Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Departure

People leave you not intentionally but that's just how things go. How many friends have you made, connect with, and then to depart with just memories... I've had plenty of those. And yeah I suck at keeping in touch, although every single one of them holds a small part in my memories. Well, the important and meaningful friendships I mean.
And I've had loved ones who's left me. It had made me agonize if I ever had to see another one go. I feel it's constantly bug me, and it will forever. Sigh. But when the time comes, we will need to learn how to let go.

It's a week of many departures. I'm afraid there'll be more..... I have a friend leaving for US. one just left a month ago. I have a colleague although faraway, would be leaving soon. I just heard a friend's grandma is stricken with sickness, we grew up 'around' her i guess.

It's so hard to love and then to let go anyways. Seems really pointless and one might think why do we even bother to love, of any kind, be it friendship, love, comradeship, family. . But what's life never knowing love.

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kyels said...

Life would be empty if we don't know and never felt what love is all about.


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