Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY 2010

it was a quiet CNY this year... I was the only sibling back for the new year eve dinner this time round. But I really enjoyed bumming in Ipoh...there's just something about Ipoh that I can't quite pinpoint. Maybe K is right about Ipoh being the best city in the world.
I spent a few days reading Zen and Taoism comic books. It's like a weird ritual whereby I always read them before CNY.....THe same books year after year. Something calming about that (or maybe it's just cause there's no ASTRO in Ipoh..hehe). I keep discovering new things..and there's something that I took away with me this time....that we should never succumb to materialism. we should not get attached to material things. It's silly but there are many amongst us who are slaves to branded stuff.

Another thing I learnt from my mom this CNY is GREED. Greed is I think is what breaks a family. I learnt from my mom that it's ok to be generous to a greedy person. One may think that he/she has gotten the best out of you, but God knows and God sees.

happy CNY and have a prosperous year ahead.

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