Friday, May 27, 2011

Sad News

My parents said that Rota, my sister's Cambodian maid, has not called home since Jan. And although normally the maids are not allowed to call home for fear that they may get distracted, my mom bought her a calling card anyways. Rota is a mother of 2. I cannot imagine how it must feel to leave your children for 2 years. I finally managed to get through to her husband, after figuring out the country code etc. When she was done, she announced to all of us that her sister passed away and then she broke down and started crying. I gave her a box of tissues and we left her be so she can mourn. 10minutes later, she was back at work, sweeping and washing the dishes. Whilst some of us spoilt ones here, we rant about almost anything, and cry at the slightest, makes us all just seem a little dramatic now. I asked if she was Ok, and she told me and my mom that her niece passed away too! The niece was bit by a stray dog and never healed, so she passed away 3 months later! She told me that she has instructed her husband to fetch her children from her mom's place because there are a lot of dogs there too.

There's a lot of determination and strength in this woman. Never demanding and ever smiling. She continued her work and steers forward.

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