Saturday, April 29, 2017


A colleague pengsan this month - possibly burned out from all the bustle towards the biggest campaign this year. Sigh. Been telling people around me to take it easy. I gotta remind myself too. When I miss a deadline , when I miss the first 5 mins of a meeting, when I juggle 2-3 meetings st the same time...... the company does not collapse because of one person! I find myself pfffting over the really what to me is not the end of the world shit. I often sit through some conversations at work and think to myself why do people react the way they do. Like overreact. Overdoing. Over engineering. My good friend at work, he said something that he often says but only this week I truly get it. He said that we all should just sometimes take a chill pill, take a step back and evaluate if any of the things that we want to do is even in our control? Are we fighting a lost battle? At the end of the day- we are just in it for a ride so just enjoy it la. I spend less time fretting over the whys and hows. 

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