Saturday, August 02, 2008


I've never liked Singapore. This time round I had to be here for 1 week for work. Argh. Nevertheless I made an effort to roam a bit here. Was at City Hall, Ang Mo Kio, Chinatown, Bugis, Tao Payoh, Boon Lay of course because sis and b-i-l and the mutt are staying there. 

Caught up with my secondary friends and it's amazing how it feels like we are 13 again when we get together. 4 girls and 2 of their hubbies. We talked nonstop and I can't help feeling nostalgic about those pinafore cladded days where we used to sit bersila talking and talking. One of them was actually my friend since kindergarden, right till college. And, i've got lots of friends that came way way back then, and we go a long long way back. You know who u are. (those who are reading this). And we're friends for life and there's no buts to that.

And then, my other half (the twin half) had her Austrian friend and an Italian friend to meet up with me and bunked at KY's place. I frankly had quite a ball. It's nice to see the reaction of gwailos when they eat our local favourites. And I ordered the black sesame pudding just to see what they'll say. hehehe. We went to the Merlion today. HAHAHA. I haven' t been there since i was 12 maybe. OMG. It hasn't changed but the view is kinda tarnished by the construction site for the casino there. Got them to try tau sar piah and it was a hit, how odd. It's weird that Andi says it feels like he's talking to Imn because we sound alike, and we joke and the accent is all the same. How horrific! (hehe)

We've also concluded that the food in Malaysia is better than Singapore, and so that's why Andi is gonna come to Malaysia. To compare his sambal with the REAL sambal. Those nasi lemak eaters would have to join us. Prepare to eat!

All in all, I still love Malaysia more. Except that the MRT is great. That's the only thing that Singapore has. And please, i can't stand the jialat this and jialat that. Alamak me anytime.

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