Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Euro Trip

We're back finally. The dream is over. We walked the streets of Amsterdam, Innsbruck, St Goar, Florence, Munich, Rome, Paris, Venice and bits of UK, london, liverpool, stratford-upon-avon, cambridge, manchester, coventry AND now it's all over. I have mixed feelings about the coming back to reality, happy somewhat to be home, but then was missing the holiday feel....3 weeks of being a tourist!!!!

My review: I probably would want to do europe again, but the next time probably eastern europe ...My favourite was probably Rome and Venice. ... I like it that the italians dont give a damn and just liveeeeeeeeeee. I didn't really like UK, probably it's the weather, but as Imn put it, bad vibes....especially of London.. maybe it's the thought of this little dull dreary country used to rule us, i mean, wtf....they are overrated. people are snobbish. Roads are narrow, food sucks...geez. weather is dull and grey. shopping sux because everything's expensive unless u love primark shit.xmas decor is overrated. i think it's weird that i harbour such disgust because of the colonization and all...just can't help it...! We were snubbed at the customs twice. and at a restaurant by the waiter. and the lady at the counter at the airport. Their tone of voice immediately gave us a rude feel when they saw we were asians and Malaysians some more!Feel like telling them UP YOURS! Your economy is in shambles because u shits are too arrogant. I can't seem to understand why asians go there and they become pretentious and get warped into the whole thing.

I wont be posting any pics though...I'm thinking why would people be interested to see pictures of me. Sorry philters... , the trip didnt bring out the self-whoring side of me just yet......kekeke. Although i think slightly improved-lah.


jemima said...

You didn't make it to Tuscany?

I love how the Italians have time for a siesta.. even on a working day. :p

Gallivanter said...

Welcome back. Please remove that widget you are using for your blog. Annoying ler when accidentally mouse over.

kyels said...

Welcome back! I'd love to see some photos ( if you're going to post it in your blog! ). Hehe!


endroo G said...

kyels: you can see the photos in my blog which I will post from now on... bit by bit. :)

jem: we went to tuscany.... Florence! Was there for a day.

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