Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Marriage Mania

I've at least had friends who are either getting engaged or getting married this year. It's the rush before the year of the TIGER which was dubbed as the unlucky year for any marriage..
My best friend is getting married soon and been hearing updates from him about his outrageous wedding dinner(s). 3 locations! He is however a finance geek and has also been keeping track of his expenses and has estimated a staggering RM85K!
Seems a bit 'lebih' for a 3-nighter-event. But well I digress to say every bride deserves her ideal wedding I guess. At all costs. As long as it's shared between 2.

But seriously, why not spend less on the wedding dinners attended by half of the people you dont know and opt for a more upclose and personal wedding affair with family and friends. or just do a simple dinner and spend lavishly for the honeymoon where both of you get some rest n relax action.

Having said that, people should really stop asking me about marriage, haha. For one, you should never ask a woman. For 2, my views on marriage is simple. I can do with or without it. Just look at how late all my sisters got married. And For 3, it's really none of your business lei! ahahhaa.

1 comment:

Gallivanter said...

So when you getting married? :-P

Well, don't rush into marriage, just take your time and tell the nosey folks to eff off. :-D

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