Friday, November 04, 2011


I listened with somewhat disgust as 2 of my friends went on bitching about their mothers, competing whose mother is worse, whose mother is more troublesome..... I did not know what to say. I nodded once a while and trying to hide my disgust. Then we went back to our desks, and I decided to send the article I wrote about being sensitive to older people to that one friend that was the closest to me. I thought I hoped my article could turn him around.

The following day he said he cried reading the article not knowing that I wrote it, and he felt completely disgusted with himself. Thanked me over lunch and that the slap in the face I gave him was exactly what he needed. His father just passed away and he felt his mom was still adjusting to the fact and relied on him because who else could she turn to if not her own son (who is single, so no excuse for being busy!).

We forget sometimes in our growing years our mothers and fathers have patiently tended to our needs and answered relentlessly to our 1001 questions.... Why do we fail to extend the same love to our parents now when they feel the most helpless.

I hope my son reads this in the next 20 years and would not snap at me one day for asking his help to bank in a cheque!

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