Monday, September 26, 2011

Living with others

Sharing a space with anyone is no easy feat, be it your siblings, your parents, your in laws, your friends or your boyfriend / husband. There are those things like who gets the remote control, who does the washing, who gets to do the laundry first, who pays the bill, who takes out the trash..., and those are the easy stuff because those things you can sort it out with a schedule or a mutual understanding. Living with other people also means you need to be TOLERANT. You need to be sensitive with your words especially with elderly people because sometimes things get misinterpreted. You Ned to be sensitive to other people's religion and daily rituals. Especially toilet rituals. Especially if u only have 1 toilet. Believe me, I have had a history of living with people who spend a lot of time at the loo.

The hardest part is to stay sensitive to others all the time. Home is a place where u unwind, take off your bra literally, be free but it's hard when you have others living with you. There used to be a time when I just wanna stay in my room all day because in there, that is MY space. If you have a roommate well then that is a different story! Sometimes you will have to pretend he/she is not there especially if she is someone you cant get along with!

What are your tips to living with others?


Warren said...

Are you saying that you guys split your laundry into his and her loads?

tihtahpah said...

Of course not. Do u?

::little projects in style:: said...

i was terrible with roommates! but with the husband, we set ground rules before we moved in like 1.i don't iron. 2.we both need private "spaces". and we make things up as we go along! :)

p.s. thanks for commenting on my blog! it completely made my morning.. thanks!!

xx, zhing

Warren said...

No, we don't. You implied that some did. "who gets to do the laundry first".

tihtahpah said...

Zhing: happy birthday!!!
Warren: well I know some couples do that!how odd right? And I know a friend who had a tide with her housemate foray least 2 yrs over who gets to do the laundry first. Some people leave their laundry to wash overnight, forgot about it and left it there without hanging them, so the roomies can't do their laundry.

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