Sunday, November 20, 2011

Travelling alone

It must be a few times in my life where I went to see a few places on my own. Taiwan, ayuthaya, Bali, some spots in US and Manila. Not by choice but because somehow life works in funny ways I guess. But here are the pros.... I pretty much dictate my own schedule. I eat and drink whenever I feel like it. I can control my budget. I am really good at being alone because I love the peace and tranquility. I don't have to engage in small talks with travelmates who sometimes are not your preferred mates!

But there are some cons for sure. Like you don't have anyone to share the joy of discovering something instantly! I am not an iPhone person so not in the habit of posting stuff every other minute. Although I can have a meal on my own, it is nice to have company to unwind with after a whole day of travelling. When I started to travel with Andrew I do realize a travel partner enhances a trip sometimes. I like how we strategize for the day. I can have more choices when we order food because there is 2 of us and I can pinch on his food.

Pretty soon we are going to travel with our baby. A friend of ours was showing us his diaper bag hehe. Told us to get a small one because you tend to load more stuff on a bigger one! His baby girl was cranky because it was way after her nap time.....

Well it is all good. Can't wait to travel with a baby in tow!

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