Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Great Indonesians

It is Day 12 in Jakarta for me and here’s some observations I’ve made…

1) The Indonesians are fun people. Always ready to have fun and always scheming for fun.

2) They have no qualms when it comes to telling you off when you’re being stupid or irritating.

3) The ladies here really know how to enjoy their money. It’s only been like a week and they are already inviting me to karaokes, massages, dinners, shopping , you name it.

4) There are Malaysian guys and Indonesians guys and China guys here but here’s the deal, the Indonesian guys take the cake when it comes to being a gentleman and charmers.

5) Indonesian ladies are not SHY!


kyels said...

Sounds like you are having real fun there!


Jemima said... wonder, Endroo's flying over soon. :p

endroo G said...

Jem: thats because I missed her so so so much. I'm so lonely over here. Yeah, I'll be going there for just a few days :( just a weekend. 2 months man, how to tahan not seeing each other?! ;(

dominic said...

got lotsa cheap sneakers and sample shoes.
i envy u....

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