Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's My Life

K made me realize something last night. It's not always about me, myself and I, but it's not about other people's lives either. It we don't live for ourselves than what's the point of living. Of course the noble thing is to always put others needs before yours but really, how many of us are like that. I know my mother is. She takes care of us and the extended family members as well. Who has a heart like that?

I know for sure I'm much more selfish than that. I would like to say however, that has changed over the years. Giving leaves a much more satisfying feeling than receiving. Helping others do actually boost my morale up. I sometimes even wish I could do more. But ohwell, money and the energy put into those kinda things don't really permit.

If I could, I would like to say that this life is MY LIFE. But really, life is not about that at all. Our lives are enriched by the people we meet (not limited to just our other halves). MY LIFE takes a whole new meaning even further since I have a twin sister. For a while I guess we SHARED a life together growing up. And then it's your other halves etc. The essence of our being is still there just that we are LIVING in the lives of many, in many ways too.

I seem to be babbling here. So I'll stop right now. BUt for thought ya!

1 comment:

endroo G said...

dear, i will always be here, there, wherever.

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