Sunday, March 05, 2017

Young Ones

Where I work now I deal with lots of young people in Marketing.... young, energetic and great bunch.  I have to say that millennial this and that or Gen XY this and that are all bullshit. I love the energy that they exude. It's also bullshit to generalise them because just as in my generation there are also different types amongst us. This great bunch that I work worth are never afraid to ask  and learn, they are focused and driven. I respect them on every level- I told my boss the other day that we are never one person's coach because very often we get coached as well- we learn from each other without us knowing it..... I think if we seek for knowledge and be humble to listen, we all can learn. Just because they are younger it doesn't mean that we have nothing to learn from them. Over lunch  with them I learnt that they discovered very early not to take money for granted--and that I should really let Lucas a chance to learn Mandarin. While I know it's an advantage I didn't think of it as a necessity. On days when I need and uplift , their energy really helps.... all the ideas churning sessions- love it ! So those in my generation, before we start generalising the young ones -hear them out and you may learn something today 

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