Sunday, August 02, 2015

March on

It's been a while , dear blog. What a ride this year has been so far. Work has been crazy and Lucas has grown sooooo much. he is 3 and half - not potty trained 😬, and a real chatterbox now. Whenever I am down with work and need a boost, I just need to give the little one a hug and everything just seems alright. Today he took his sunglasses (rm5 from daiso) and he transformed it into a triangle....a moon....a crab. He beats me at creativity for sure. Work wise, I went to Singspore last week to be s panel speaker- very big deal for me since it's a much coveted summit for peers in this industry.  Was nervous and glad it is over now. This year is also a trying year for the industry that I am in and needless to say this year sees me overloaded but still in high spirits. I am one of those who does not dread Monday mornings. As winston Churchill said " if u are going through hell - march on! 

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