Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wrestler

I like wrestling. I used to watch a lot of it and my friends used to love reenacting scenes from WWE.....weird but it's really an art, a performance, and this movie gave us a little bit of insight into what professional wrestling is all about. But more than ever, this movie touches on the vulnerability of an aging wrestler. I almost forgot it was Mickey Rourke :), had a lot of rawness (keep thinking RAW is WAR..hahaha) in his performance that makes it a really good one. My favourite part was at the end actually. When he said that he could never get hurt out there (pointing at the ring) and that he's only hurt when he's here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cheap Thrill

Did not win but it was featured in The Star today, muahahhahaha. TOok this picture in Bogor....

Slumdog Millionaire

I watched this maybe few weeks back. And loved it. It was pleasant, heartbreaking, scary all rolled up in this little movie. I have a friend in indonesia who has riled up a bunch of comments on her facebook. My sister cried bowls after watching it....heart-wrenching especially the kids-kena-eyes gorged out-tu. I still can't forget the dive-into-shit-for-Amitabh scene. Very funny.

So well, was it a good movie? well to have stirred up so much emotions, it'll have to be good! And you know it's a good one if you think of Jamal as opposed to watching Benjamin Button and think why Brad Pitt looks like that. The beauty of the movie is that it didnt have big names. It allowed for immersion into the realism of the movie.

Ohwell, go see it and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Going off to Australia in August'09. First family trip in a long time. It would be a road trip! Any recommendations anyone??? Food to eat and places to go?

To Depend

A friend of mine was just telling me that he loves having dependent/dependents...he loves to be the provider ...How many of us would think that way though? Most people take it as a burden.

But I guess having dependents makes him feel his life is meaningful. That working and slaving is meaningful. It also makes a person less selfish I suppose.

Imagine if u had no dependents. Well yeah, you have ample money to indulge on yourself. But how much could you use and indulge on.

It really takes a lot of selflessness to be in that mode. One must be so USED to paying for things and just making sure everyone's taken care of. A person like this will not expect any gratitude or appreciation because he loves doing it. One would be contented with putting a smile on that person he just cared and provided for.
I wonder if people like this really exist. Are you one?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stop Bugging Me

I had at least 6 calls last night-3 of which were missed calls because i just didnt want to pick up the phone anymore. There was a gathering last night, and I didnt want to go because i was tired....Now, what's wrong with that? I show up for almost every damn gathering possible and yesterday I just needed a break.

Hasn't it ever occurred to anyone that maybe I just want to be left alone? Me and imny thinks its our age catching up on us and we're turning reclusive, but seriously, I do enjoy being by myself. I enjoy having my own time.

OK and so, I lied yesterday. Because it would have sounded too weird if i said i just wanted to be alone and rest... SO I said i was DEAD tired. I'll rather be vague than bluntly saying that I wanna be a hermit for a night. Boleh ke???

And why do i feel weird about admitting that anyways? Fear of being labelled as weird? Anti-social? Ok, i do have moments when I want to go's just that I have less needs for that now. And the moments when I do want to have quiet time are way MORE now.

So maybe it's weird I like having my cup of chinese tea in front of the telly watching reruns and dvds. Or mending my dying potted plants. Or rearranging my trinkets. I ENJOY IT. if that's weird, so be it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stand Tall

Maybe i've just been watching too many movies on conspiracy theories and ulterior motives and globalization. I wonder if we'll be sucked into all this economic catastrophe further because of economic giants who were caught in their own web. Well, doesnt it look stupid now for those who worships them. Even the biggest will fall one day. That's just how the world works. So, dont be arrogant.


Everyone has some obsession for something. It could be shopping, photography etc. Some of us suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder...that we might not know of. Just doing a bit of self-searching now..and trying to list down my obsessions and whether it is bordering OCD...
1) shopping...i think not, it happens sporadically like the time when I was in indonesia, only because it was convenient and i had the time to do it.
2) perfumes...yes, I do think i have an obsession for that. but i've refrained from buying since i'm a scrooge, also because trying not to indulge....But i do recall buying maybe about 5 in the US jsut before I came back. First ever bottle that was absolutely unforgettable was the Banana Republic Woman. I was strolling in Annapolis by the port in my tattered jeans and black t, and had my first payout after 2 weeks and bought one for myself.
3) smurfs... it's more of an excessive use of this word, is it an obsession, u tell me. I can tell you I have a bunch of friends whom we call each other smurf! without much thought.But I won't say that I know much about the smurfs....
4) movies....i'm the type that would watch 4-5 straight movies on a really quiet day. And I'm obsessed with making sure that I finish whatever movie i start watching. It has to really suck for me to not watch it. I'm constantly looking for the ultimate movie, and so far, nothing moves me more than A Beautiful Life. Chinese movies doesnt do anything for me, although there are some notable ones.
5) music..this obession has somehow weaned...I used to be obsessed about the radio, hogging the radio to listen to some good music, actually hoping to hear some songs that i've marked (in my mind anyway). I was the type who would find mp3s and save 'em. But I'm starting to be just too complacent with whatever I have now, and just can't be bothered to listen to more. The last album I bought was THe Killers Sam's Town.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Right Gift

Anyone's scratching their heads finding the right gift for this sat? I was listening to the radio today and a caller was saying that he is having a tough time because:
1) he can't repeat the same gifts as last year or else he'll be branded as boring
2) he needs to get a gift that would be OK enough to get an OK from his gf
3) he can't get something to cheap...else he's a cheapskate..

finally he said he wondered if Valentine's day supposed to be like this. Meeting the other half's expectations.... and this stressful.

Seriously, life is tough as it is. And work is stressful as it is. I dont want a gift that's going to further burden my bf financially. BUt then again I dont want a useless gift that I would have to pretend in front of him to say that I love it, when I really dont.

So we've gifts this year. We have movie tickets booked. And most probably a quiet dinner in a quiet place. And it doesnt have to be an expensive place.

we sometimes place too much emphasis on material and luxury; ah, the faults of many.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who's not hit by the economic downturn? I'm saddled by job insecurity, not to mention I work in a company that has up to date news on which company's bailing out or about to. So it can get rather depressing when all you hear is bad news. I haven't really heard of many people getting bonuses this year, or maybe people just opt not to mention about it i guess.

Saddled by a mortgage loan and well since getting a place, many unexpected bills and extra expenditure.

Putting my plans to travel on hold. I should I suppose after spending a bomb for the Eurotrip. I could sneak 1 really good trip somewhere cheap out of Msia or do a few local trips. Really wanna do Greece this year with imny and mom but i guess I really should sit tight and keep a watchful eye.

And so, this year is going to be a cautious and a very handicapped year. Whatever your zodiac sign says, well everything's almost related to money isn't it? Strained love= money. Job insecurity=money. Health =money. Marriage=money. Money=poket kosong. I think they should just summarize at the end of every zodiac/horoscope with a rating for $$$ in a scale of 0 to 10. 0= zero money. 10= loads of money.

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Mask

Most people carry masks because for a few reasons:
1) their true self scares them
2) they are afraid their true self scares other people
3) because its just easier to conform to what's normal. everyone's weird in their own ways
4) because some people are just evil. we all are. we just keep the devil within
5) because we all have secrets. big or small, serious or frivolous, we hold on to our little secrets

you know, don't even bother to 'un-mask' someone. maybe sometimes it's best not to know.... If not, usually your instincts and intuition tells u if that person is being his/her true self. we sometimes just choose not to trust our instincts.
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