Friday, December 21, 2007

All I Want For Xmas....

What I want for Xmas? I'm getting real close to being 30 right after xmas, and i guess what i really want for xmas is actually to celebrate the last few days of 2007 with Andrew, family and friends that matter. I was pretty insistent on not spending my Xmas in Indonesia..oh sure, I can do the usual shit partying with the new colleagues in Indonesia, but it's just not the same. Every other day dancing and partying is alright but on Xmas and New Year's Eve????? I'll rather be sitting at home doing nothing but mope around looking at my newborn nephew and just smurf around with Andrew and my family.

I wont be making wishes but just count my blessings...i've finally got a job that's paying me Ok for me to indulge a bit and not to worry so much (less anyways). And to be away from KL has it's bad and good. And I've got a new nephew this year. First boy in our family. Too bad Imn's not around to smurf with us. (ohyea Imn, i threw some of your old rotten shoes btw). I've semi-moved out of Taman Desa. Dont feel nostalgic at all except that Tmn Desa is the most strategic place to get to anywhere!

And Andrew's got me a new skirt. Yippee. Just a tip to all men, it's always safer to either hand the gf your money or take your gf out shopping for xmas, or else you can never go wrong with a diamond or two....Just kidding!

And this year, i've made some nice new friends, especially those I met in guys made my new experience there all the more better!

Where's everyone smurfing this Xmas??


kyels said...

I'm going to mope around at home with my family and little baby girl (my Silky Terrier puppy). I don't like to party during Christmas or New Year's Eve because I rather stay at home or bum at a friend's place for a drink or two; snuggle up on the couch and laugh at comedies together!

Merry Christmas to you!


imn said...

which shoes of mine did u throw out??? remember to take my stuff back to ipoh or erche's place b4 they rent the place out

endroo G said...

imn: don't worry... all the stuffs are in your dad's car boot. I carried it. You owe me a meal for it. Hahahah. Cheers.

philters said...

i'll be moping with some of my oldest friends:D

christmas cheers, babe!

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