or they do it because they can (probably with hot looks and the dough). Or they do it because they just wanna prove that they are superior.

Ms. Slimy operates differently from Mr. Slimy though. Ms Slimy exploits on other guys' weaknesses and works her charm on them. She cockteases them and sadly most guys fall for it. Nothing to lose mah, right? But it does reflects poorly on the men, they just don't know it. It's a tad disrespectful to their gfs too when they indulge.

Is there a Mr. Slimy or a Ms. Slimy around your vicinity? your group of friends? Tell me about it.


Cherish the thought
Of always having you here by my side (oh baby I)
Cherish the joy
You keep bringing it into my life (Im always singing it)
Cherish your strength
You got the power to make me feel good (and baby I)
Perish the thought
Of ever leaving, I never would-

Cherish the Love we have,
we should cherish the life we live
Cherish the love
Cherish the life
Cherish the love
Cherish the love we have
For as long as we both shall live- Kool and The Gang

It's not often that you find songs with the same title from different singers that are both excellent! Got anymore?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Keep The Faith

Had a great time on Sat nite with some friends. Well, THEY are from the same church group since young, and i knew one of them, then 2 then etc etc, i now know most of them. We've been good friends since 3 years ago. But i'm not a Christian.

Met my friend's dad there again, and he was a devoted Christian. Like every good Christian, he said he was thankful to God, and that God has blessed him and his family etc. He gave me examples and said repeatedly how God is always there for him. He said he'll pray for my bf and me that God will bless us, (thank you)...but he also hope that I will become a Christian. He didnt force me.

Make no mistake. I've always believed there is a Superior being...far greater than any human can imagine. Yes I believe in God. But God may come in many shapes as many would say. TO me, it didn't really matter what religion i was, as long as i believed in God. For all you know, we are praying to the same God. Why the heck do we all look the same if NOT.

I know what i believe in, whether it's eternity in afterlife or reincarnation, i believe we all do end up at the same place at the end. Takkan got club up there or down there right???? It's not like some recruitment drive or something. Christian masuk sini, buddhist masuk entrance yang tu, etc.

What's your stand?

What's Love Gotta Do With It?

What's love got to do, got to do with it
What's love but a second hand emotion
What's love got to do, got to do with it
Who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken-Tina Turner

One of my favourite female singer, her voice is distinctive and still stands out until now. But most of all, it's her strength and spirit that awes me. That's after watching the movie- a biography of her life. How the song is a breakthrough from her years of abuse with her husband. She is an inspiration and and icon of strength.

A Latte Lesson

Was at the Bakeroni Cafe in Taman Desa just having a lazy afternoon with endroog. The ladyboss was very friendly and quickly asked if we've been there before. Gave a quick intro on her interesting menu and made a special note on her latte. The real ITALIAN latte she says.

And well, it was really good. A 3-layer-latte. She came over in a bit and expressed deeply that her latte is genuine unlike the stuff we get nowadays at the cafes/starbucks/coffee bean. She says that's how a latte should be served. And now that we are 'educated' we can demand for that kind of latte in the cafes we go to.

And it's true, sometimes we Malaysians don't take pride in our work. And we sometimes also accept sub-standard. Why not go for the best when you can? But she did say that usually if the cafe is charging her like less than RM6 for a latte, she won't be so demanding, but if she's paying over RM12 in a 5 star hotel, she jolly well should get what she deserves! a decent cup of coffee! Latte in a glass!

And it's interesting to see a person so passionate about her cafe. it's a simple place, but you see many regulars, compared to the Secret Recipe just behind it. She gives a personal touch by interaction with her customers. And surprisingly, she said that she brings her staff out to experience fine dining in hotels, so she can guide and let them know what kind of service is expected. I dont see many people able to do that, in fact some dont even treat their workers like human!

And you know what...the food at this Bakeroni Cafe is simple but is of excellent quality and cheap too. Had the latte for RM6.90. No service charge. Turkey egg sandwich was excellent. And it's not an AhBeng joint. Trust me.
For address and map go to Endroo's link.

Friday, July 06, 2007

You Can't Hurry Love

My mama said
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
She said love dont come easy
But its a game of give and take
You cant hurry love
No, youll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes- Phil Collins
I just got news that my friend B was getting married in November. i got an instant message right after from another friend A. A saw the announcement and is anxious that B was getting married. You see she's single, and has been for a long time.
But, what exactly is A worried about? That she hasn't found the ONE yet? Or the fact that all of our friends from secondary school are either ALREADY attached or married? Why is this made into a competition anyways? And that's the thing about women really, we're generally competitive.
On the other hand, my other friend, KY, well, she's celebrating her singlehood. What's so bad about being single. You can't hurry love. So while waiting you might as well enjoy singlehood! That's our(me and KY) philosophy anyway.


I was with 2 colleagues on the way to Rawang. Me and this other guy were talking about weed etc, and to my surprise, my female colleague (aged 27) asked me what it was? What were we talking about? I explained to her in chinese thinking she probably would know it by the chinese name, and yet it didn't ring a bell.

I probed further and she said she's only been to a club once. Pubs maybe less than 5 times. We even teased her that she didn't even know what 'tangkap basah" means.

The innocence is charming, yet it seems rather dangerous for a 27yearold to be lurking in KL not knowing much, what are the chances of mistaking ecstasy pills for vitamin C? or being tricked into mishaps...

Just to safeguard ourselves, women especially, no harm to know more. Ignorance may bring you more bad than you know. Know what you're getting yourself into at least.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mr. Pau

I have a staff stationed at my customer site during the day shift. and this is what he does:
1) he has to build up a network- get to know the customer personnels, from logistics, engine, qa, qc, R&D etc.
2) he lets those people know that he is available at all times and come look for him if there's any trouble with our parts supply.
3) everyday, he schemes on who he's taking out for lunch that day, or who to get some cigarrettes for.
4) his claim for those are termed as "entertainment claim"
5) when he meets the customers, he gauge on whether they WANT to be pau-ed, or NOT. Or whether they CAN be pau-ed.
6) his pau items include: dinner, roti canai, cigarrettes, lunch, kfc, drinks.
7) sometimes to get to know more people, he goes to other offices and have a smoking session with whoever's who happens to be at the smoking area.

Man......i'm beginning to think he sounds like a GRO!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ryan Takaba- Ceramics

Ryan's a dear friend of mine. He is an artist that hails from Kent University currently teaching art. the guy's into making his own ceramic work... Plans to sell these online, but what do you think? Nice kah? Do you like these?

NEW Levels Of Friendship

Acquaintances at Work: The more we are in the working life, the more HI-BYE friends we make. The kinds that you probably meet during meetings, friends only DURING the meeting, people you meet at parties and outings. People you probably couldn't care less for if anything happened to them. And yet, they could be people you need to get your work done, therefore you keep their namecards for sure.

Your other half's friends: Your bf's/gf's friends become your friends automatically. You either try to get along or you click with them anyway. But just how civil or how nice or how friendly you wanna get at the end of the day, also depends on how u click with that person, no such thing as courtesy call. You can be fake once, but you can't be fake forever (if that's how the relationship with ur bf/gf is gonna last). There's no fast rule that says you have to buddy up with them. But if you're compatible with ur other half, the chances are you'll like his/her friends anyway.

Friends With Benefit: OK, not just applicable for people who are there for convenience and non-commital sex, but also friends who are your friends because of business partnership. Friends whom you may not necessarily like but is influential enough to help you to GET THINGS DONE. Just how friendly you wanna get with these kinda people is really up to the individual.
Virtual/Blogging Frens: Almost forgot about this, thanks to Jemima. How many of you have friends on the blogosphere/msn/irc that you've never met before and yet connect spiritually (at least in writing?) sometimes it is these people who gives you the most emotional support. I dunno about you but sometimes typing it out is easier than saying it out. For those who are verbally challenged (quiet) maybe this is an avenue they can go to to find support and love. Well, why not. It is the 21st century.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mamak Ad

Cheap. Nothing Flashy. Simple. Straight forward. And hey, caught my attention.

DJ Station- Silom (Bangkok)

Some pics as requested by Jemima....The gay club i went last Friday night. DJ Station!

Being Gay

i must say that i've learnt alot about my fren and his way of life in my trip to Bangkok. It's like two worlds that he is in. But ultimately, they told me that they hv to stress that they are just like every other person in a relationship.

1) they don't just go for one-night-stands with just about any guy. u see they have a long list of criteria, level of hotness, HIV, and compatibility.
2) they're also some of those emo wans......waiting for true love and Mr. Right.

And i realize that there are so many gay jargons that i just found out...
1) Money Boy- gays looking for sugar daddies
2) Rat Boy- boys who do it for money- prostitution
3) chem- i dunno if this is universal, but it's a jargon for drugs..

Very educational weekend for me :)

A Gay Affair in Bangkok

It was a hiatus week for me in Thailand, so i was glad to finally leave work and head off to Bangkok from Ayutthaya to meet my gayfren, YB.

YB said he has to take me to checkout the gay scene in the land of open sex. LIBERATION. After a drink or two at his apartment we head off to meet Jason (one of his buddies), a really flamboyant Filipino.

First was the boys go-go show. They were adamant to go to this place called Jupiter, but we missed the performance so...head off to Dream Boyz. The name was enough to 'scare' me. HAHA. Guys were already parading in their undies on the stage when we arrived. I asked Jason "why are those guys parading there". Jason said " oh, they're being AUCTIONED." ohhhhh

Well the highlight of the entire show was of this two guys having sex right on the stage. For a good 20 minutes. With the most impossible stances. What a performance. The night continued with some men handpainted that looks really great while they are gyrating on the stage. The last was an unappetizing drag show. Though the Thai audience really loved it.

We then headed off to what YB described as the sacred club of the gays in South East Asia, called DJ. And it was truly different. And incredibly fun too. I now understand what YB meant when he said gay clubs are way more fun. 60% of the guys are shirtless. And did i mention that they are all hot guys??? Not so easy to be a gay - to maintain that kinda 'hotness' for marketability purposes. hehe.
Went to Chatuchak the next morning with YB and his fren, Bau....
So here's thanking YB for what must be the 'gayest' outing ever!
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