Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Maid

It was Father's Day, and so sis took us to this place Rebung in Bangsar for Malay food feast. Decided to treat them since everyone's back in KL (except for Imn). Anyways, it was a buffet, and mom assigned me to take the maid, Sophie, to get her food. Wasn't sure if it was her first buffet in Malaysia (or in her life, for that matter.)

She was excited. I've never seen anyone so excited over buffet, maybe because we Malaysians so have it all the time shamelessly. She asked me what each and every item was, cautious at first. There was one particular one that caught her eye. Ice Kacang! When the machine whirred, and ice was filling up the bowl, she jumped excitedly.

It's funny and heart-warming at the same time, to see that we've made someone's day by just a simple bowl of ice kacang. We take thing for granted too often sometimes. I know my family's a failure when it comes to disciplining the maid. Mom's teaching her English, and dad/sis buys her ice-cream, mom also gets her Coke (her favourite). Mom even reads to both her and my nephew sometimes. It doesnt help that she's small and somewhat naive and deprived, and my parents spoil her like she's their daughter. Just like one of the family.

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imn said...

zach, u got to write about mj!

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