Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding Your Self-Worth

Are u one of those who thinks very little of himself and does very little for himself......thus always putting others' needs before his/hers. You feel unworthy of any sort of reward, recognition or acknowledgement.

It's a borderline between selfishness and selfworth...but really we all need to be a tad selfish sometimes in this world so that we live life to the fullest. By always putting others' needs first, when would you have time to fulfill yours?

Find your self- worth. We are all worthy of something. We all deserve something. It could be something simple like a new dress, or a new pair of shoes. Do not feel guilty of some simple luxury. Do not deprive yourself because u always think that you are meant for cheap things and a mediocre life. Even a beggar has his most glorious day.

1 comment:

Kyels said...

I agree w/you. We are all worth something no matter how unworthy we think ourselves are.


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