Sunday, April 28, 2013

My innocent child

My toddler squeal in delight when I tickle him or pretend to eat his legs. Sometimes I whisper to him to call daddy. I love his wide eyes that stares into mine. And then he flashes a big smile it really melts me. Till today he still kisses me before he gets into the tub..... Hihi .he has been a little grabby too these days😁.
In the back of my mind I wish he could be my baby forever but if course he has to learn to walk, to self feed, to talk, to listen instruction. But more than ever I feel a need to equip him to face this big fat world. An ugly one too. In a way I m glad he is a boy, imagine all the worry I would have if I had a daughter!
I know one day he would probably be too busy for his mummy ,but that's ok. I hope my blog leaves him something to guide him. I might not know a lot but I guess I put a lot of my thoughts here.
It is exactly one week before I cast my vote. This is for you Lucas. I hope you see a better Malaysia.

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