Monday, February 21, 2011


Well into my early has got me thinking about a lot of things. Weiyi used to say that i'm a worry wart. itulah inilah..etc etc. Because of this I bulldozed through many things telling myself that really I worry too much about things I can't control. I'll be 40 by the time I make any decision at all!

And so, I've pretty much organized the whole wedding trying not to be a control freak. There were hits and misses but I'll rather remember the hits (that's what emelda advised me , thanks!). I was worried too about being married and not able to spend CNY with my parents. I guess I didnt give Andrew enough credit :), we're going back to my hometown for reunion dinner alternate year. He thought all that out even before me.

I also bought a car last week. I've never been the type who would change car like tukar baju. I was willing to hold on to my Kelisa as long as it is still (barely) in one piece! But my BIL called me and said he got a great offer for a 2nd hand car, and the fact that I drive to Cyberjaya (quite bahaya also le, driving that little kelisa weaving through the highway), and that my car is already 9 years old! If i waited any longer, I wouldnt be able to sell off my Kelisa. And so, without even seeing the car (putting a lot of trust in my dad and BIL judgement) i decided to just take the plunge.

I guess my mantra being turning 40 would hv to be stop worrying too much and just take the plunge. The question of having a child is inevitable. And I'll have to ask myself what's stopping me. I have enough love and support to take me through really. IN particular a friend of mine, I could see her maternal instincts kicking in already, even before she has tied the knot!) incredible what aging can do....

There are always challenges ahead, it sounds really corny, but with determination and faith, things always seems to work out right.

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