Thursday, August 25, 2011


It's true that we spend the most hours in our lives at work whether we like it or not. But lunch has always been a highlight for me.i am sure a lot of ex-colleagues and current colleagues would tell you that I am always the one to prompt everyone to makan. Hehe. Highlight of a usually serious and lonely hours at work. A break that we all much needed after sieving through endless emails. Truly, it is for me the best time of the day! At work at least.....

Although I have had my share of lonely lunches.... All throughout my career until now I suppose. After customer and supplier site visits, or when I was a consultant, when you always had to make new friends before you get lunch partners. Honestly, I love those lonely lunches too. First I get to choose where and what I want to eat, and I know I am rather picky. And I get to people watch and really it is quite an enjoyable activity, haha.

Well, of course it is never good to be an anti-social so I always try to build new lunch partners and routines. I must say it is rather important to get good kakis else I would really rather just be on my own. I for one do not like to talk about work during lunch, talk cock sing song anything, just please don't talk about this email that email. Luckily I have in the past made some great lunch company and loved my lunches!

Now breakfast is a different is my me time :) ....err also because I get to work at 7.15am so no one is at work yet. Haha.

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