Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We need to move on

I have been recently enlightened by Farish Noor in his recent book that touched on something that is like a thorn in our minds. Of how our nation has been segregated on purpose before merdeka, and how we are still doing it. so we typically stereotype the malays are lazy, the chinese are greedy and the indians are sleazy & drunkies. but in reality this is not entirely true. there are drunk chinese...and there are greedy malays and etc etc.

the point is that we are Malaysians. we went wrong in the first place when we allowed the british to brand us that way. To ensure that we are 'properly controlled' konon. and that we are all 'specialized' in our own ways, and how the brits have just made us more 'effective' by leveraging on our strengths...

so primitive, kan.

and yet, we have not broken away from that stereotype. how many of us are guilty of making racist remarks or even a casual commentary about other races and stereotyping typical behaviour based on race.

and today, I am again reminded by our ex-PM, read: chedet-racist .

the truth is that not all of us think that way. or maybe that's what I hope we are. it's time to take a step forward to a new Malaysia. one that sees a man as a man, and not if he's brown, yellow, or black.


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